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Illinois Bill Would Ban State Employees From Traveling to Pro-Life States

Illinois Bill Would Ban State Employees From Traveling to Pro-Life States

this is Cristian Gomez with the new
American magazine and today we have with us on the program again Heather Hobbs
pro-life speaker with Saved The 1 welcome back Heather we’re glad to have
you on the program hi Christian thanks for having me okay so it looks like that
in Illinois as state representative named Daniel dduk a Democrat who
represents Illinois’s 59th district which is located in the heart of
Chicago’s metro area has filed legislation that would bar state
employees board members and agents from traveling on state funds to other states
that have passed pro-life legislation now this Democrat lawmaker dduk says
that these laws that these pro-life laws are very dangerous what’s your take on
this proposed law in Illinois well as you know Christian and my friends over
at the numeron magazine I was in Georgia earlier this year
testifying for the controversial heartbeat bill HB 481 which originally
was a no exceptions bill which is why st. the one had a presence there and
because of Georgia I think that’s probably been the the biggest news story
in relation to pro-life slowly because Alyssa Milano had a lot of I guess she
had a lot of things to say about it many and in Holly were threatening to boycott
the state of Georgia yes absolutely and I’m I’m thinking that that’s where this
you know next media hype that’s what I like to call it I feel like these laws
that they present they don’t care they don’t think it’s actually dangerous
they’re playing off the fact that there’s this controversy in Georgia and
they want to get their self in the news and so absolutely not no pro-life laws
they’re not dangerous and what what travel do they have in mind that would
be dangerous for a woman you know is it the fact that she’s already pregnant
does that mean that she’s she can’t have her abortion in their state before she
leaves like I don’t understand what they’re saying these dangers here and
I’ve presented it to a few of my pro-life
obqi friends like dr. bill Lyle and/or dr. William Lyle you can look him up on
pro-life dot he has said there’s no situation in which this legislation
would be imminent or necessary I think that the Democratic lawmaker is afraid
of legitimizing these sort of pro-life laws but in an era when Democrats
especially as the presidential election is heating up are talking about uniting
the country do you see this legislation is one that unites the country or does
this just bring more division to the political scene and as well as on this
important pro-life issue absolutely not this is not incite unity at all this is
just adding on the controversy that is already in the media it’s like they’ve
taken this this issue and they’re making this one of the main topics for the
Democratic presidential campaign right now right we want free abortions on
demand full term no limitations we’re not going to apologize for it and and
it’s a highlighted thing for them right now so anybody who can get their two
cents in on how they’re the most pro-choice or pro-life eel-like that’s
what this is all about this isn’t it all about unity and in fact it’s causing
even more contention however my my thought it is just like President Donald
Trump right now has been saying they are giving him more voters by trying to
impeach him and pausing you know more contention and attacking him I think the
same is said to be true about these pro-life states they are going to help
this cause even further because there are people who are you know they
identify as a Democrat but they’re not as Extreme as what is being presented on
the Democratic side in relation to these laws and so I believe that they’re going
to be pushing more people who are you know I would say they call themselves
pro-choice but they limit themselves at maybe 14 weeks or 20 weeks whatever it
is and for them these types of things are way too
bar and they are recognizing that this is causing more contention more fighting
in the streets more more death more controversy and this is they see this is
not a Unitarian effort this isn’t to bring people together and I you know
like I said I’m I see that it it’s terrible because they’re adding more
contention but I also believe that it’s helping people finally see what’s been
happening for many years on that side so you think legislation like this one
proposed by this Democrat is actually gonna push more people including
democrats away from sort of the radical pro-choice pro-abortion position we’ve
seen four come from the party especially this year as they’ve resisted any and
all attempts to try to protect unborn human life even in the most sensible
situations i absolutely believe that’s what’s gonna happen because they’re not
leaving any middle ground for their sort of moderate democrats or even even maybe
the typical democrat that is more or less leaning there they’re essentially
saying if you don’t agree with absolutely everything
then you’re not a democrat we don’t want you and they’re they’re leaving these
people in the middle feeling like they don’t have a side so where are they
gonna go they’re gonna come over to our side
now i’m not sure if you saw in the news earlier this year and a few months ago
there is an article that i read talking about how there are democratic leaders
who are pro-life like in louisiana we have there’s a pro-life democrat and i
can’t recall his name right now but there is a democratic leadership and my
friends at new way feminist a pro-life democrat i know through as well as
pro-life san francisco and pro-life democrats they were just in houston a
couple of weeks ago the man being a pro-life democrat run for president
however right now they know that it’s essentially too late and what i’ve been
seeing and it was in the news earlier this year is the democratic party is
trying to get rid of any pro-life democrat
so I’m trying to get them out of office and 2-meters purging all pro-life
thought within the party exactly so there are you know I would say a good
couple of dozen pro-life democrats that my friends who are pro-life democrats
have brought to me and my attention and they’ve said you know we don’t want
these democrats we don’t want them in our party they are an abomination
they’re not through democrats whatever their verbiage is and so again the left
is they’re seeing this that they are picking these people out that they’re
trying to get rid of their jobs and you’re now leaving democrats that have a
substantial boat without a voice they’re not feeling heard and so they’re going
to end up voting for the other side because their moral conscience can’t
agree with aborting a thirty eight thirty eight week baby is there any
final thoughts you’d like to mention on this issue before we end the program
absolutely if i believe that there are a good number of people out there who do
want to bring unity that are on both sides of the spectrum and plenty of
in-between and so for those who do want to work on unity get involved contact
your local Pregnancy Resource Center you can reach out to me on either hospital X
speaker and Facebook or our organization save the one we have pages where we are
working with pro-life democrats right now we are making an effort to give a
voice to democrats who are pro-life or who are not in support of the full term
abortion pact they are funded which is another big issue I’m finding Democrats
they that do support abortion they don’t want to pay for it because they don’t
see it as health care so we are willing and able and wanting to help give a
voice to these people and if the Democrats don’t want them we we
definitely want to help well okay Heather Hobbs the voice for
the voiceless thank you very much for being on the program with us and that
like she said those of you watching be sure to go to save the one dot org and
also on Heather Hobbs a Facebook page to learn more and
information and to see how you can get involved in this issue as well also be
sure to follow us the new American that is on our YouTube channel Twitter and
Facebook and also on the new American dot-com Thank You Heather again for
joining us on the program take care Christian

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  1. Hmmm…reminds me of East and West Berlin. Post WWII people went back and forth every day to work, shop, school, visit family. Then BOOM!…the door slammed shut.

  2. Violates Commerce Clause of U.S. Constitution.
    Oops Law makers have no clue and don't care about Constitution & its Amendments.

  3. DISCRIMINATION from the left, your'e kidding right? Who would have seen this coming?
    They are trying to divide and conquer us. I say we We rid ourselves of They!
    You know who THEY are!

  4. Reminds me of the 1981/82 Morton Grove, Illinois (ban) versus Kennesaw, Georgia (mandatory ownership!) gun battle. lol

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