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Jimmy Fallon’s Race Through New York Ride at Universal Studios Orlando Resort

Jimmy Fallon’s Race Through New York Ride at Universal Studios Orlando Resort

Ah guys we have a big news here we have our very own ride opening at Universal Orlando Resort. It’s called Race Through New York, it’s the most fun thing is like visiting New York City going on the craziest awesomeness roller coaster simulator and going to the Tonight Show all-in-one ride. If you can understand like I was 3-D you get into one of these it’s like a well it feels like you’re coming to the show there’s like red seats and sit in the seats you have 3-D things on you hear you hear Higgins voice you see the curtain you see The Roots. It’s unbelievably I come out and this like space-aged new futuristic go-kart thing. And then I challenge you to a race through New York City and you go to see the Statue of Liberty you go it down into the subway you go into the East River you get wet. (audience laughter) Yeah you do it’s just clean water and you you stop at a pizzeria at one point and you smell pizza. Ya know it’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever done it’s so cool. Ah, there’s fireworks at one point you go through you go you go to the Moon. Yeah, you go I mean come on when and the ring around the Moon when you’re floating around the Moon but it was just like this hydraulic things like the seats. The floor moves so like this is brand-new technology so it’s a giant IMAX thing so it feels like you’re like floating and the wind’s blowing and you’re getting wet everything the whole thing you smell like pizza on the way out. I’m not describing it well it is a it is the most fun ride ever even if I wasn’t part of it is the most exciting fun thing ever and we’re very happy to announce at the grand opening is going to be Thursday, April 6th. They built a whole they built the whole like fake 30 Rock building in at these Resort in Orlando, was like coming in to see our show straight off the bat. It’s like I Ah I’m gonna start weeping when I think about but to celebrate we’re going to take the Tonight Show on the road we’re gonna be doing shows at Universal Studios Orlando. April third through the sixth. Get your tickets now mark your calendars. Race Through New York. I cannot wait is going to gonna you guys. Your freak out. We have a ride that it’s going to be a Universal Orlando called Race Through New York. All right pictures up, here we go. Mark (clapboard sound) and…. action. Oh coming Hey! I’m driving here! And… camera. (music playing) Single–handedly bring back barbershop quartet. This time its gonna happen, this is it. This is time when is going to happen? kids getting together to start forming barbershop quartets allover on street corner. Gangs barbershop gangs. Getting ready to do it, we’re gonna do it. This is it one take one take! I’m one of the ugliest girls you’ve ever seen. I’ve got to say. You can’t have it right without puppies. And a forty-year-old man dressed as a teenage girl. You need both of those things or else it’s not an attraction. (applause) That was the greatest! Thank you, thank you so much. I’m your host Jimmy Fallon and this is the Race Through New York. But before we start, I have to tell you about some very important safety precautions. But I don’t want to talk about them that that’s boring. I want to rap about the them. If your pregnant or your blood pressure’s abnormal, I’m sorry this simply isn’t a suitable ride for you. Other people we’re unable to allow admission and those with various back, neck or heart conditions. You better start to listen it’s risky business if your prone to dizziness or any type of motion sickness. No video, photos or recording or going social is allowed. I hoping I’m speaking loud and clear enough. You getting this?

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