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Kamri Ate a SNAIL?? | Disney Cruise

Kamri Ate a SNAIL?? | Disney Cruise

(upbeat music) ♪ And when the feeling’s lost ♪ ♪ On the roads across ♪ ♪ I could only be here ♪ ♪ Where it feels like home ♪ (upbeat music) – So after a crazy morning
where Shaun discovered he did not have the passport for Paisley, we had Suna save the day by sending a copy of the birth certificate for her, and Disney got us on the boat still. There you go. – She’s trying to shame me. – I’m not shaming him,
it happens to everybody, there’s a lot of us
moving, and there’s a lot of moving pieces and parts, it was just a really bad one to forget. – What do I say. – Oh well. We’re about to go through the mouse and get on the boat. (upbeat music) – Alright, so we just left the
port, outside Port Canaveral. You can see we’re just barely … It’s starting to get dark a little bit. The kids are in kids
club, we have six hours, and Mindy and I don’t
know what we’re gonna do. Watch some movies, maybe
go get some ice cream, and guess what Mindy chose to do? She’s in the stateroom next door chatting up with Brooklyn
and Bailey, Kamri and Rylan. She just can’t get away from our kids. I just went out there and told everybody, Mindy and I have six
hours without the littles, and what does she choose to do? Come and sit and chat with you guys. – She likes us better than you dad. – Yep.
– Really? – [Girl] No! (peppy island music) – Hey you guys want to know
what it’s like to be the dad in a family full of Instagram girls? I get to be the phone and jacket holder, and when we walk, I carry the camera, so that nobody steals it. So, that’s my job. (peppy island music) – We’re about to take a carriage ride through downtown Bahamas. – [Shaun] Downtown Nassau, right? – [Brooklyn] Yeah, so … – [Shaun] There’s our
carriage right there. Hey, ahh. (peppy island music) – Hi everybody. – Hey everyone.
– Welcome to the Bahamas. (laughs) – Thank you. (peppy island music) I said it seems like everywhere we travel, doesn’t matter where it
is, if we’re on the street and there’s a henna station,
my girls are first in line. (peppy island music) So we are just about ready to
start Beauty and the Beast? – It’s like a theater
performance on the cruise ship? – [Shaun] Yeah, like an
abridged Broadway version. – Which I’m excited for because
I love Beauty and the Beast. – She does, this is Belle right here. – Yeah. – This is Bell right here. – I’m excited. – And the others, they
just wanted to rest, they were tired, but we were
like, we’re not gonna miss it. – But I still brought
my book, so no worries. (laughs) – So you guys know, my favorite holiday is the Fourth of July, and
it’s because of the fireworks, so today we found out, on the ship they’re going to be launching … – Fireworks. – Fireworks! ♪ ‘Cause I’m going alone ♪ ♪ When the love is gone ♪ ♪ To a place I belong ♪ ♪ Where it feels like home ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ And when the feeling’s lost ♪ ♪ and the roads are crossed ♪ ♪ I could only be here ♪ ♪ Where it feels like home ♪ (upbeat music) – [Shaun] Good morning, we are where? – [Bailey] Castaway Cay. – [Shaun] Yeah, Disney’s
Castaway Island, right? Dax, are you excited? – Mm-hmm. (upbeat music) – [Mindy] What we’ve been doing all day. Bailey, book, Kamri, out. – [Daxton] Can you just
bring any more buckets now? – You can.
– Like, gone. – [Mindy] Shaun, sunbathing, even though he’s gonna end up burned. Rylan, what are you doing? – Just chillin’. – [Mindy] Whatcha doin’ bud? – Trying to get fish. – [Mindy] Oh yeah? Have
you caught any yet? – No, I almost caught one. – So they just took Mindy back
to begin our couples massage, and they’ll come get me in a minute, but this is really nice to be
able to do this on a beach, on private beach, Disney’s private beach. Meanwhile, the kids
are over on the beaches hanging out, reading their books. (upbeat music) – [Mindy] Come on Brooklyn,
show us your best Wicked Witch. – Show me the best … – [Mindy] Yeah go, you know
how she rides her bike? (sings) (laughs) (quiet upbeat music) My phone is slow. I think they’re trying to get
a good shot for Instagram, but I think this may be … – Yeah, not very cool 50 feet up. – [Mindy] Not a great idea. – If I were a responsible
parent, I would ground her. What do you guys think,
should I ground her for putting us in a dangerous situation? (laughs) (wind blows) – [Mindy] There’s a
scene in Sound of Music where they’re all on bicycles, singing, and this totally reminds me of it, so in honor of The Sound of Music, ♪ Doe, a deer, a female deer ♪ Come on, Brooklyn. ♪ Ray, a drop of golden sun ♪ – [Mindy] Good job. ♪ Mi, a name I call myself ♪ ♪ Far, a long long way to run ♪ – [Mindy] Jump down Kam, let’s see if anyone else can get up there. Go Brooklyn. – [Kamri] See, that’s the hardest part. – [Shaun] You got up faster. – Yes! – [Mindy] Ayyyy. – Try to climb up.
– Mom’s turn. – [Rylan] What, what was that? (laughs) Yeah, that worked really well. [Group] I can do it. – You made me laugh. – [Shaun] Come do it again. – [Mindy] There’s little Mickey workers with their Mickey hands waving goodbye. – [Daxton] And Mama look,
there’s jet skis in there. – [Mindy] As we go off the island. Castaway Cay. And some of the prettiest
water I’ve seen for awhile. – [Daxton] Mama, you can see
that boat, he has a jet ski. – [Shaun] Say what it is. – [Mindy] She’s gonna try escargot. – [Shaun] Say what it is first hun. – This looks horrible. – [Mindy] Everyone in France right now is saying they love it. – [Bailey] Chew and
swallow, chew and swallow. – [Waiter] Bon appetite. – [Group] One two three. – Oh, this is gonna be so gross, isn’t it. – Just go, just go. – [Bailey] We’ve eaten worse
Kamri, we’ve eaten worse. – Yeah, we’ve eaten ostrich, and … – [Bailey] Three, two, one, go! – [Brooklyn] Tarantula. – Centipedes. – [Shaun] It’s not bad. (coughs) – It looks nasty, oh my gosh. – [Mindy] Are you gonna do it? – No way. (laughs) – [Rylan] Just don’t think about it. – Can I do this? – [Bailey] It’s not that bad. – It’s a snail! – [Bailey] Three, two, one, go! (moans) – [Waiter] Get the bread, get the bread. – [Rylan] The bread, the bread, the bread. (laughs) – [Waiter] Yeah. you can dip it over. (group chatters) – Well guys, we’re done. It was a week of fun. The twins are now going to
Florida for another week of fun, and Shaun and I and the
littles get to go back to work. So, I’d rather stay on the Disney boat. Oh well. So I flew to Utah this morning,
and I flew straight in, and jumped in an Uber and came
down to my favorite solon, Haven, you can see the sign right there, where my favorite
hairstylist, Melanie, works. So she cut and colored my hair for me, so I’m feeling all fresh, and
I got to hold her sweet baby while she was doing it. So we’ve been setting up
at the Leonardo all day, and getting gift bags ready, and running through programming
and everything for tomorrow. It’s gonna be awesome, I’m
super excited about it, the speakers are amazing, and I’m eyeballing this box
right here, of Utah truffles, secretly hoping that they’re not all gone when they’re done packing the bags. So, we’re on to tonight,
I’m gonna eat really quick, and then I’m gonna go film a
podcast with Ellie and Jared. So, that should be really fun! – (laughs) how’s it going? We just finished filming a
podcast, recording a podcast, with Mindy, all about … – Her book!
– My book. – How cute is this? – [Jared] It is the cutest
thing ever, it’s so much fun. – I told you guys I was
coming to do a podcast. I am now not a podcast virgin, guys. – I tend to do that to do that to people – Can you fix that? (laughs) But yeah, we talked all about the book, and everything on the
podcast, it was great. – You guys know how much
I love Ellie and Jared. You guys are already watching them. If you’re not, where have you been? Go follow them. (group chatters) (upbeat music) so we’ve been doing this for ten years. We’ve been doing all of
the social platforms, and literally, I’m the
mom that tells my kids to put their homework down
and go do a fun Instagram. (laughs) (upbeat music)

