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Japan’s Night Train: The Sleeper Car Adventure 寝台列車サンライズ出雲 ★ ONLY in JAPAN #32

Japan’s Night Train: The Sleeper Car Adventure 寝台列車サンライズ出雲 ★ ONLY in JAPAN #32

so finally arrived in Tokyo Station and
this is one of 2 sleeper trains in Japan. A really
special experience and it’s going to be traveling 950
kilometers from here to your station all the way
to IZUMO this is called the Sunrise IZUMO
I’ve been on SHINKANSEN bullet trains have been on local trains
that are really slow I’ve been on subways I’ve been on monorails I’ve never been on one of
these This is gonna be fun The IZUMO sunrise express departs
daily at 10 p.m. from Tokyo Station it’s a long ride no food service on board there is a shower Tourists visiting with the JR Rail Pass only need a reservation and it’s free Me? Here’s my ticket. Car 12, Row 4, seat B Is it a seat or is it a bed let’s take a look I’ve been on sleeper trains in europe
India and even the trans Mongolian railroad to moscow but I’ve never seen a layout like this
really Japanese style Take your shoes off It seems a little cramped It sorta reminds me of camping, staying
in a tent or maybe even a capsule hotel These curtains to separate everything have a reading light I can shut this off, and here is a fan pretty cool time to say farewell to the city Big skies, fresh air and new experiences await on the Sea of Japan side only 12 hours to go Goodbye Tokyo let’s have a closer look at this
Japanese style sleeper train 14 cars have go to IZUMO have go to SHIKOKU splitting in Okayama the single sleepers also haven’t upper and lower birth these have doors pajamas pillow slippers and a big window here’s the bed an electrical outlet alarm clock radio and light control comfortable here’s a twin compartment I’m staying in the NOBI-NOBI- Zaseki it’s an open area for laying down but
it’s considered a seat a little hard very little privacy but it
saves on a night at a hotel take off your shoes as I said
japanese-style everything is super clean this sink for brushing your teeth the toilet spotless this train is equipped with the shower
available to all passengers So I’m in the shower room, the shower part Its 320 yen. There’s a limited number
available so buy one as soon as you get on the train it’s 6 minutes. I better hurry up. Everything you need here. There’s thesoap There’s the shampoo. They even have the adjustable lever so you can adjust the hight of the shower so really convenient for tall people. There is even an auto clean feature for when you are done The trains run in back and forth which is really interesting the changing room is pretty small. Better
hit the shower Make sure you adjust the temperature first. 6 minutes goes by pretty quickly It’s freaky. It’s counting down as if it’s going to Y’know I can’t help but stare at that
clock counting down the pressures on Can I rinse off that shampoo in time? live to ride another day I really like this its it’s enough room for me to sleep
it’s kind of a carpet I get my own window which is really
great There is a curtain in the front for checking clothers.A little bit of privacy And the wall separates you from the person next to you So you have a little bit of privacy here. The NOBI NOBI ZASEKI has sheets but
no pillow but I’ve got that covered ready for bed while I slumber on the rails let’s take
a look at why anyone would go to IZUMO? Here is Tokyo on the Sea of Japan side is the Sannin
area it’s considered the birthplace of Japan There is IZUMO Taisha. one of Japan’s most important shrines. Lake Shinji and Matsue, a beautiful
castle town then there’s the crossroads City, YONAGO with beaches and onsen and overlooking it all DAISEN, a stunning FUJI like
volcano with loads of outdoor activities The SANIN area is loaded need more reason to visit? this dream just keeps getting better and
better check this out we’re almost there Ohayo-Gozaimasu IN Japan the Sun rises
around 4:30 in the morning during the summer there’s no food service but a vending
machine can handle thirsty travelers Grab a canned coffee and head to the
lounge car with your breakfast don’t forget to buy something in Tokyo
Station before you board I bought a tonkatsu bento breaded pork cutlets sauce and rice at
Tokyo Station it’s an EKi- Ben. Eki meaning station Ben for Bento Inside, there is everything you need. Chopsticks, sauce. and wet napkin rice with the sour umeboshi plum on top and the breaded pork cutlet put the
sauce on and chow down. Don’t forget to say, before eating The view just got a lot better. an empty stomach is no way to enjoy a
train ride so don’t forget your eki ben, and never
ride alone again The cool summer morning Fog off the rice paddies trapped by the
surrounding hills mysterious mesmerizing reason to ride the rails at a normal
speed at Okayama the train splits The break is fast is there enough time to get a drink from
that vending machine maybe maybe maybe not The fast vending machine run couldn’t be done its easy to make friends in the lounge
and share the beautiful Japanese landscape as and rolls by the big
windows the sky reflex off the clear water in the
rice paddies stunning the train follows a river most of the way. The trip and view from Okayama to Izumo is the best part when you see Dyson that meansIZUMO is not far away back at the NOBI NOBI ZASEKI, the
landscape continues to roll by most of the passengers get off at YONAGO
and Matsue a moment to reflect as we near our final
destination finally IZUMO trains are a big deal in Japan really is special linking one side of
Japan with the other so if you come to Japan with the rail
pass and want to see an area that’s a real
hidden treasure of attractions ride the rails overnight to the SANIN
area do it for the experience and what’s
waiting on the other side see you again SUNRISE IZUMO

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