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Journey to the East EP43 (Zhang ZiJian, Zhang Jinlai, Roy, Guan Yue ) 石敢当之雄峙天东【Fresh Drama】

Journey to the East EP43 (Zhang ZiJian, Zhang Jinlai, Roy, Guan Yue ) 石敢当之雄峙天东【Fresh Drama】

Here I am. Kill. Kill Sea dragon soldiers first. Zhenyuan god, Brother Xiaolang. Old dragon needs your help. You evil monsters, I will kill you till I am happy. Stone god, I am here to help you Kuigang the nasty lot insult us in an extreme way these days. Today I will seek revenge Brothers, go. Yangjian saved all gods locked in nether world Yes, they come just time. Fazu, what should we do now? Call back 5 spirits generals, I will tell them something. Yes. Hualian, Fazu called you back. How’s it? Fazu Kuigang All gods locked in the nether world was rescued. Now you will be the weeper. You meet your end now. Shi Gandang, don’t be too optimistic. Jade emperor’s incarnate is in my hand. You can’t do anything without the incarnate. You still so brazen faced to talk big. Shame on you Shi Gandang you will have no happy ending if you are my enemy That’s what I am trying to say. Forget it, there is no point of arguing. If you are a real hero, will you dare fight against me? Stone god, you can’t be impulsive cos you have other duties. Well, you are afraid? 500 years agao, I may be fooled by your reverse psychology. But now duty calls, I have no time to play with you. If you wanna a fight, we all will fight . Well, you think I am afraid? Then I will release others as long as you can fight me alone. You wanna threaten me? Master, you can’t step forward no matter what happens to me Where there is life, there is hope. If Kuigang kills me you should take all golden azoths and save jade emperor’s incarnate Wait. What? Swallow all 6 golden azoths. Why? First 6 golden azoths are useless without you Second Kuigang will kill you so easily without the golden azoths. Third, Kuigang arrests you for golden azoths if you give golden azoths to others they will find troubles for others. How can we take jade emperor back if I swallow the golden azoths? As long as you have golden azoths we will succeed, believe me. Lord Laozi told me all this. There are 100,000 heavenly soldiers and my 50 disciples behind me. You think I am just threatening you? You are so experienced and astute, ok, I promise you. That’s the spirit, Say it, name the rule Remember, you can’t kill Shi Gandang no matter what. He swallowed all golden azoths we need to capture him alive Ok, a good hero. Actually I appreciate you I hope you can work for me. Thank you for your appreciation, you are intelligent. If you are not Kuigang, I will consider your advice. Then let’s get started now. Please. Open. Open. Ji. Open. Golden azoths. Kuigang’s primordial spirit goes out, be careful Brother, stone god. All gods, be careful, you can’t be emotional. You are the hardest man I have ever seen. Fine, I promise you, I will not harm your friends. Brother. Go back to celestial temple? Fazu, you really set them free? Did you hear me? I promised Shi Gandang. But they. That’s why they call us monsters. Master, what should we do? Brother Zhenyuan you are not surprised when you see Gandang was killed. He is not surprised of course. My brother is not his family. As the family goes, the one whose family die will cry. You get me wrong, I am thinking how to save Stone god. Such a liar, he is dead how can you save him? We should go home. Brother, you can’t be lazy. All of you don’t feel panic, Stone god is not dead He can survive Kuigang’s Wuguang sword piercing heart? No one can kill Shi Gandang in three realms he is a stone man. And was burnt with fire.quite like Monkey king. Even Buddha can only press Wuxing mountain on him. So Kuigang can’t kill Shi Gandang. Master, you can’t buy it. He blows the wind. What do you mean? Talk nonsense. He is afraid that we will go home so he made a lie that my brother is still alive. Banjin, bullshit. Zhenyuan god is the ancestor of gnomes How can he blow the wind? Kuigang meant for the golden azoths not for killing Shi Gandang Or he will never get the 6 golden azoths Let alone his purpose Fair enough. You are so fickle, too naive. You know nothing but go home We should have saved you out of centipede monster. Master, good advice is harsh to the ear. Banjin, it’s not a world of peace, where can you go? Kuigang’s claws are everywhere, we can’t go anywhere. Nezha is right. We have no way out if we don’t kill Kuigang and save jade emperor Yes. Fair enough. But brother is not here what should we do now? We should go back to Penglai first You are born of heaven and earth, no one can kill you. If you cooperate with me we can rule the world together, you are not my subordinate. But my brother. Bribe, right? Whatever, it’s just my offer. If I promise you, I am not Shi Gandang right? I must get 6 golden azoths. They are very important to me too. You wanna force me. You know how to deal with me? You are so hard to deal with but surely something could be done. I am waiting for you You wanna reconsider it? I will waste some time for you even if I have no much time. It’s great to talk to you, but I don’t wanna reconsider it We share the same time. I say dismiss you say no, I say save brother you say no again What do you want? Banjin, calm down we need to know where he is before we rescue him I see with my mirror, Stone god is not in celestial temple. Brother Zhenyuan, your mirror is really efficacious you can’t find my brother? Yes. Changla Buddha you are right my mirror can see everywhere except two places. Which two places? One is Ayinafa’s ashram, Kuigang’s birthplace the other is black abyss of asura world and frail water’s die. They are gaps of three realms. Frail water is toxic. Forget it, if my brother is really in the gaps nothing could be done. Brother Zhenyuan, what should we do now? Say it, where are golden azoths? Hit him, hit him to death. Stop, we are good if you can give me golden azoths You will not be tortured so. You evil monster I didn’t kill you now you are so brazen faced to talk me so Shame on you You are so stubborn you can’t blame me when I show no mercy on you We all know you are merciless. You are cleaning my bowl intestines. So great. I will tell your abdomen apart I won’t believe I can’t find golden azoths. You ‘d better check if they are in my shit. Good luck. Pull me out. How do you like it? Now black robe is in my abdomen, is he my son? You’d better behave yourself. Release Black robe or I will teach you a lesson Lesson, so what? You. My son, how do you like your dad’s abdomen? You forget what Fazu Kuigang told you? Come, go ahead. He is so nasty and tough I think we should turn to Fazu for help You are here I am here of course, you had good intentions. What? Good intentions? So ridiculous. Really, you can’t deny in front of me cos I won’t come out if you didn’t have good intentions You locked me in black abyss 500 years ago, right? Wanna have a little talk? You were thinking what could be done, right? Yes. You had a divine body of god But you can’t abandon your evil intentions of revenge and end up in diabolism You are powerful but your heart is so evil stained by blood. You don’t know whether you are right otherwise I can’t exist Enough. That’s the way you are when we talk Actually we you are scared. What are you scared of? Change Fazu.. What seems to be the problem? Lord Laozi. Here is Ayinafa’s ashram Kuigang generates good intentions, so I can come in here There is no moment to lose. I am not capable to take off your black lotus. So I can only set you free you have to run out of here alone Lord Laozi.. Freeze. So we can’t get golden azoths in this way. Fazu, what should we do now? I still can’t find the solution. Bad, Shi Gandang ran away The nasty thing has a black lotus over his head and spirit generals keep an eye on him. Lord Laozi, sets him free. Lord Laozi. Ayinafa. This is Ayinafa’s ashram. Place to hide the atlas.

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