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KiDS STAY AWAKE ALL NIGHT!! Funny Phone Calls on our Family Vacation in Park City!

KiDS STAY AWAKE ALL NIGHT!! Funny Phone Calls on our Family Vacation in Park City!

(dial tone) – [Dad] You just talk right here. (dial tone) – [Front Desk] Thank you
for calling the front desk how may I assist you. – Do you have a pepperoni pizza? – [Front Desk] Ooohh, let’s see. Our kitchen’s probably closed right now. Uh, The best way to get a
pepperoni pizza would be probably ordering out. – Okay! – [Dad] Say thanks. – [Mom] Thank you. – Thank you. – [Front Desk] Bye-Bye. – [Dad] Bye! – [Dad] Hey! What are you doing? – I’m packing the bag. – [Dad] Hey, is this mine? – Yeah. – [Dad] Did you get my stuff in here? – If this won’t fit in here. – [Dad] Are you ready?! Are you going bring books? Babe, Adley packed a bag for us. – You did? – [Dad] Yeah. – Me and Nico’s side.
That’s your and mom’s. – [Dad] Yeah ’cause we’re going on a trip. – Yeah. – [Dad] Where are we going? – I don’t know. – [Dad] You know where we’re going? – Yes. – I know where we’re going. – We’re going to Cantaloupe! – [Dad] What’s cantaloupe? – [Mom] That sounds delicious. – Uh, it’s where we live in Cantaloupe. – [Dad] (laughing) Hi! Are you excited? – [Mom] Are you satisfied
with her packing? – [Dad] Space Station Gaming, I like it. Pink shirt, alright. Guys, welcome to another Best Day Ever. We’re going on a really fun trip, and we’re going to stay in a hotel, and we’re goin to do lots of fun stuff. Les gooo! – (children yelling) – And it’s going to be a little chaos! Are you sure this a good idea? – I don’t know! – Hotel room with both these kiddos. It’s going to be a crazy Best Day Ever. – (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) – Vlog, my dad (babbling)
like get (babbling) My bag’s all fold up. And even that’s my (babbling) getting our backpacks. – Well said. – (playful bumbling) (playful bumbling) (playful bumbling) – Carry the bag! – [Dad] Wow, you got the whole bag?! – I don’t know how to get this down. There we go. – [Dad] Oh good job! – Dad, can you carry this bag? – [Dad] Yeah, can you help? Oohh, that’s heavy. – Nico, come on let’s go. Nico is a cute buddy. – [Dad] He is a cute buddy. I’m so excited to go on a trip. – We’re going on a trip in
a state with rocket ship. – (laughing) Well my
favorite rocket ship’s the Space Station, but this could be my second favorite. Alright, is everybody ready? Ooh, good job. You carry
that over here Nico. You guys are excited! Bye house! We outta here! Let’s go, les go! Quick little lunch break. Honey, aren’t you supposed to be driving? It’s still so weird to
see the car drive itself I hate it. I love it, but I hate it. ‘Scuse us semi, comin through. – I could actually dip now. – [Dad] There’s some sauce
right there, dip on in – When I dip, you dip, we dip. – [Dad] Don’t, we’re taking a corner here. – The corners are a little scary. – [Dad] Just a little bit. – But they’re safe. Just a little bit. – [Dad] Safe scary, it’s
like a haunted house. It’s safe but it’s scary. Driving a Tesla is like a
haunted house. There you have it. Look how beautiful! This is amazing! I, uh, used to come here
snowboarding all the time I love this place. Oh, surprise! We’re in Park City. The home of the I don’t
know what year Olympics. Two thousand two? – Two thousand one I think. – Naw, two thousand two. I say two thousand two,
Jenny says two thousand one. – I remember being really spooked ‘cus it was like right after
September eleventh. Maybe it, hey you know
what it’s a Winter Olympics so maybe it started at two thousand one and went over the year, two thousand two. – I don’t think the Olympics are during- – November or December? Or
Maybe they start in January. – How long are the Olympics? – I don’t know. – Alright, comments. Utah,
Winter Olympics Park City. Was it two thousand one
or two thousand two? There’s a pretty good
chance we’re both wrong. – (laughing) – [Dad] Kids are asleep. Kids are asleep. Parents are awake. Adley was so cute. Because I fly so much she’s like, Dad are we almost to the airport? And like, we’re not going on an airplane. She’s like, yeah, you said
we’re going on a trip. I don’t think she’s ever gone on a trip not on an airplane. That’s kind of cool. Alright, fun fact we’re driving by, uh, Banksy art piece. That’s
an original Banksy. Kind of a cool thing he’s a street artist that would just go around
do really unique pieces but not tell anyone,
