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Journey to the East EP46 (Zhang ZiJian, Zhang Jinlai, Roy, Guan Yue ) 石敢当之雄峙天东【Fresh Drama】

Journey to the East EP46 (Zhang ZiJian, Zhang Jinlai, Roy, Guan Yue ) 石敢当之雄峙天东【Fresh Drama】

Now I understand This is called seven emotions road How did you know I’ve heard about it This road belongs to the Asura world It can bring things out of people’s heart and hurt them when they can’t feel anything What does it mean Every man has seven emotions As long as you’re on this road The thing you’re thinking about would show up in front of you Love, hate, shock, fear, sadness, desire and dread Each of them could kill a man So, are we on this road now Exactly Where is Nezha Yes, it’s me You’re back Be careful, that’s not him So, it seems that we’ve already entered this road Don’t think too much Don’t talk Don’t talk Otherwise we’ll be in trouble Why are you looking at me For the sake of our safety I’m sorry Master, let’s continue We should find Nezha first Okay Banjin What’s wrong with your face He likes to talk I’m afraid that he’ll cause trouble So, I stopped him from talking So, I stopped him from talking It’s late, let’s go Go ahead Master We don’t know what’s in the sky above the island We couldn’t break into no matter what we did Today is not different from last night It’s made of water from the four seas It is very soft but flexible No wonder you couldn’t break into What should we do Wait till I come up with an idea Fan Quiet What does it mean This is the most powerful magic called Fanjing The emperor used to be the only one who knows it I’m surprised that Kui Gang has this power It’s hard to deal with him Did he do this to break into Yes It seems that we have to get ready to fight Forward Ayinafa Since that I’m already here Why don’t you show up People say you’re very clever I guess they are right How did you notice me I’ve never thought that you would use Qiling wood against me All is fair in war I’m a master of trap So, you would only be careful of my traps but ignored what was in the air You’re right I was thinking about how to deal with traps In fact Qiling wood is also a trap Qiling incense does no harm But when it meets lotus and their smell is mixed up It becomes a poison And I guess that you don’t know well about the poison It does no harm to human But you’re a powerful immortal So, it worked You’re very clever Thank you Kui Gang and I made a bet that I couldn’t win you Now you see You work for him, right Work No, we’re partners Partners That’s interesting You know nothing We made a deal He will control the whole world And I’ll be the king of Asura world That’s a good offer You two have given us a good show You saved Nezha by risking your life So, all of us trusted you and step into your trap Exactly You’re right Although Nezha is the incarnation of lotus he is not powerful enough to break through Kui Gang’s magic figure by himself So, you helped him Yes Kui Gang, the Black Robe and I gave you a show This was a quite perfect show Nezha believed us Even you believed us Am I right You don’t believe me I’ve turned on all traps in the channel And I destroyed my seat made of crystal and fire arrows which were just finished Maybe Maybe I would be deceived It seems that you’re very confident I’m already here now That’s true I have to say that success in deceiving you really makes me happy You’ve done a lot So, you were sure that I would come Of course To win back the emperor you need help from others No matter what, you have to do this In other words you did this all to catch me you did this all to catch me Yes Among all rivals of Kui Gang you’re the most dangerous one and you may ruin his plans Therefore he focused on thinking how to fight against you I’ve already found it In fact You can have a lot if you can cooperate Kui Gang is not a bad man So, that’s the reason why you betrayed your teacher and chose to help him What did you say Did I say anything wrong You helped Kui Gang to become free Isn’t that your conspiracy You sold the emperor out and the peacock, you forgot about loyalty You betrayed yourself Stop talking Are you scared I guess you’re afraid of thinking about this So, where you’re reminded of this Suddenly you realize that you’ve made so many mistakes I shouldn’t have quarreled with you for so long You’re my prisoner now You’re very confident Did I say anything wrong It’s obvious, you don’t have to tell me You’re my guest I should show you my kingdom my palace Of course If a clever man doesn’t want to show off he would be no different from a fool I don’t have to explain everything to you Can you walk Yes, I can Okay, follow me But I need to warn you that since you’re hurt by the poison you can’t use magics Otherwise you’ll be dead Thank you for your warning Banjin A dead man Even he is dead He should not lie on the way I was almost stumbled over I’ll teach you a lesson Don’t do this It’s Nezha I don’t know what hurt him Luckily, he is alive Watch out Ao Shen Uncle Why are you here Come here I have something to tell you Watch out, he is not real Brother Who are you My brother I’m the protector of this channel Call me master of seven emotions Nonsense Yang Jian Save your little tricks You can’t hurt me Play with this first Wake up I don’t want you to die How could you know that he’s dead He doesn’t wake up He’s seriously wounded Stop crying Check him first Why bother Check his face Same with Nezha’s face Same with Nezha’s face So, he is not dead We need to control this guy and ask him to save them Banjin Banjin Are you okay He wakes up Ask him what he saw just now He wants to know what you saw just now That guy is a wick It is a bottle he’s sitting on If you could break the bottle He would die Stop talking nonsense How can it be so easy How can it be