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Journey to CWL Championship 2019!

Journey to CWL Championship 2019!

In December I attended my first major event in Vegas with Singularity. I was very excited to finally go to America after just turning 18; as a team we were very confident cause we placed Top 16 in every 2K leading up to the event but at the event we ended up losing to a team we knew we were much better than online and we placed top 112 which was the biggest disappointment for this year After the event we all went different ways and split up and I had no team offers up until New Year/January Going into the next event at Fort Worth I was on the bench for SNG, basically I wasn’t able to go to multiple events due to school and exams which ended up in me benching myself; I was only able to attend London but could not go to Anaheim and Fort Worth. At Fort Worth the team ended up placing Top 12 without me and because I was only able to attend London they ended up with QwiKeR on the team instead of me and at London I ended up under Legion Nation; we ended up with a Top 12 placement but I had to go back to school and focus on upcoming exams because they were overlapping with Anaheim; it was pretty sad due to the fact I was finally able to prove I wasn’t an online player and Singularity didn’t end up going to Anaheim which meant they were now looking for one for Miami and basically they asked me to join back as I was still on the bench and I didn’t have a team at that point for Miami which made this roster change easy for me as I was already a Free Agent and able to play for them. What made me come to Singularity were a very good brand straight away soon as I started speaking with the owner I realized how passionate he is about growing his brand and how it’s basically his baby but we came to Singularity because they offered us a very good opportunity, it was very hard for us to get these opportunities and they offered us a good buffer all year, I appreciate everyone on Singularity. I initially wanted to team with Insight, Keza and Detain because when we were 16 we run a very good under 18 team so we had a lot of experience and a lot of chemistry together so going into the game it was just an obvious choice to play with them and I’ve played with them the entire year I think it’ been 8 months we’ve been playing with each other there’s been ups and downs obviously, but you work through them; they’re definitely the best teammates I ever had with Tobi, yeah I think we really have a bond. I get along with everyone in this team and always have so it’s been good, it’s been a good year! London was a nice event for us because you didn’t have to fly to the United States to deal with jetlag and all that stuff but at the event itself, the team was pretty poor, Top 8 placement, a lot of internal issues in the team the aim for the team now is go to Champs, getting out of Pools, get a solid placement and prove to people why we should be in the franchise next year and not them To help push our team further we picked up Sam. Sam’s a very experienced coach, he’s been doing this for a long, long time now he knows how to keep us in check and gets on and makes sure that when we’re practicing we’re making it worth our time and ever since we got him on board we got a lot more structured and just look a lot better as a team! What made me decide to work with an European team while I worked with a lot of North American teams throughout my entire career and North American teams are all very talented but European teams have a different I guess you could say factor about them and it’s the drive, they don’t get very many opportunities compared to most North American teams so their drive and their passion is significantly higher and I believe it matches mine more than North American teams do Miami was a great event, we had the tough first day, we lost to Aspire, it was 1-1 in the series and then we lost in the Control, Round 5 in a 250 – 238 Hardpoint and bouncing back into the next day we knew it was gonna be hard but I kept my composure and made sure the guys kept theirs and it made the entire process of qualifying even easier. I mean, the qualifying match I wasn’t even necessarily nervous about I knew we had it in the bag the moment we sat down, we were in my opinion just far more superior than they were as far as our teams natural skill goes. Daily routine leading up to Champs, you know, it’s a lot of VOD’s, watching other teams, notes, notes, notes, notes just take lots of notes, just a lot of hard work, I’ve been sleeping 3-4 hours a day and the rest was spent note taking watching VOD’s of other teams etc. I usually wake up around 5 in the morning Central Time in America and our first scrim is usually around 8:30 – 9 in the morning my time which is way different that what I’m used to of 5 – 6 at night for scrimming so it took some adjusting but this team is definitely worth it!

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  1. Great video! GG’s throughout the whole tournament, I was honestly worried when I saw we were matched up against you guys

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