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Journey to the East EP33 (Zhang ZiJian, Zhang Jinlai, Roy, Guan Yue ) 石敢当之雄峙天东【Fresh Drama】

Journey to the East EP33 (Zhang ZiJian, Zhang Jinlai, Roy, Guan Yue ) 石敢当之雄峙天东【Fresh Drama】

Retreat. Forget it, we should leave here. Fazu, bad, Shi Gandang escaped. Huanglian, all my fault, I am at your disposal. You did nothing wrong, why should I punish you? Rise. Fazu,Shi Gandang escaped. I know, and you had a fight. I am sorry, we six fight them two and Huyang and Tiema are injured. Good, you tried your best. Yes, we have tried our best. You six are the teachers of all the monsters and devils. But you still can’t win Shi Gandang. Yes, you are right. But this time well done. Um I don’t understand. You can go now, and take care of Tiema and Guyang. Yes. Black robe, you stay. You wait outside with some men for my order. Take action when the time comes. when the time comes. Yes. Brother, why we come to Qiao’s manor? You hide Ling’er in Qiao’s manor? If they know… Brother, the most dangerous place is the safest. I know, but it’s too risky. No. Come with me. Um The incarnate is in Qiao’s manor, go there right now. Yes. Brother, where is he? He is out.. Why make the fuss in the late night? Brother, such a brilliant place. Kuigang won’t find it no matter how hard he racks his mind This is the method of invisible spirit. No matter how powerful he is, he still can’t see him. Brother what should we do now? Go now, and hide in Cuiping mountain first. Then we can find another way out. Then we can find another way out. See what’s happening. There. Kill. Yes. What happened? Where is Qiao Ling’er? He.. Where is he? Sir, Ling’s has been taken away for a long time. Yes I beg you. Please Give us some silence. I beg you. I beg you. Please Please Old crap, you are so boring.###Fahter. Kill them. Who are you? I am Qiao Ling’er’s wife White lotus. Ling’er died because of you, I will make you pay. Take her back, it may come into handy. it may come into handy. Yes, take her back. Protector, we didn’t find him. Black lotus can’t be wrong. They perhaps escaped. Kill them all. Yes My final decision, kill them all. Yes, kill. Kill. Kill Go. Ling’er. Where is Ling’er? Brother… Brother.. Brother… Brother.. Brother.. where is Ling’er? I hide him away. You freak me out. Ever since Shi Gandang look for the incarnate as instructed, we have been so furtive. Now we can kill so at will. They are in Fengtou mountain, go there now. Yes. Brother, why are you hiding Ling’er again? We escaped out of Heavenly world, Kuigang won’t see it as an end. He must get Ling’er. It’s so dangerous for Ling’er to follow us. Yes. Brother, where do you hide him? Secret. Fine.. Bad. What? All my fault. How Black robe protector, killed family Qiao. How can they know we have been to Qiao’s manor? Shi Gandang, Zhu Banjin. Give me jade emperor’s incarnate, I will spare you a life. So fast. You are looking for me? Shi Gandang, you can’t escape from Kuigang Fazu’s hand. You hand in jade emperor’s incarnate and we part as strangers. Otherwise.. So what? Brother, stop talking nonsense. We can’t escape now. We should go fight him. Monster, stay there, I will teach you a lesson. You have driven me to no end, now I will let you taste my rake. God, Banjin, well done. Kill. Kill. Bro Take me. Go. Hurry. Brother, they are tailing us. No panic, we should find a mountain to hide. Hurry, Go go. Go inside. Jesus. Something wrong? It’s a yama temple. Don’t matter, we should get inside. It’s like King Qinguang It’s King Qinguang, brother, what should we do? Don’t panic. Pushe his sculpture down, then we can sit there. Yes. I almost forgot it Hurry. King Qinguang, no offence. Wait. Brother, get up. Brother.. Stone god, it’s you. Stone god. King Qinguang, why are you here? A long story. Stone god, the soldiers are out there. You should follow me to the underground. Ok, thank you. Stone god, follow me. Go Open. Please. Change. Go, check inside. Hurry. Hurry. I can smell a dead man. Why not? It’s yama temple. Dang it, go check it quickly. Go. Follow me. To be honest, you have such a fine place. I am flattered, I just have nowhere else to go. Last time you were in yama Taoist abbey of nether world. Kuigang sent people there right after you. They reduced all the ghosts into ashes. I was so clever to escape with my underground method. I have been a ghost wandering in the gaps of three realms. Now I find this place. Stone god, why the monsters hunter you? I saw through Kuigang’s scheme, hid Jade emperor’s incarnate. And Banjin fought out of celestial temple with me. They set a trap for me when they hunted after us. Even you such a power god were hurt by them. How vicious they are. Why are