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Indian Street Food & Warm Welcome in Chennai: Female Solo Travel

Indian Street Food & Warm Welcome in Chennai: Female Solo Travel

All right, so I’ve always loved Indian food since I can remember But Indian food like North Indian food was just a lot of what I used to have back in the u.s. It’s very different than South Indian food, so I’m here in Chennai and South India So I think it’s time we have a look at some of the food. That’s around here. There’s a lot There’s a lot so uh huh, let’s get right into it see what we can find I was just walking by and these guys are making food on the street, not on street, the restaurant side of the road I want to take a look Now what is the milk is for chai for Chai, okay? Yeah I love it I don’t, I have an allergy I can’t No chai for me. No I can’t I have out how about black tea? Can I have a black tea? they also have vadas which are like fried patty Okay, so all of these vada patties are now frying in the oil behind It looks like there’s a spot here where after the finish she’s gonna Leave the oil to drip out a little bit, and I guess we smashed down Can you tell how lively and fun this is Like I was just walking by and I saw the guys and they look so friendly and nice and I stopped by to check out the street food And now they’re making everything which looks phenomenal in this such like a fun at the environment Love South India love Chennai, and I love how friendly everyone is here. I don’t know. I’m having a really good time Yeah, oh my god, oh my god, so this used to be my weekend these are poori? Puri Pooris My god. They look, so good. I eat these all the time when I lived in, New Jersey There’s a lot of South Indian places, but oh my god I’m now gluten free so kind of allergic, but like it might be worth the pain Amazing by the way you can see all the guys here, I like Checking out this video that I’m making right now, but I have to show you guys what it’s like and you get like Okay The it comes with the potato masala And then you eat it with the pooris and that’s called Puri Baji? Or puri subji? Subji Potatoes subji Alright, I’m getting a lesson today All right, let’s take a look at some of this food over here Okay, there’s a lot of food here that I couldn’t identify first, so this is Pongal made with rice this one is Okay, this one is the potato Potato, rice dish, sambhar? This is my favorite one sambar it’s so good. It’s like dal. It’s a lentil soup, and then this one is Okay, kitchari So when I say kitcharee in the u.s. That was kind of like a rice mixture this looks like maybe it has to put some wheat like semolina I don’t know everything looks really delicious All right, so I’m having such a good time talking to the guys about the Indian food and Just to show you more of the neighborhood there’s also a place across the street that has doors and things like this I’m going to show you a bit of what’s going on here They referred me over here so here. They have flowers that are for sale Beautiful what all for the temple for you, okay? So this is how it works I guess you get the flowers And then you go inside because at first I wasn’t sure what the flowers are for but this makes more sense now I Really, love how beautiful all the women are here and like the clothes looks so pretty and colorful anyway. I love it all Can I? They’re telling me I can come in Thought I was just coming for food, and I am a part of us ceremony – it’s a beautiful is today a special day here? Yes it’s special. Yeah. Yeah, today’s Good guys know That is also. He says special. He’s going and shattered the door and Mixed with them Jyoti. Jyoti means you know that this one. Yeah, okay, that is the true? So he saved her, yeah? Thanks. I came at a perfect time Ok so it looks like the ladies are just a bout finished with the decorating With the flowers and beads. It’s all so pretty and colorful Just like one would expect in India 90. 90. 90 years. Wow. So they’re celebrating a birthday. He’s 90 years old and looking amazing You guys Thank you, thank you, I’m so in shock right now because I met these ladies Just a little bit earlier, and they invited me back to their home The one woman invited back to her home for some tea And I accepted and we’re just sitting and chatting and having a nice time And then she gave me a sari. Oh my god here I’ll show to you when I get to my hostel but she gifted me with a sari Which really took me so much by surprise. And I want to say something about like how I like to travel and what I do and all this stuff Oh you see I even ended up with this I’m hanging out with them, but I really like to travel with no agenda like earlier today I was thinking maybe I would walk to the beach but I really just wanted to go with the flow and sort of see where the day would take me without having some agenda and It led to me just kind of stopping and talking to people Hanging out in the temple. You know and then like meeting people and then having a very local experience And this is kind of how I like to travel like sometimes people ask me what I do, or where I go And I never really have a good answer but it’s because I not really super into sightseeing Occasionally, I’ll do it, but I like to just kind of see what local life is like and Today is a perfect example of that and today I just feel so humbled and so I feel so much gratitude, and I feel so welcomed and I Don’t know it’s really special. It’s really kind, and I just met these women at the temple And they took me into their homes literally gave me snacks which I still have a little bit fed me sweets and tea and gave me a sari and It’s just so wonderful, and I love India I love South India. I’m here in Chennai and I’m really happy. This is what it’s like by the way traveling I think sometimes people think that the world is so scary and people ask me Oh, you’re a female solo traveling in India. Are you afraid to travel alone? And here’s the thing like as this shows. There are so many amazing wonderful people in the world And it’s a myth that the world is so so dangerous Because the truth is is that the world is filled with kind people who are all just trying to do their best trying to live a good life and Be welcoming Anyway, I’m like babbling on Because I just I don’t know I feel so Grateful, it’s like a testament sort of a Human kind right like how we can meet strangers and have a different language although she spoke Pretty fluent English you know But like we can have Cultural differences and still be here together and respect each other and care about each other and look out for each other That is the truth of female solo travel and that is the truth of what it’s like in Kind of speechless think I’m finished for now