they’re all kind of hidden. Good Morning! Hi! We’re Here. Adley? Adley? She is pretty. – [Mom] Her door, will that wake her up? Are you excited buddy? (high pitched) Adley, we’re here! Good morning girl. Let’s go get caramel apples! Yeah? – She’s still waking up. – Do you want a caramel apple girl? Whoa! Do you even know
where we’re at yet Adley? – We’re at Paris City. – Yeah Park City. She’s been calling it Paris City. (Gasping) An owl? That is soo cool. That’s a real owl. – This is the owl from Harry Potter. We’re doing pictures with him. – [Dad] Yeah! Could I do that? – It costs ten bucks to do that. – [Dad] Yeah, should I hold the owl? – Yeah! – Let’s do it! We’re gonna go hold the owl. – Here’s a picture of, uh, Kevin Costner. – [Mom] Do you see the owl? Look at that owl. – Okay I think I’ll hold it. Here. You don’t have to hold him but
do you wanna be by him or no? K, I hold him. (grunts) K, Nico’s gonna do it. – (mumbling instructions) – (baby crying) (baby crying) (baby crying) (baby crying) He’s nice. – (baby crying) (baby crying) – [Owl Man] Look at me now. – How do we look? – [Owl Man] Big smile. – Thank you! – He doesn’t bite see? – He’s so nice! – [Mom] Can I pet him? – (Baby crying) That’s a nice owl. – (collective gasping) – That’s cool like in Harry Potter. – That’s the exact owl from Harry Potter. – [Mom] That’s so cool. – [Dad] Is everybody alive? Thank you! Wow, uh, note to self Adley can swim in the ocean and skydive, but not look at owls (mumbles) Alright, so you guys
like Park City so far? Do you like Park City?! – Yeah. – [Dad] Should we go find another owl? – Ye-no. – Okay, no owls. Lets’ go find, we should
go find caramel apples now. Those are my favorite. Do you wanna find the caramel apple? – Yeah – Let’s go. – The bear like Nico bear. – [Dad] Yeah! It’s a bear like Nico. – Hi! Can we see da bear? – [Dad] Ooh hi! Bears are nice. They’re not like mean owls. They’re just nice gentle bears. – Yeah! – (Growling bears) – [Dad] Do you wanna say bye to him? Should we get the kiddos a picture? – Let’s take a picture. – [Dad] Alright. Family in Park City. Hi! K guys, screenshot. Send it
to us on Instagram or Twitter. Three-Two-One.. smile! (upbeat music) – [Mom] Holy cow. – [Dad] Whoa, that’s awesome! – (upbeat music) (upbeat music) – Ooooo! He loves window shopping. There’s a pig! – [Dad] Awe, you wanna feel a wolf? Alright, that’s it you
want too much chocolate. You’re trapped in jail
now. No more chocolate! Awe, that’s crazy. Is that a alligator? What is that? – It’s a crocodile. – Oh it’s a crocodile. That’s awesome. – Second largest rare green crocodile ever founded in the quarry in Wyoming. – Wow! That’s from Wyoming? Adley you’re smarter than me I thought it was a alligator. You knew it was a crocodile. Come here look. Guess what that green building says. – What? – Chocolate! Should we go? – Yeah! – What’s that smell like? Yeah! Look, look at all that chocolate. (gasping) Look! Chocolate Gummy bears? – I think I will take that. Sucker and these candies. – K, you get one chocolate thing, and one treat for tonight. (gasps) Guys, should we get these for the dogs. Look, they’re little dog bones. – Yeah. There’s even a bone right here. These are for people. – [Dad] Noooo! There dogs
look it’s a dog bone. – Yeah, but, but I think they’re candies. – [Dad] Nooo! Those are for dogs. – They’re tricking you Adley. – I want, I want. – Oh, was not expecting more! – (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) – [Dad] You’re good at sharing Adley. – Here, here, here, here buddy. (laughing) – Sometimes it’s nice to get out, and even if you’re in the same state just have a lil staycation. Jenny planned this whole thing. Adley, guess what? Our house we’re staying at is really cool! You excited? – This should go back and go swimming! You like that? – The kids are in heaven. – (offscreen shouting) – Hey, how’s it going guys! Perfect! That’s awesome! That’s fun. Back to the hotel. Adley you are gonna love this hotel. – (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) – [Dad] Hello! – Whoa, we’re so tall! We live so high up. We live in the mountains. – Yeah, we’re living in
the mountains this weekend. Welcome to a weekend in the
mountains with the McBride’s. Enjoy your stay. Okay let’s go. You ready candy boy? We went back and got Nico a green sucker ’cause he really, really,
really wanted one. (whispering) That was so weird. (whispering) Like twenty
people surrounded our car. Hey, you got a moose? That is so cool, a moose?! – Thank you. – [Cashier] You’re welcome! – [Dad] Alright, we got