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  1. I’ve been on a Disney Cruise, and a Carnival Cruise they were sm fun. Which one did you go on? We went on the Disney Magic.

  2. I'm going to be going on a Disney dream cruise for spring break in April I am going to the Bahamas and castaway key from the ship!! was it fun??? and what ship did you go on??

  3. Omg I have that exact same swimsuit as Rylan. In fact this is the second year on a row I have had the same swimsuit as Rylan!

  4. OMG I was in Nasas the same day as you guys on the really big royal Caribbean boat oasis of the sea’s was the name of it

  5. Is it just me or when they were about to go through the Mickey in the beginning did you see evantubehd in the background

  6. I have been of about 7 Disney Cruises and there is soooooo much to do. The crew members and entertainment are awesome but can we just talk about the FOOD?!?!?!?!

  7. Happy birthday to the cutest member of the mcKnight family ………….happy birthday dear Rylan you are sooo cute love u alot have fun and keep smiling the way you do once again a happy birthday dear luv u😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

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  9. I'm French and I've never dared to taste a snail 🙂 and I'm telling you, very very few people in France actually eat snails! Anyway, Kamri you're so brave!! Love you all

  10. My Dad didn't look carefully at the expiration date of two of my brothers passports. He sent my mom and the four other kids and thankfully he got everything together and stuff and they met us at our destination the next day.

  11. Wow, Kamri, and Brooklyn you are so brave i could never eat a snail. It grosses me out just to think about it.

  12. In the background at 1 point there was Evan and Jillian tube so that means they were on the same cruise as you!

  13. I’m sorry but those horses look pretty skinny. I also know this because I recently went on the cruise and saw them in real life. So sad😔

  14. I hate how when I was younger, people acted like it was weird when I showed up to school with henna and now everyone is using my culture for the look 🙄
    I’m also sooo glad we cancelled our Disney cruise and went with Royal Caribbean. Castaway Cay is a joke. Have y’all climbing trees because it’s so boring

  15. When i was little i was scared of fireworks I don't know why so yeah because it was so loudly that I was terrified

  16. The sound of music reference you referred to, I though of the exact same thing. It did remind me a lot of that, and it would hv been cool if u all started singin 🥰

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