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It’s not ALL about the destination.. What a Journey! Ep. 179

It’s not ALL about the destination.. What a Journey!  Ep. 179

– There’s nothing to eat, help me! – [Riley] We’ve got plenty of fish. – [Elayna] Diving! – Barracuda’s stalking us. – I know, I’m over it, – [Elayna] Let’s go. (folk music) ♪ Down, down, deeper and down ♪ ♪ The rumour burns
straight through the town ♪ ♪ And when it landed everybody thought ♪ ♪ That the truth had been caught ♪ – [Elayna Voiceover] Previously on SLV, we arrived to Egg Island in the Bahamas. There were no eggs but
there were plenty of fish and we spent our days
barbecuing under the shade of a Caribbean pine tree on the beach. We also took the dinghy for a paddle through the bluest
mangroves we’ve ever seen before we were on the move again. – Good morning, everyone. We are hammering along this morning. Going nine knots already
with 15 knots of wind. We’re going to the upper coast today so I’m pretty excited to see a new place, and it’s 15 nautical miles away, so we should be out here
for most of the day. I’m looking forward to it. (waves crash) I’ve got to hold the camera because the wind’s really picked up. We’ve got 20 knots apparent wind speed and we’re going 11 knots right now. For some reason today I’m having lots of like
flashbacks to the past. I think it was watching
Riley workout outside and just thinking about
when we crossed the Atlantic and we thought he’d broken
his neck for the second time and then I guess I kind
of traced back from there like when I think about the
past it’s all, just this… So much has happened in, since, even since we got the new boat
which was early last year. (laughs) – That was the nicest people with machine guns I’ve ever met. – [Elayna] Yeah. What do you think Riles? – [Riley] Very, very nice. What are you girls doing? (laughs) – [Elayna] It’s unreal! Is it still even? (shouts) – I cannot believe that
that just happened. (motor revs) (Laughs) So, we’re on board with our
mate Stephan from Germany. – Hello! – I wish I could have every
single person in the world on my boat just to look out
at the horizon at the moment. – [Nurse] Everything seems in place. okay? – This is the life, this is
what we’re talking about. – The marlin! – It’s a marlin! – Woo hoo! (soft rock music) – Yeah! (laughs) – Woo! – Got this slightly weird
feeling being here, a good one. (moped engine revs) I remember jumping on this boat for the first time and being nervous like not knowing if we’d know
what to do kind of thing, which is ridiculous because we learned how
to sail on our mono hull but for some reason I
just thought new cat like we going to have to learn
everything all again. I didn’t put much faith
in Riley as a captain. I was just really nervous I guess and yeah, the first sail was awesome very similar to this actually. The weather was, yeah, very similar, that might also be a reason why I’m having all these memories. Life around Europe. Came down to the Canary Islands. Met Stephan across the Atlantic, which was a good crossing
apart from the fact Riley had broken his
neck for the second time. I’ll link those episodes up
there if you haven’t seen those. It was probably the worst, one of the worst moments
of my life so far. And of course Riley’s. I’m really proud of what we’ve done over the past few years I guess. When I stop to think about it
like now I’m just like, whoa. I don’t consider this normal. We’re just really grateful that
Riley made a full recovery. And he’s healthy and I’m really
proud we’ve made it here. And of what we’re doing now. And I’m also really
excited about the future. Like we’re going to have a baby. Really looking forward to that. I’m flying home soon
in a month and a half. We’re going to hang out in
the Bahamas for a bit longer. We have a Patron meetup, and
then I’m going to fly home. As we may have said before, Riley’s gonna hang out with the boat for an extra few weeks and sail it North. He’s going to do a single handed sail, which he’s really excited about ’cause it’ll be his last hurrah I guess before the baby comes. But I think he’ll be doing
more single handed sailing in the near future. We’ll always do what’s best for the baby. Thank you guys for watching and being apart of this
crazy adventure of ours. I was just talking about all
