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  1. This man is a composing genius. His music brought our cherished memories of the Studio Ghibli movie experiences we had to life: from the flights of Porco Rosso, to Nausicca's hang glider Flights over the deserts, jungles, and mountain valleys, to Chihiro's adventures in an abandoned theme park filled with mystical creatures, ghosts and spirits, and many a more adventures. Seeing him play live on video is a treat better than 1000 chocolate pieces. Thank you!

    この久石さんに会ってくれて、私にインスピレーションを与えてくれてありがとう。 あなたの音楽は最悪の日々を乗り越え、バンドを辞めた後の音楽への愛を再発見するのに役立ちました。

  2. Es quizá el ultimo director de orquesta que nos queda de la época de Franck Pourcel, Bebu Silvetti, Paul Mauriat de la época del piano de los 80 Richard Clayderman, Raul di Blasio y otra vez Silvetti quizás no conocimos de este lado del charco el trabajo de Hisaishi pues la mayoría son piezas de películas de Ghibli y otras de corte anime no obstante la calidad de este director japonés es de ver impresionante

  3. It strikes me as hard as the Title Screen Theme of Ocarina of Time once did… Even harder I believe. I only speak in a matter of feelings. Of course, I am not comparing these songs^^
    Thank you so much Mr. Joe Hisaishi for giving us this masterpiece !

  4. Finally youtube a recommended video that's actually good, and how does he covey with music those long ago far away feelings? Is it the title, One summer's day, that does it? Oh, those long ago summer days… Thank you Mr Hisaishi for your wonderful music.

  5. Dear Mr Hisaishi, this piece has always accompanied me in my life, be it when I'm happy or sad. Thank you for making the music.

  6. 小学生の頃にこの曲に出会って、10年以上たった今も定期的に聴きたくなる不思議な曲。大好きです。

  7. Hearing this kind of music on the 1st day of December 😍😍. I'am sure this month will be better or best 😊😊☺️. It also reminds me of the great movie spirited away.

  8. Since i was a child i had the dream of creating some kind of videogame, and after i watched Ghibli movies back in elementary school, my dream changed….. I would love to create ANYTHING, with music from Joe <3

  9. Oh my lanta. How long has he had a Vevo!? I've been watching performances from orchestras the past few years. But man oh man, I wish we had more music like this nowadays. 🙁

  10. One of the most genius composers ever. Never did a score that was less than absolutely gutwrenching in it's emotional strength, and usually for amazing movies as well. Thank you, Joe Hisaishi.

  11. His piano playing wasn't bad by any stretch of the imagination, but watching his hands play and watching them conduct – it's pretty obvious which he's much better at. He plays like someone who has a great understanding of music, but who doesn't practice the instrument enough to really get the tiny little intricacies of expressiveness that you hear from professional players.

    It does kind of weird things to me because his conducting is beautiful and you can tell he's got that music completely in the palms of his hands. But because I play piano and studied it and it's been my favorite instrument for decades – I just notice it more. I can't shut that part of me off after all this time. I still hear the beautiful music, but I also hear the piano playing where the dynamics aren't transitioning as smoothly as a better player would, they're more steps rather than swells when all the rest of the instruments are doing swells.

    I really did like his playing, it's just I'm going to notice stuff when it's piano.

  12. From the second I hear the first note of a Joe Hisaishi song my heart starts to float. So beautiful. And studio ghibli characters just start appearing in my mind.

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