our mooses, our meese. Our multiple moose. – Is it Meese?. – [Dad] I don’t know. – I don’t know, I think it’s just moose. – [Dad] (Whispering) They’re carrying all our
bags. This is so fancy. Adley come on. – Coming! – [Dad] Whoooooa! A Teepee?! What?! So cool. More mooses? Adley, look outside! – There’s a hot tub. – [Dad] A hot tub! Let’s look inside. (gasping) Oh my gosh, look how pretty. – Whooooa! – This view, though in the morning. (moaning) It’s beautiful here. Good idea Jenny, good idea. – Mom look, look at the baby pin. – Yeah! – [Dad] That’s for you Nico! That’s Nico’s crib. – Look how big the bath is. Look how big the bath is. – [Dad] Are you gonna take a bath. – I think we could fit
lots of toys in there. – (laughing) – [Dad] This is so cool. – Look at the silly toilet. – [Dad] Silly toilet! – Whoa! Come here. – [Dad] There’s a phone in the bathroom?! – No! Look, there’s a
phone in the bathroom! – Hello? – [Phone] Hello? – Is this Brandon? – [Phone] Yeah! – Hey Brandon, we’re filming the vlog! – [Phone] Awesome! – (screams) You go potty, let me get outta here. Let me get this phone. (screams) K, you go potty. – [Mom] Did you guys
like the big surprise? – Yes, the tent and the hot tub. – (child yelling) – [Mom] I can’t believe we
got more meese! Or moose! – (laughing) Multiple moose. Look. Oooo, comfy slippers! – [Mom] That’s yours, yeah! – Do you want put the slippers on? Look. There you go! – [Mom] (laughing) Wow! – We need to just like
do weekend trips more. Guys, weekend trips and we’ll bring you. Put in the comments to remind us. We need to do it more. – Everyone kept asking us
what we were celebrating. We’re like, nothing we
just wanted to get away. – I know what we’re celebrating. The Best Day Ever. – [Mom] I didn’t know you brought toys. – Yeah, of course we brought toys Mom. Save us, save us we’re up
here. Can someone save us? – (child yelling) – Vroom! – Alright, we’re going to play for a bit. See you guys later, hopefully, at the.. (mouths swimming pool). – [Dad] Hey! Nico, right here. – I’m bringing sky to the pool. – Oooh good idea. It’s a pool party! – To the pool! This is weird, ’cause the pool’s upstairs. – [Dad] (giggling) That is weird. Are we sure about this? I don’t know of any
pools that are upstairs. – Hey, which arrow is
this going, which way? – That way! – [Dad] Les go! – (playful laughing) – [Dad] This is like
a journey to the pool! (murmurs) remember how to get back. Did you leave bread crumbs? – Dad, be careful. – [Dad] I hear a pool! – I hear one too! – [Dad] All aboard! – It’s a little pool for babies. – I don’t think that’s for babies. I think that’s a hot tub. – Oh, it’s a hot tub. – [Dad] Yeah. Whooooa! This pool’s crazy! – Nico could stand right
there. That’s so fun! – This is awesome! Bye vlog
we’re getting in the water. BRB. – (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) – A pepperoni pizza rocks tea! – [Dad] Rocks? – Yeah, rocks tea. And- – I think we’re going to
order a pizza real quick. Pizza then hot tub? – I’m gonna talk to him for reals? – (dialing tone) – [Dad] You just talk right here. – (dialing) – [Front Desk] Thank you
for calling the front desk, how may I assist you? – Do you have a pepperoni pizza? – [Front Desk] Oooh, let’s see, our kitchen’s probably closed right now. Uh, the best way to get a
pepperoni pizza would be probably ordering out. – Okay! – [Mom] Thank you. – Thank you. – [Front Desk] Bye-bye. – [Dad] Bye! We gotta order one. That lady’s probably like, is that a four year old in that hotel? – Good job Adley! Hey! You’re awesome! – [Mom] Oooh, going for a midnight swim? Yeah?! Oh my gosh, that view! Beautiful! Adley, can you see any stars? – Let’s see. – I saw one! – Do you know what you do
when you see a shooting star? – [Mom] A shark? – (giggles) A shark. Shooting
star fly across the sky that means you get to make a wish. – [Mom] I don’t see a star,
but there goes a shark. – A shark! This is the part where we lay on the bed and wait for pizza. – And watch videos. – [Dad] Yeah. – There’s a Toy Story four? – No, stop, stop there. Go, go back. Back. No one more. Click it! – Aladdin? – Aladdin. – [Dad] I feel like we’ve
already watched that twenty to thirty times. – (knocking on door) – That might be our pizza. – Did you hear that? – Go get it. – Let’s go! – Okay it’s here. – [Delivery Guy] Alright, thank you. – [Dad] Thank you, Adley, here help. – So heavy, Mom’s going to be so excited. – [Dad] I know, whoa. Don’t let that fall! – How ’bout we eat pizza in bed? And we can watch our videos. – I really like that idea. Uh-oh. We’re locked out.
