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Essay Let’s look at today’s topic
International tourism has become a huge industry in the world.
Are the problems that international travelers cause
greater than the advantages they bring? Give reasons, include examples from your own
knowledge or experience In this question, it is implied that travelers
bring both good & bad things. The key point is you have to decide if the
benefits outweigh the problems First, let’s talk about the problems.
Well, we have to face the fact that some travelers may exhibit undesirable
behaviors such as talking loud, arguing, bargaining
and dropping litter. It could be because these visitors are inconsiderate
or they don’t fully understand the local customs.
These unacceptable acts of this minority seem to leave a negative impression on the locals.
And believe it or not: International visitors are like the advertisement
for their own country. People tend to form an opinion about a country
based on what they see from the travelers. So travelers, please be nice. However, the good news is that
the advantages that international tourism brings are far greater than the problems.
First, it provides employment for local people. Thanks to tourism,
more and more people are hired in restaurants, hotels and travel agencies.
Second, the locals can now have access and enjoy the comfort of modern facilities
like communication and transportation The best of all is education.
International visitors who are successful & creative business people
bring innovative ideas to the host country. With their cooperation, the host country is
able to develop and operate business more effectively.
In addition, through the social exchange with foreign travelers,
the locals are showed what life is like in another land.
They are able to see things from different perspective,
more open-minded and understanding Now, one more time,
take a look at the problems and benefits that international tourism brings
Poor behaviors lead to the bad impressions and may be the tensions btw the locals & the
tourists On the other hands,
greater employment opportunities, access to modern facilities and education
are offered So, the question again:
“Are the probs that international travelers cause
greater than the advantages they bring? Obviously, the benefits are far greater

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