the things that I’m proud of that we’ve done in the past few years. – Yeah. – And I just wanted to say how proud I am that you finished the sail guide. (laughs) and for learning to sail this
boat and for doing everything. And for being a good captain. – Thank you. – You’re welcome. And a good captain. I was saying how I didn’t
put much faith in you when we first got the new boat. – Yeah. (laughs) And you nailed it, so … Thanks. – Thanks Elayna. (rock music) (waves crash) – [Riley] What was that Elayna? – That was a huge wave. You see that? – [Riley] Yeah. ♪ She’s been running with her friends ♪ ♪ And she’s been crying all alone ♪ ♪ I couldn’t know ♪ ♪ That she’s been painting
down her flowers ♪ ♪ With a needle and a thread ♪ ♪ I wasn’t sure ♪ – It’s a soup for lunch kind of day. The less time I can spend
in that galley, the better. I just get so hot in there ’cause you have to shut all the hatches. And I know I’ll be sick in an instant. So I managed to find some
really healthy canned soup, which I’m stoked about. So easy. – We can go, we can either go in here to Channel Cay. Or we can go further up. That’s where my mate is
up over here at Elbow Cay. – Well what’s the first place like? – It says it’s good snorkelling. – I reckon we should just go there. – Over behind Channel Cay? – Yeah. – All right. – The sooner we can drop
the pick, the better. – I thought that’s what you said, captain. – Id be keen to go for a swim. – Yeah, me too actually. – And have a rest, I need some food. – [Riley] What do you reckon Meg? You keen too.. drop the pick as Elayna kept saying. – Yeah let’s drop the pick. – [ Riley] We’ll drop the pick. (crosstalk) – Rice pudding or is too early? (background noise drowns out other sounds) – The rice tastes a bit.. – It tastes a little bit off. – Yeah, yeah. (giggles) Let’s throw it out. (laughs) We can’t get any good food on this boat. – [Riley] Is it that bad? – It’s been in there for a few days now. – Yeah. – We’re nearly out of food. (laughs) There’s nothing to eat, help me. – [Riley] We got plenty of fish. – I don’t want fish. – I’m hoping this big ship cruising by just dropped off a whole heap
of food to the supermarkets. I’ve settled for hummus
and some work over veggies. And it’s actually amazing. – [ Riley] They’re not left over ’cause they’re not cooked. – No, but they’re the
last surviving vegetables. – [Riley] Leftovers have
been cooked once before. – No leftovers. – [Riley] Those are just raw veggies. (laughs) – [Riley] You’re lucky your boyfriend’s so good at spearing fish. – I can only eat fish twice a week. I cant eat fish every day. What’s that song? Hungry (hums) – [Riley] I don’t know that. – Duh duh duh duh duh duh
duh duh duh duh duh duh. Do do do do do do do
do do do do do do do– – [Riley] That’s Duran Duran
or Hungry Like the Wolf. ♪ And I’m hungry like the wolf ♪ (hums) (laughs) – Hungry. ♪ Hungry like the wolf ♪ (waves crash) – We now have says 2/3 but it’s probably
closer to half a tank of water which was on empty, and we’ve been able to do that
with just the hydro generator and the solar panels today. – [Elayna] Woo! – So that pulls out probably 50 or 60 amps and we’ve gone from 60%
all the way up to 100. Then I turn the water maker on, and we’ve had that on for two
hours and we’re back to 92. Just using the speed of the
boat while harnessing the wind and the solar panels so
that is pretty amazing. We snapped the blades off the
propeller on the one setting which is my fault, and I’ve
had a few dramas with it. It’s the key for this boat. Being self sufficient. And being able to run
the water maker on it, that’s just insane. That takes a huge–
– It does, yeah. – Kick out of it. So we’ve got free water. – [Elayna] Good ’cause we’ll be having like five showers a day.
– That’s insane. Oh well go for it. (laughs) Go berserk you girls. Double water rations for everyone. That was always the dream,
it was to sail into a harbour with full batteries and full water tanks and then be able to chill
out for four days, five days, three days, whatever, however
hectic your schedule is. And then be able to sail again,
drop the hydro generator in, charge up the batteries,
fill up the water tanks. Because water equal
power, doesn’t it Elayna? – [Elayna] Water equals power? – Yeah. – [Elayna] What do you mean? – E equals H two O. – [Elayna] I don’t get it. – Because we use power to make the water. – [Elayna] Yeah. – So water equals power. – Oh.