At least we got the pizza! – We could eat it! – Yeah, if we got stuck out
here we’d just eat the pizza. – Look at movie we found. – [Dad] What? – [Adley] Ratatouille! – [Dad] Pizza is served. – Let’s eat it in bed
and watch ratatouille! – Yeees! – [Dad] I feel good about this decision. – Can we start this all the way over? – No, it’s on TV. It’s a weird thing you
don’t really know about yet. – (laughing) Here’s a bite. He really likes pizza. Yeah. (laughing) look at that! – [Mom] Dad! Give it to him! – Here, more? – [Mom] Oh my gosh, you’re killing me. – The breadsticks turn out good. – [Mom] Did they? Oh good! – They turned out good. – [Dad] Do we have a knife? – Um, no. – How’re we supposed to
cut our carameld apple? I was like one hundred percent
looking forward to this. – I know! – Let’s call the front desk. – Front desk can we have
a knife to our room? – (laughing) That’s a great idea. We’ll
have Adley do it again. Hi, can I have a knife? (laughing) – Can I have a knife? – [Dad] Do you want to
call the front desk? – This is weird, don’t do it! – [Dad] (laughing) We actually do need a knife though. They, they should be able
to provide a knife, right? – I wonder if they have to like supervise and then take it back. – [Dad] Hey I’m down if they
just want to come cut my apple. (laughing) – (dial tone) – [Front Desk] Good Evening.
Thank you for calling (muttered) Lodge front desk. – Can we have a knife? – [Front Desk] I’m so sorry? – [Dad] We’re looking for a knife. We have a carameled apple that we bought from the
chocolate factory but- – [Front Desk] Definitely,
may I forward your call to our in-house dining and
they’ll be able to assist you? – [Dad] Yeah that’d be perfect. – [Front Desk] Thank you, one moment. – I have a piece of them? – Yup, that was weird. We’re
never going that again! – [Phone] Good evening,
and thank you for calling in-room dining (mumbling)
how can I assist you? – Do we have a knife? – [Dad] Uhm, we have
caramel apple we got from the chocolate factory. Is there any way to get
a knife to cut that? Or is that not possible? – [Phone] All you need is a knife? – [Dad] Yeah. – [Phone] I can definitely send you this. – [Dad] Okay, thank you. (laughing) – What was it Adley? It’s so pretty. – It was so pretty! (laughing) – [Dad] Alright. I feel like this is the longest vlog ever. Adley, it’s so late. Adley, it’s really late. Have you ever stayed up this late before? – Yep. – [Dad] How late are you going to stay up? – For hundreds. – [Dad] Hundreds! Oooh no! What about you, how
late are you staying up? – This is the latest he’s stayed up. – Hi, yeah, is, is this Nico? – (laughing) Sounded like he said, hi Shaun. – Oh my gosh, do you remember when Adley, yeah! Adley called the (mumbled). – That was so funny – You used to prank call
when you were a kid too. I know this is a long vlog,
but we gotta trim to it. – Who’s there? I’m talking. Hello? – Alright, should we
finally end this thing or, wait we gotta eat the caramel apple first. Appreciate it, thank you. I had no idea what was going to happen. I kind of thought he was
maybe like come in and cut it. He just handed us a knife. I guess that’s not weird. Why
are we making it so weird? – That’s so weird! – It’s not weird he handed me a knife. Alright, let’s cut this apple. Applesmith over here. – [Mom] You doing some surgery. – Takes me back playing
apple orchard days. – [Mom] Oh, you’re gonna get the seeds. – That too close? – [Mom] Yeah. – Sorry, back in the orchard
days we like the seeds. Grows a little more apple in us everyday. – [Mom] You got the seeds! – Exactly, those are mine. That’s how I claim more of the apple. No this is exactly what you do. The earlier you get rid of the stick the more apple you save. – [Mom] Nooo! What do you think Adley? – Yum. – This is for Adley. – [Dad] (laughing) She doesn’t eat the caramel. – You gotta eat the side too. It has the sugar on it. There you go. – [Dad] Do you want to try some Nico? Uh-huh, what do you think? (laughing) – [Mom] (laughing) – Alright baby this is your piece. – Thank you! – You’re welcome. Or now I’ll have a piece. Mmm, that is good. – [Mom] You want more? You spit yours out. (laughing) – [Dad] (laughing) Cheers! – Cheers! – Cheers, now I can end the
vlog, we got our apples. End the vlog, right here. – [Dad] You go for it Adley. – Thanks for watching, bye. – [Dad] Bye. – (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) – [Dad] This is where we’re going to stay! – Guess what? – [Dad] What? – [Mom] Uh-oh. – I love you. – [Dad] (laughing) I love you too.

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