you afraid of him? We have jade emperor’s incarnate, when the time comes, we can use him as a chip. Idiot, you know thing but a chip. We’d rather die than give them the incarnate. I was just kidding, why are you taking it so seriously? Stone god, why Kuigang wanna get jade emperor’s incarnate? No idea. I am badly injured, I need a few months to recover. We didn’t find them after the search. Bad, they find us. How could you tell? The sculpture in the hall is made of clay, but I have my soul in it. So I can sense it. Come, remove the clay. Yes. What’s happening? It’s epilepsy? They sabotage my sculpture. Evil monsters, I will skin all of you when I recover. Protector, do you see anything wrong? Nothing. Destroy the temple. Yes. Destroy. What’s happening? They are destroying my temple. They are destroying above, why the fuss in the underground? You may not know it, they are relevant. The underground will disappear with the earth. Tianpeng Marxhal, you should take stone god outside. It’s going to collapse. Go.. Go on searching. We won’t stop until we find them. Yes. King Qinguang, all my fault. I am a stray cur, I can still wander outside if it’s worse. King Qinguang, you should go to mountain Tai with me. It’s your ashram there. Stone god you wanna take me in? Not a fuss, only us are the authentic in three realms, we should help each other. Otherwise we will all die. King Qinguang, I am so stubborn and straight. I hope you can forgive me for the rudeness before. Stone god, I was narrow minded and selfish before. I hope you can forgive me. Never mind, you should help me the save the world with all gods. My pleasure. Great, finally we are good friends and fight the enemy together. Brother, what should we do now? Go back to mountain Tai. What about Ling’er? We will see. Fazu, that’s it. I see. Shi Gandang made a parclose with his spirit and genuine energy. So we could not see him. But he didn’t know that I saw it coming. You stand up. I didn’t live up to your expectation. Fine, I am so tired of listening to the same words. You can stop searching and wait for the message. Yes, Fazu, we found Qiao Ling’er’s wife. Qiao Ling’er got a wife? Yes, she is White lotus. We have taken her back. Impossible, if jade emperor’s incarnate lose his spirit, I can sense it. Fazu, I find out that White lotus is Qiao Ling’er’s fiancée. They didn’t consummate. I see. Fazu, can you give me White lotus? Whatever for? I think if we can’t find the incarnate, we can seduce him out with White lotus. Fair enough, you think she will work for us? I can manage to persuade her with my silver tongue. Then we can train her and she will come into handy Ok, do it. Yes. Who are you? Don’t panic, lie down and have some rest. You are a monster. Monsters are all left. You are safe now, don’t worry. Who are you? I am Qingyang female celestial. This is my ashram Qingyang temple. You are a goddess? Sort of. Why am I here? Yesterday, I came to Qiao’s manor nearby as my friend’s date. I saw some monsters were trying to kill you. So I intervened and brought you back. You saved me? Thank you. It’s an incumbent to help you when it’s necessary. You are welcome. Can I ask you one question? Do you know which monster killed family Qiao? Girl. You’d better not ask. It’s no use even if you know. Why? The two are powerful and vicious. He is the cruellest in three realms. Even jade emperor was afraid of him. Please tell me, who are they? Why you must know? I wanna seek revenge. Girl, you are a mortal flesh, how can you seek revenge? No one is born to be a god, please tell me who are they? It’s Shi Gandang and Zhu Banjin. Goddess, you must be mistaken. The ones who killed family Qiao are not Shi Gandang and Zhu Banjin. I know them. The one came to Qiao’s manor is a man in black. It’s Shi Gandang’s subordinate. He doesn’t have to do such a little thing himself. Shi Gandang is a monster with facade. He kills and does all kinds of evil things. But he takes Ling’er, why does he bother to kill his family? Ling’er is an important figure. Shi Gandang wanna control his thought to the formidable way. So he needs to kill all the people who know all the story. So vicious Goddess, how do you know all this? My friend is an informer and he was killed by Shi Gandang yesterday. He told me before he died. I have expected the thing gets so many people involved. Goddess, do you know how Ling’er’s doing? Shi Gandang is hanging him on the beam and torturing him. My poor Ling’er Where are you going? I am going to save Ling’er You wanna save him from Shi Gandang? Too difficult for you. I will go even if I have to die. I can’t let Ling’er be tortured by others. You love him so much, right? Forget it, I don’t wanna have anything to do