– Say if we come into an anchorage with four water tanks, we don’t need to use as much power, it’s like storing the sun’s
energy in a water tank. – [Elayna] Yeah it’s amazing. – And hydro power as well. – [Elayna] That’s brilliant, mate. – That’s very–
– Bloody brilliant. – Very interesting. – If you’re interested
in that kind of thing, Riley and I did an energy
budget for this boat. How much we use in a day when
we’re sailing and on anchor. How much we can gain for the day, so that’s in our renewable energy episode which you can watch up here. Which goes hand in hand
with our sail guide if you haven’t got that already. Our information for that
will be also in the episode and down here in the description. – [Elayna] Diving! – [Elayna] This water is insane. So we’re just stopping here for a snorkel before we move around to our anchorage which is behind an island. And then we’re going to take the dinghy tonight to meet up with one of Riley’s
friends that he met in Miami. Through J.C. a spear fisherman. So that’ll be nice. I’m sure he can tell us
a bit about the place. ♪ Falling back ♪ ♪ Deep into your ocean ♪ ♪ Now I’m frozen ♪ ♪ Will I ever thaw out ♪ ♪ I lost myself ♪ ♪ Deep inside your forest ♪ ♪ Now I’m anxious ♪ ♪ I’ll never be found ♪ ♪ I wander ♪ ♪ Into your track ♪ ♪ I should know better ♪ ♪ Better than that ♪ ♪ I wander ♪ ♪ Into your track ♪ ♪ I should know better ♪ ♪ Better than that ♪ – [Elayna] Barracuda’s stalking us. – I know, I’m over it. – [Elayna] Let’s go. (laughs) We were being stalked by that barracuda. So big. And it’s just started to
open and close its mouth, which if history’s anything to go by I know it’s about to start chasing us, getting aggressive. (motor revs) – [Elayna] What’s going on captain? – Just blowing up to 25 knots. All hell’s breaking loose. No, we’re just going off
the beaten track here, we’re going to anchor here
until this squall passes. – [Elayna] We’re staying in here, come inside. – Well the water here
is very, very shallow. Having a glass of red with Meg. Elayna’s very jealous. (laughs) – [Elayna] I am. – So that’s good. (folk music) (wolf whistle) – [Riley Voiceover] Before heading up to our mate Louis’ for dinner we took the tender to
scope out a sandbar nearby. This is Tahiti beach,
accessible by foot or by boat and only exposed at low tide. Right now we had the
place all to ourselves. ♪ Cigarette in your hand ♪ ♪ Lit by sympathy ♪ ♪ And if it’s all the same to you ♪ ♪ Oh you know it’s the same to me ♪ ♪ And it’s the same to the both of us ♪ ♪ We’ll go home ♪ – So Louis has invited us over for dinner. Meg’s actually cooking,
it smells delicious. Tell us about your animals
that you have here. – We got Chloea, friendliest
dog in the world. Stoolie the cat. (laughs) – How convenient they
all come out at once. – Yeah. – Come to me jungle friends. (laughs) – And you’ve also got the bird. – We have Timu, the African grey parrot. – Who likes to chat. – Yeah. (parrot squeaks) (wolf whistle) – [Riley] Seems like R2D2. (bird chirps) Riley. (laughs) (bird murmurs) (wolf whistle) (laughs) (laughs) (laughs) (laughs) – [Elayna Voiceover]
Thanks for joining us. Be sure to like and subscribe, and catch us next time
for the best week ever. – We’re off to go and explore the island. Going to get some golf
buggies, and see what’s around. (laughs) ♪ My souls in your body ♪ ♪ You have got my love ♪ ♪ You’ve taken it form me ♪ ♪ Don’t give it away my love ♪ ♪ You leave me with nothing ♪ ♪ You are my life, you are my life ♪ ♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪

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