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Inside Cincinnati’s Haunted Dent Schoolhouse – Travel Channel

Inside Cincinnati’s Haunted Dent Schoolhouse – Travel Channel

[terror screams] Hey, everybody I’m
Gunnarolla, and I’m here today in Cincinnati,
Ohio, to take you through one of America’s
most unsettling haunts, The Dent Schoolhouse. [terror screams] If I can make it out of
here without getting trapped in detention, we’ll get a
sneak peek behind the screams, and we’ll learn a thing or two
from chilling children of– [creaky bus door opening] –Dent. Hi. Uhm. Uh, I’m– I don’t feel
like going to school today. I’m good. I’m going to go home. Mom. [scary musical chords] A haunted school. Demented staff. [maniacal laugh] Woo! Underneath it all,
a horrible secret. Move! Class is in session, at
The Dent Schoolhouse. [big orchestra chords] [techno chords] [spooky organ music] [screams] Oh, my god! OK. Hi. Woo! That– I knew that was going
happen and it still scared me! Oh, my god. What are you? DENT SCHOOL CHARACTER:
[terror scream] [screams] DENT SCHOOL CHARACTER:
Please help! Ah!
No! [screams] Going to school is bad enough. Going to a haunted school– [screaming] What the hell? [door slam sound] [screams] Where the hell am I? [terror scream] OK.
OK. [air brakes release sound]
What was that? [terror screams] Oh, my god! Go away! Oh, my god! No! Holy s-[bleep]! Holy s-[bleep]! Stay there! Oh, my– this is stupid! OK. Good.
Go. Yeah! Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Hey. Don’t go that way! What? You’re not going to like it. Where else can I go? God. Which one of you is real? OK.
What the– [metal banging] [terror screams] What’s the matter?
Huh? You look like
you’ve seen a ghost! [maniacal laugh] [inaudible] [terror screams] That’s definitely not
the right way to go. My god. I hate this one. [screams] Watch where you’re going! You never know where I might be. OK. Oh, my god. Oh, this poor little boy. [terror screams] [inaudible] [terror screams] [inaudible]. OK. Trick or treat. [terror screams] Oh, my god! What the fuck! Oh, god! OK. Something’s going to pop at me. I know it. It’s going to be there. Someone’s going to
come out of there. [terror screams] Woo.woo.woo.woo. Oh. Oh, god. [terror screams] Oh, my god. Ah! OK. Ah! Holy– in a room full of skulls. I don’t know what
school has this kind of stuff in it’s basement. Oh, my god. This really goes on forever. [metal banging] Oh, oh, oh, oh. OK. [screams] [bell ringing] [terror screams] Oh, shit. Uh. Oh! [screams] That was horrifying. But we made it. I think. As if going to school
wasn’t bad enough. [terror screams] Oh, god. Oh, god. [screams] Ah! All right. Made it through, just barely. I’m losing my voice. That is the most I’ve
screamed at one of these. I’m here with Bud. He’s the owner.
– Yeah. One of them.
– One of them. One of the owners. Congrats on a
terrifying experience. Yeah. I’m glad you’ve got all
your sweats gone now too. You’ve dried out.
– Yes. I can change the hairstyle. We’re standing in
what actually used to be an actual schoolhouse. So can you tell me
a bit about this? Yeah. It opened up in 1894. Shut down the 1950s. And there’s a legend
that comes with that. There’s a murderous
janitor called, Charlie McFree, who started
killing some of the students, put them in the basement,
and then eventually that’s why it shut down. So my life was
actually in danger. Just– well,
just a little bit. OK.
Potentially. So you’re seeing some of
the pictures of the students. You’re seeing the
paint falling apart. We’ve got cobwebs, dust. It’s definitely very
lived in feeling. Yeah. There are so many
incredible details. I noticed, also, with
the sets downstairs. So, can we go see those?
– Yeah. Let’s do it.
– OK. Let’s go. So we’re heading back
into the basement. Yeah. The scariest part they say. This was actually the worst. Standing up here. Seeing a character there, and
not having anywhere else to go. Right. And that’s the scariest
part, is people are like, I have to go in the basement. And basements are just
scary to begin with. Yeah. I got to say, it’s not any
less scary in the light. Yeah. You actually get to see
more of the detail now. Yeah.
It’s wild. There was not a space
where you could just stop and like, catch your breath. Like, doesn’t this– I think–
– Yes. If that was triggered, right
now, this would come down, there’d be a zombie trying
to eat your shoulder. Awful. And you really play into
people’s legitimate fears. Like, school, the doctor,
like do you ever feel bad? – No.
– No? No that’s what
we’re supposed to do. That’s why you come
here, is to get scared. You sign up for it. You know what you’re
going to get into. OK.
– Right. It’ll be funny. It’ll be around like