with Shi Gandang. But your love for Ling’er is so affecting. I will help you. From today on, I will teach you magic arts. You can go to save you after you learn it. Will it be too late? No, Shi Gandang won’t kill Ling’er, he needs to take advantage of Ling’er. I will you the first class magic arts as soon as possible. Master. Brother, you said Ling’er was in mountain Tai, why I can’t see him? Easy, soon you will see. Stone god, are you ok? Not recovered. It’s more serious than I thought. Brother, where is Ling’er? You are so worried about it. Be careful. Stone god, bad, black robe ambushes here. Brother, what should we do? Don’t worry. Shi Gandang, I told you, you will never be out of Fazu Kuigang’s hand. Now what do you wanna say? You are here again, so tiresome. Stop talking nonsense. You are badly injured and we have surrounded here. You can’t escape this time You should give incarnate out and go to celestial temple with us. If you wanna join us, Fazu will give you some reward. If you resist again, death is your way out. Ok, allow me to negotiate with my brother. Brother, I am not recovered, I can’t fight against him. So we have to surrender. Brother, you mean we give the incarnate out? We need to figure some out in celestial temple. You should go talk with him, I will be back soon. Listen, my brother is badly injured so he can’t fight against you. He will go to the room, take the incarnate out and go to the celestial temple with you. Great, he knows the best. Can he play the tricks again? I don’t think so. Stone god you really wanna give the incarnate out? Banjin, come in. Freaks me out.. King Qinguang, you should know that I am so accustomed to taking risks. Brother, you said you will give the incarnate out, it really terrifies me. I haven’t expected you have this backup. This is the trigger I set up for the rainy day. I never used it, but today it comes into handy. Mr.Shi, you are here. Ling’er are you ok these days? I am fine. It’s King Qinguang. Your lordship. I am flattered. Do you know who he is? He is the leader of ten yamas in the nether world King Qinguang. You are Yama? Yes. Your reputation precedes you. You looks crueler in the mural. But you look pretty genial. I will take it as compliment. It’s so noisy outside, they wanna arrest me? Why must they arrest me? I don’t know the details, I just know you are a key role. So Kuigang wanna find you at all costs. Who am I on earth? Why Yama is treating me so well? Brother, a moment. I wanna tell you something. You can’t say it here? Go.. Fine. Brother, what do you wanna say? So mysterious? Brother, I have some words I don’t know if I should tell you. Why are you so strange today? We are brothers, you can just say whatever you want. Brother, as I know, you have no benefits to fight against Kuigang. We should use Ling’er as a chip. The profit is considerable. What are you talking about? Em.. the incarnate has nothing relative with us, why do we bother to incur the trouble? Brother, Ling’er is jade emperor’s incarnate. You betray jade emperor if you give him out. That’s to say, you give three realms to Kuigang. There will be no justice and fairness in the world. We will be governed by the monsters. We are gods, we are holding the candles for the monsters if we do as you say. Brother, once you said one step back is a broad sky. Think, Kuigang has captured all three realms. We two can never win Kuigang. We should seek for self-protection. Otherwise… I don’t know who you are, but I am sure you are not my brother Zhu Banjin. Brother, what are you talking about? Before we found Ling’er, I never doubted you. But on Fengtou mountain, you were trying to kill Ling’er twice when I was meditating. You think I didn’t see it, right? You monster, so stubborn. Brother.. From then on, I begin to suspect you. So I delayed time, but you were so anxious. Zhu Banjin is too lazy to be like that. Great, go on. In Qiao’s manor, you sneaked into Ling’er room at night. You wanna kill him but were defeated by Dapeng protector. Despite the fact that I am with you, I don’t believe you are monster. But White lotus broken into at night, you wanna kill her. You didn’t show any mercy on her, then I am so sure you are not Zhu Banjin. Cos Zhu Banjin is lazy, but kind. You know all it, why you go to celestial temple with me? You think you can run away with it? I know Ling’er is not Kuigang’s incarnate, but I still don’t know who he is. When we were in Tushita palace, you asked me why I was not so worried. Cos I know you and Kuigang will set me free. Yes. You are so brilliant. But you never know you are badly injured by black robe protecor. You must be in touch with Kuigang. Yes.

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