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Imperial Palace and Tokyo Tower | Japan travel guide (vlog 2)

Imperial Palace and Tokyo Tower | Japan travel guide (vlog 2)

Do you know what Tokyo means in Japanese? No ‘To’ means ‘east’ and ‘Kyo’ means ‘capital’ Yes So, To-kyo Eastern capital Yeah What’s western? Well, it was Kyoto The previous capital Yeah, I was just checking Ok I knew that Yeah, yeah, yeah Konnichiwa (hello) Tokyo, Japan Tokyo is a metropolis with the
biggest population in the entire world 38 million people live here in the Greater Tokyo area And yet this is also one of the cleanest, safest, quietest and most well-organized cities on the planet When you walk on the streets, yes, you
see a lot of people, especially at rush hour But nothing is chaotic here, everything works perfectly In this series of videos I’m
going to show you what are the main things to do here in Tokyo and what makes Tokyo so unique Raspberry and yogurt Yeah That’s interesting I don’t know if I should drink like this or
if I should mix, but it’s so delicious If you’re new here in this channel, welcome! I’m Renata And because I’m a journalist, I like to share
information in my travel videos So stick around if you want to learn the little things
behind each attraction And overall details to help you plan your own trips If you find this and my other videos useful I really appreciate if you can give me a like and share my videos with your friends I love to start a visit to a new city by going directly
to some of the main attractions So in this video, I’m going to show you the
Tokyo Tower and the Imperial Palace It’s already right here There’s this moat here separating the palace This was used as a defense layer when the palace was a castle All this here is only the East Gardens of
the Imperial Palace It doesn’t even include the Imperial Palace itself We’re right here at the Ōte-mon gate Look at what a contrasting scene! You
have all the high-rises here And the Imperial Palace right here Arigato (thank you) Entrance here is totally free and
the way they know how many people are in and if everyone really left is by
giving this ticket here It’s an admission ticket that you
just need to return on the way out The Imperial Palace was built on the
site of a former castle It’s called Edo Castle I briefly mentioned this castle before Remember this word Edo as you’ll probably
hear and see it a lot here in Tokyo This is how Tokyo was called until 1868 The castle doesn’t exist anymore but
you can still see a little bit of the structure that existed at the time
like the walls, the gates The Imperial Palace has been the primary
residence of the Emperor of Japan since 1868 Before that, Tokyo was not the capital, it was Kyoto And that also explains the
name change from Edo to Tokyo They needed a name to properly
represent the new capital Do you know what Tokyo means in Japanese? No ‘To’ means ‘east’ and ‘kyo’ means ‘capital’ Yes, what’s western? Well, it was Kyoto, the previous capital Yeah, I was just checking Ok I knew that That’s the viewpoint where we were Edo castle had lots of towers like this This is one of the few that remain if not the only one And interesting enough the name in
Japanese when you translate means Fuji viewing tower Because centuries ago it was possible
to see Mt. Fuji from here Today you can’t anymore with all the high-rises in front Oh, look at how this garden looks here From early to mid-June, mid-April to early May And late November to early December And look at it now, it’s just green – December?
– Yeah We’re here at the wrong time No, any time of year is good Now, you may have heard about the Imperial Palace But you may not know that you cannot go
inside the palace itself That’s because the Emperor still lives there There is a free guided tour of the palace But you must apply the month before your trip To make sure you’re accepted and
that you secure your spot In our case, there was no time, as we decided
coming to Japan just a few weeks ago But I also read reviews of people that went to this tour And they said that you don’t see much If you’ve ever done this tour
let me know in the comments because now I’m curious When you simply arrive for a visit this is what you see, the East Gardens Which is actually very, very beautiful, but it’s
better if you download their app to understand what you’re saying otherwise
you just walk without really knowing what everything means Their app is totally free, it tracks you, when you arrive at certain spots, a window pops up
to show what you’re seeing Here, for example, I’m at number 30, this is Suwa-no-cha-ya. There’s an audio guide You can hear or you click to read the text Very useful Arigatōgozaimashita (thank you very much) Wow, look at this The Japanese just leave their bikes like this Without locking Right in the middle of the street, plain Tokyo The stations, they have names and numbers So as you see numbers increasing or decreasing you know in which direction to go Very smart Us, for example, we got to go until C8
to change lines so we know it’s here From one main attraction to the next Look at that We are about to visit one of the main
landmarks in Tokyo Look at that The Tokyo Tower Totally inspired by the Eiffel Tower in Paris The difference that this one here is actually a TV tower Main observation deck right here Top deck all the way over there There are two levels you can visit here The main level and the top deck We got our tickets in advance using a service
called Klook that a friend told me about it She gave me a referral code and I had
five dollars off, which was great I was eager to try it And it was so good because when we got here We didn’t even need to go to the line There’s a separate office where you go to get you ticket You pass in front of everyone And there’s no line over there So I’m passing it on I’m also leaving this code in the description in case you want to do the same thing You can use it if you want to come here or to several other attractions in
Tokyo or different cities You get five dollars off, me too And you help me keep producing travel videos That’s where you need to go, Tour Office You don’t even go there Arigato Where’s Mount Fuji? Let’s go see it? Mount Fuji is there somewhere Today, despite being sunny, it’s kind of foggy so Too bad Look, it’s over there You lie It is there, we just can’t see Here we are 150 meters high And you have a 360 view of Tokyo When the Tokyo Tower was built in 1958 It was the tallest tower in the world It actually took the title from the Eiffel Tower Today when you look around so many buildings Much taller than this one Including the Sky Tree over there That’s the tallest structure in the entire Japan Probably now the tallest tower in the world We’re going there too What? You can stamp your ticket? I will What good is this? Give me back How cool! I think you were supposed to stamp a notebook or a souvenir book You can stamp anything You’re such a kid stamping your ticket Tokyo Tower still holds a record It’s the world’s tallest self-supporting steel tower It might be a good idea to come here at night too I’m seeing some projectors here There are some lights So there might be something here You stopped right there? Yes What’s wrong? Gordon, come here Come here Join me here No – Join me here
– No No? You’re afraid… This is so cute It’s like Christmas Tokyo Tower Look at the water bottles, how creative! I love it Every five years this tower is repainted And it takes an entire year to paint the full tower Look at how narrow these buildings are here Space is very expensive here in Tokyo, so instead of
expanding on the sides they build-up Tokyo is relatively easy to understand
if you look at this map here You see all the main tourist areas are kind of like in a
circle with the Imperial Palace in the middle Right here So in the next few videos
we’re visiting all these areas And this should give you a pretty good idea of what to do and how to enjoy this mega megacity In the meantime, why don’t you watch
another video here on this channel? I’m Renata, I’m a journalist And here I share my trips around the world Come along You’re not appearing Gordon is behind the camera You’re not appearing If you want….come here, come here You just want to kiss me? What face is this? Because you don’t believe what I’m saying? Much, much taller Is it wrong? No So? I need some time on the camera myself When the Tokyo Tower… What’s so funny? Nothing Me, I get it. It’s me When the To… When the Tokyo Tower It should be red! Why is it orange? The tower is orange It should be red – No, it’s red
– No, it’s orange – No, it’s red – Orange It’s orange, baby International orange color It’s very interesting they had a lot of walls like this, internal walls, multiple layers of defense Very smart Yeah That’s it? It’s so funny when it gets too
hot you start not thinking properly And you become just yes or no, yes or no What do you want me to say? They’re big walls That they’re smart people Yeah

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