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Join us on our journey. Shape the future.

Join us on our journey. Shape the future.

I mean, I love challenges, you know, it makes me feel alive. And really what gets me up in the morning is, you know, to feel I make a difference. I think Clariant is a place where you’re able to get something if you really want it. You have to strive for it. And it’s defining the road of the future in chemistry. It’s a big company with a startup feel. I wouldn’t have joined a big company otherwise. I joined Clariant already since 10 years and I have to say, every day I like to come to work. And it’s really true. I love it because what we do ultimately touches so many people’s lives. We’re part of different industries. Aviation, automobile, personal care, home care, agriculture — you name it. As a chemist I say everything is chemistry. All the materials around are made of molecules. We use simple chemistry to create great materials and we are producing now bioethanol from straw. I do believe in sustainability, and I believe that we all, as people, have to care about it. I believe that companies need to change, and when I came to Clariant I felt that me and the company did share the same vision. Sustainability is not something we just say for the markets it’s something we live every day. Our culture is really focused on innovation and doing things differently to really achieve some new results in the market. So at the time that I was looking for a new job I would definitely look for a job that allows me to travel. Ever since I was a little girl I enjoyed traveling a lot. Clariant gives me so much room to be creative, be innovative that “sandbox in a castle” mentality, that I really enjoy working here. New challenges make me tick, and I have these opportunities at Clariant. I enjoy working on cross-department projects and to have the opportunity to meet new people with different cultures and ideas is really great. Here I really enjoy my freedom. I enjoy freedom to do the things my way. Balance is very important to me whether it’s hanging with the family playing drums, hanging with my friends those are things that really motivate me. People that are willing to deliver, and capable to deliver are being given the chance to make a great impact. You can feel things. You can have an overview of things. But not only that, this “lived appreciation” is actually lived and to have people come to you and say, “Hey, thank you, you did really well on that, and I appreciate it.” That means a lot. As long as you’re smart, you’re talented, you have this desire to change you have a place at Clariant and a very nice place. We celebrate our successes, we learn from our failures work is actually fun.

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