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Journey to the East EP48 (Zhang ZiJian, Zhang Jinlai, Roy, Guan Yue ) 石敢当之雄峙天东【Fresh Drama】

Journey to the East EP48 (Zhang ZiJian, Zhang Jinlai, Roy, Guan Yue ) 石敢当之雄峙天东【Fresh Drama】

It’s you Anything to say You don’t remember me I remember that you died You’ll be the one to die Will you move away or you want me to kill you You You want to kill me Ridiculous There is nothing you can do Get out of here Otherwise I’ll kill you Why don’t you believe that I can kill you I gave you the chance to run But you refused it For the sake of Qiao family and the Taoists in Wuzhuang and all the people you killed, I’ll kill you Save your little tricks You think it is ordinary water It belongs to the god of water You must be kidding How could he give it to you I guess that I am lucky You die here This thing comes from my eyes It is called seven-stars needle Remember to use it when you’re in danger Thank you Why didn’t you call me teacher You’re a demon What a surprise I didn’t expect you would come here How dare you You’d better not to be arrogant We’ll see Look at yourself, little girl I’m surprised by you today You hold on for a long time I don’t want to kill you But I don’t have another choice I didn’t want to kill you But I don’t have another choice Is she okay I hope she will be okay But I am not sure We’ve met the giant scorpion for a few times She is powerful and cunning It’s very hard to deal with her I hope Lian Hua will be fine Lian Hua Inform Shi Gandang now Okay They’ve succeeded Let’s leave Let’s go to the hall What’s going on They’ve destroyed six palaces They’re going to enter the hall What Please go to the hall now We’re about to lose Shi Gandang He kept me here and sent men to destroy six palaces Please hurry up Draw back Understood Master What’s going on now Six palaces were destroyed They’ve not entered the hall yet You came back in time Okay What should we do now At present, it’s impossible to kill the emperor But Shi Gandang needs to give the pill back before the midnight He only has two hours left They won’t succeed After two hours I can rule for another 33 years The world is still ours Did you hear me Yes, I did I’ve heard you sound the death knell for yourself I’m coming Gandang Brother Well done Well done We’ve two hours We shouldn’t wait anymore Ling’er Bi Yo I’m alive I’ve been saved Lian Hua, how are you You’re here Yes, you should leave now It’s not the end Why should I leave Fine Armors Dao I didn’t plan to tell this to Gandang But he is the last pill What He has to die for the whole situation Now we don’t have another choice Stop, I have something to say You’re the last pill You’ve the other six ones in your body So, you become one of them And you’re the most important one It’s almost the time If you want to kill Kui Gang You have to die No one else can do this Don’t hesitate It’s time Get ready My brother Protect Ling’er Protect the emperor Bi Yo Bi Yo Bi Yo What’s going on with you My body is made of peach wood Fire can kill me Hold me tight Lian Hua Bi Yo Bi Yo Be nice to her Bi Yo It’s time I’m still alive You have to come back after 33 years Ling’er Your majesty Thank you for your mercy Everything is ended now It is really good news Zhu Banjin You’ve done a lot You’ll be promoted to the level two Ao Shen Thank you for what you did Now you’re the Huai Du Dragon King The level two Lian Hua You’re a human Now you’re the goddess of lotus Bi Yo sacrificed herself And she will be worshipped by all of us Your majesty When Kui Gang showed up The greater master Tai Shang died Now I’m going to show you the new truth The great master, the king of truth Shi Gandang No one knows what will happen But everything has a rule in this world Hurry up I’m coming Let’s go to worship the goddess of lotus Let’s go Hurry up, Long Okay [Mount Tai] [Shi Gandang] Who am I Who am I Shi Gandang Shi Gandang You’re Shi Gandang Shi Gandang I’m Shi Gandang I’m Shi Gandang I’m Shi Gandang My name is Shi Gandang I’m coming Watch out Who are you How dare you show up I understand now What Someone is having a wedding ceremony What Can’t you see Red lanterns You’re stupid Look Have you ever seen such big lanterns Wait What’s that Eyes Oh my god What’s this Be careful Armors I’ll kill you Good job Kill them all Brother I’m going to help him Okay I’m here waiting for you###I’m leaving Be careful Those animals How dare they show up in the heaven That’s their tricks They are not the robber Who is the robber It’s me You You Who are you Tell me That’s not important Stop him He has taken away my bag My bag Why are you here I’m here to help you Stupid Stop it Stop it He has taken away my bag Stop fighting Stop Watch out Change the direction Change the direction Okay Brother Hold on Let’s go to the east Stand up Let’s go to the back of the fall Be quick Hurry up Let’s jump Kui Gang I’ll kill you Watch out Brother Brother

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  1. Finally the wholesome won the unwholesome,thank you so much Admin and teamwork to entertain us,the audience,very appreciate for your kindness heart to uploading and translating in English for us , love you guys all.

  2. Many thanks for all involved in this beautiful costume drama!
    You did a great production, we rated them—-5STARS!!!!! Especially the consistency of the English subtitles, great thanks

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