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  1. tamil nadu is a pretty good place and it has an amazing history.
    south india was moslty not ruled by mughals (ancient muslims) unlike north
    you will notice they have different culture.
    the women in south india are empowered very well they have good jobs, and excellent educational qualifications just like men.
    but the difference in north and south induan culture makes foreigners confuse bc they have moztly seen north india on tv and rarely south india😂
    btw, visist pondicherry (a city near tamil nadu. It was ruled by the french in the past and is now a french-indian culture mix).
    any plans of visitng kerela though?

  2. you are brave to eat street food. every travel article i read about India warns not to eat street food, so I don't. I still got sick on 2 trips to india and I know exactly what it was! last trip, I refused any cooked food in a glass case and did nt get sick. Lucky you!
    you look so happy! you are glowing

  3. I love this video! So much fun and I love seeing all the funny cameo appearances 🙂 What a beautiful experience.

  4. You got very emotional. It is custom that if a lady comes to home while she is leaving the house for the first time they won't send the lady empty hand so they provided you the sari.

  5. They gave you a sari. Its called Bidai ( parting gift / see off gift) in North India and the practice is common throughout India. It is generally given to 1st time arrival of a special female guest into your house. It is especially given to daughters who arrive 1st time after marriage. It is also given to daughters' new relatives ( sister – in laws, their children etc). No fixed rule though.

  6. Just found your channel. You seem like such a fun person. I'm loving your india vlogs. They are giving me the courage to head there solo! Subscribed!

  7. Never been to South.. haven't returned back to India in 20 year's 😂 Interesting Video's.. My wife is from S Bronx..She's Puerto Rican and I'll take her to India someday..

  8. nice video again. Cheers! from Mumbai 😆 I just discovered your chanel today and have watched 6 videos so far.

  9. hey dear…my friend suggested me ur channel n am so happy tat i watched this tday…am frm south india n glad to invite u again…do let me know when u visit here next time…well have good time,..>!!!

  10. Surreal to hear my mother tongue Tamil… check out Harvard s Tamil Chair to know more about one of the world's oldest languages !

  11. Do you know that Ramalinga Swamigal, the saint and mystic the ladies were worshiping, forbade anyone who ate meat to enter his temple while he was still alive? Those ladies must have sensed/smelled that you are a vegan. Ramalinga said that non-violence is crucial to spiritual enlightenment. If people don't even bother to follow the first step of the practice, why bother. Story goes that he didn't die (although he was born in 1823). He locked himself in a small room for a long time, and when his disciples forced it open later, there was nobody inside. He turned himself into light, according to his disciples, because they described seeing strange light in the sky at some point.

  12. Are you going to be in India around Memorial Day? It will be my first time there and I would love to meet you 🙂

  13. You were treated well because you are a gracious and cultured woman! I LOVE India, Chennai in particular. I take travelers to India every February and our first stop for a week is Chennai! Love the cultures, the different foods and Saravana Stores!! I wear salwar suits here in the States that I have made in Chennai! Continued success to you as you travel, educate and inspire us all!

  14. Indians please give the same greetings and safety to all the tourists coming to our land. I'm happy that this sister had good heart warming experience in Chennai.

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