Thanksgiving table, and all of a sudden,
a haunt idea hits you. And it’s like.
We gotta go write this down. The turkey pops off the
table and tries to eat them. It’s one of those things. Halloween never stops with us. That’s true.
OK. So if you’re a
good haunted house, you have someone that
usually pees their pants. OK. They poop themselves. They pass out. We don’t want that,
but it happens. – OK.
– Panic attacks. And puke. The five Ps of haunted houses. Good to know. Haven’t experienced
any of those, but we’ve still got
a few more to go. OK. So, this was one of
my favorite spaces. So impressive. Reminds me of the catacombs in
Paris, or the Sedlec Ossuary. Cannot remember the
name in the moment. In an actual
cathedral, in Europe. We got skulls everywhere. How did you come up with this? And how long did it take? BUD STROSS: Well, we
came with the idea of trying to go deeper
and darker in the basement of the schoolhouse. So every skull that you
see is made of plastic. – OK.
– It’s hollow. OK. They’re all screwed in. And then, we had to
plastic the walls. Each one’s hand-painted. So by the end of it, we
were done with skulls. Right. But the product just
turned out be awesome. Well, it paid off
because of this– oh. Hi. How’s it going? The detail here is
absolutely incredible. So in terms of the scares
that happened here, what happens in this space? You’ve got bodies. You’ve got skulls. There’s probably going to
be a sacrifice of some sort. And then there’s a
possession that happens, which is really cool. And I think Molly’s going to
go ahead and show us that. Oh! Boom. Possession. It’s pretty comfortable. I mean, do you want
to give it a try? I would love to give it a try. – Yeah, let’s do this.
– All right. Let me try this.
– All right. Cool. So we’ve got padding down
here to make it pretty comfortable for the
actor because they’re going to be laying all night. And then, back
over here, there’s actually the button that
the actress gets to trigger. – There we go.
– Beautiful. – OK.
– All right. That’s the first step. It is industrial grade. Oh, my pants are falling off.
OK. There we go. My mic pack. I just sat on my mic pack. OK. We’re good We’re good.
Oh! Right? Is this memory foam? Well, this is a haunt. So we’re not that good.
– Got it. – All right.
– Like that? And then, you’ll put
your legs out straight. – OK.
– Perfect. It kind of fits your
body shape and your butt. Yes.
It does. Right?
Form fitted. It’s tailored for me.
OK. There we go. All right. Whenever you feel like
you’re ready to be possessed, and the aggressor is going to
come in, it’s all up to you. Got it. Up, up, and away. Oh, f– OK. All right.
You’re good. – Wow.
– See? OK.
Yeah. That’s cool. Nothing under.
Good. No?
OK. And how do I get down? It just slowly takes you down. Wow. That’s so cool. Right? You know, I scared myself. That was incredible. – I’m terrified.
– OK. That was so fun. Do you have anything
else I can play with? Yeah.
I’ve got some ideas. – OK.
– All right. Let’s go.
– Let’s go. [groovy music] So we build these
scares into the walls just so they’re camouflaged. So an actor can easily
come inside here. [terror screams] And all they have to do is
drop this little lever here, and it drops the door for them. Right. You want to try it out? I would love to. Ha! You want fries with that? Hello. So I’ve got some big things
that you can test out here. OK. Oh, my god. It is a gigantic rat puppet. Yes. And it’s terrifying. So it’s actually being suspended
and the actor behind there can push it out, and it
can come all the way out and start eating our victims. You get two triggers, one’s
the mouth, and one’s the audio. And then, all you
have to do is walk it out and start firing
those triggers, and make him come to life.
– All right. Like I’m steering a spaceship. It is. [rat squeals] Woo. OK. Oh. sorry. [rat squeals] Oh, that’s so fun. All right. What else you got? Let’s go to another one. Let’s go. OK. Thank you. Ho, ho, ho, ho, look at this. It’s the big one. Yes. Ready to drive it? Ready! [grunting] That’s terrifying! If that came at me– all five Ps. It is all made of foam, too. So fun! Hey, this was awful
in the best way. Had so much fun. Cannot wait to bring
my friends here. Heck, yeah. Thank you so much
for having me, Bud. Hey, we look forward
to seeing you again. Ha! [maniacal laugh] Can’t get enough
“Behind The Screams?” Stay tuned for more videos,
where I take you to more of America’s scariest haunts. [orchestra music]

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  1. Don't be fooled by this haunt. It is over priced and very short not worth time or money. Not scary at all nothing unique at all at this place.

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