so easy The reason why I stepped closer to him is that I wanted to know what he is Tell the master Go, quickly He won’t be able to hold on for long Okay Stay here Look I saved both of you I knew it He is a wick He can’t live without the bottle Knowing this I I’m just a modest man Look What should we do now Ao Shen I guess that you’ve known all secrets of this place Just now I found that these are all illusions Don’t believe anything Speak Be quiet Don’t think anything This is the control center in the Asura world You are really a confident man Why did you say that You are the only person in this big kingdom Only you can understand me I’m showing off No one is better than me This button controls the seven emotions road Your teacher is there now Press this button You can save them all But you have a condition Give you the pill, right That’s right Stupid You think I am stupid Of course I mean you’re stupid Why did you say that They don’t need me to save them They will be safe The difference between you and them is that they will never sell their souls in order to survive You are my prisoner now Don’t forget it You think I am stupid What about you If you were smarter than me Why are you here You’re asking for troubles Move You prepare this for me Using this chair I can extract the pill out of you I do respect your partner Kui Gang That is because in some ways He is worthy being respected What about me Ugly and useless You You’re very rude I think I was complimenting you You are worse than that You are nothing to me Like a dog’s shit This is the best words I can think of Fine I am ugly I am useless Do you think I’m willing to betray to become a traitor I’m the oldest student of Lord Lao Zi But he doesn’t like me at all He told me that I had too many desires I would not succeed He ignored me He treated me in that way Why should I treat him nicely You tell me So, you sold your soul your wisdom, and your body So, you help Kui Gang And you’re proud of it You killed your friends And think you’re the smartest one All in all Shame on you You I don’t care what you say You cannot do anything to escape Don’t worry After I get the pill You will see your head blow up There aren’t many clowns like you in the world What a pity that you’re alone now You don’t have to die so quickly You must be crazy Stop talking nonsense You die It seems you trust this thing You can have a try Do not open your eyes What’s wrong with me We almost die Are you okay Why did you ask that I’m fine All you saw were illusions Everything is fine As long as the road disappear We can see the real world You look fine Of course You’re strong I’ll wait for you to collapse Are you confident now Do you still trust your machines Now you’re afraid You You I What’s wrong with me Why didn’t I get hurt You think you’re the smartest man Why can’t you understand this That’s impossible Impossible Do you know why didn’t I get poisoned I guess you don’t know Otherwise you would have not done this My teacher is the only one who knows how to cure your poison Do you know why Qiling wood was stolen out from the Zhi garden on the Kunlun mountain by my teacher After that, everyone knows about it Wise man Let me tell you now what I use The root of Qiling wood Yes You showed me the cure Aren’t you a stupid man You like to showing off, right Well I’ll tell you everything before you die You You want to kill me Yes I’ll kill you for sake of your teacher You can’t run away Listen The first time I entered your place I knew your plan How did you know First, what you gave to me is a fake one Second, Kui Gang’s attitude was weird How did you know it was a fake one Just after I hid it Kui Gang entered How couldn’t he know that I had already got the map of Asura world I couldn’t believe it myself I was thinking that maybe Kui Gang focused on putting me into fire and getting the pill So, he didn’t see the map But today I found the map become a piece of paper At that time, I finally knew all of this was your conspiracy Why did you come here You know why Those traps are your target Of course Without your help I would never find this place If I couldn’t find this place I would never be able to enter the Asura door Kui Gang was right You’re very clever Of course You think that you can get the key to open the door I think I will Don’t be stupid The control center is not the real one That’s useless to you You need me to help you enter the Asura Will you help me But I have one condition I don’t like conditions I’m helping you No, you’re helping yourself One sentence for you Without you I can turn off all traps in Asura world Ridiculous How could you be so confident to say that I guess this is one of your tricks You made the real one invisible You think I wouldn’t find it You thought your plan was perfect But you made a mistake You It’s time You’ve lost your last chance I have another condition I don’t like conditions You die Kui Gang has taken away all immortals’ souls I’m the only one who know where they are I’ll take you there now Show me the way Wait It comes again I don’t think so Gandang Brother You’re back Ayinafa You Nezha This is not the Ayinafa you know You are alive We only have one day left But now eight hours have past Let’s go to the Asura world Move, old man My teacher I have to go now To find those immortals’ souls Stupid man, I dare you move I’ll kill you I won’t run away I promise You You stupid old man Why are you smiling Why are you smiling You want to cause troubles, right No, I don’t I’m your prisoner now What can I do Watch out

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  1. Wow nice movie you can show this in tv for kids and patronage, this movies is amazing, but i'm sad this is the end, i missed the magic and power

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