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I took a 17 HOUR road trip *across the country* ALONE…

I took a  17 HOUR road trip  *across the country* ALONE…

I'm getting stressed out see you sorry you're not gonna let me over either you're all I ever iving across the country today by myself and I've never driven more than three or four hours you might be wondering why I'm driving across the country where the Frick frack am I going and what am what am I thinking doing this by myself well one of my best friends in the entire world her name is Hayley and she lives in North Carolina and I live in Wisconsin and they're a hike and a half apart I thought it would be more fun and more of an experience to drive there rather than get on a flight and fly there yeah I think it's like 17 hours of driving decided to split this half knee trip up into two days though I don't like die of tiredness today I'm going to be driving to a town in Indiana where my aunt lives if I complete this task which the only way I wouldn't complete this task is if I die though I hope I complete this I'm gonna go say goodbye to my mom and then we're gonna get on the road you guys are gonna be there for every stop for every car accident for every mental breakdown we are at the gas station like a gas soon babe secured the gas I'm gonna keep track of all my gas receipts because I mean tax rate on tomorrow but it was that I know I'm not excited about going back yes and I get to meet Stephen yeah you do with me to do I get back these Stephens but it's still got to be very nervous about you driving by yourself but I'm glad that you're making it a two-day trip don't okay cats and flour oh okay maybe I'll run over there this afternoon bye doubt it probably tomorrow that's it I'm leaving this is something I've done everything I can do to stall leaving so it's just trying to leave I'm on the road again and I just can't wait to get on the road again yeah I'm going on a trip and my little Ford Focus please give me your read complete this is the worst thing you've ever seen I am freakin GoPro under profession let's get a water we should make those more accessible but it's totally fine so I've officially left this is me I think I'm in denial I'm like trying to convince myself that this is gonna be easy but I just have this strong feeling that I'm gonna get like three or four hours in and absolutely regret my choice and my decision but it will be too late by that Britt is going to have high hopes and this gravel road is so loud so I'm sorry if you have absolutely no idea what I'm saying but let's just sing some song two changes what you need you can change right next to me go they don't know we so I've decided to stop and get coffee haven't had coffee in a very long time so there is a really good chance it's going to make me shit could I have a small frozen coffee caramel please I know thank you I got it I got it I got it everything's fine everything's fine yes this evening here here's a guy looking at me like you're fucking idiot I feel so dumb right now but the coffee is good it was made with love it was yeah I was teaching a picture of you but I just was like ooh coffee sounds like good like it will give me some energy and I've come alive again but now I was what if I like what if I like just ruined underneath my car and I had to drive to North Carolina a few moments later it's 12:15 I'm approximately 340 miles away from my house I'm here for my update classic you guys saw was me going there Duncan I think mom if you're watching this but you are watching this hi mom I want to explain what happened to Duncan you guys heard it but I don't think he like I just I just need to explain I was like taken aback by the fact that the drive-thru worker knew who I was hello I love you I get so awkward when I meet you guys so I'm really sorry I was like so weird it's weird when people know who you are I don't know how to explain I think I was just like my brain was like just like doing something not working he's doing something when I was leaving look the drive-through lane that is here and then there's like a little race like a curb kind of that like runs along the side of the drive-through and it's probably like this wine or so I wasn't paying attention and I drove up on to the curb and then instead of just getting off of it my brain and decided it would be a good idea to stay on the curb and just scrape the entire bottom open and throughout the entire bottom of my heart God knows how long my logic was that I just had to end eventually at some point there were had to be no perfect and the guy that was he was like cleaning his windshield at the gas pumps was blinking at me and I'm like another one no like realize yeah that's my update my word it's Wisconsin in from portage I buy like the Wisconsin Dells area right now I'm gonna stop and get eventually it's already I said only one I have not eaten today I did enjoy my coffee or most of it rock me if I'm wrong but right now I'm passing a present and I'm pretty sure it's the present that Jeffrey Dahmer was in he might have died in this prison but we don't dance I think he got like shanks or something I'm like two hours in and it's just not gonna be fun one minor accident not that bad could have been worse about five and a half hours left today of driving today is last Drive event tomorrow I just tried to convince myself that I'm not there is not scared when I did when I'm fucking terrified bustling to death boxes which is interesting I haven't seen about that box I think I know I don't know guys one utility later it's 2 o'clock I am starting to have like feeling a sensation so I might have to stop soon so I'm officially in Illinois Illinois whatever hello Illinois it is all right time to bring honestly I really most stressful part of the drive today is coming up in about an hour which is going via Chicago because obviously parking lot live in Chicago getting stuck in traffic but if it happens it happens we'll have some traffic talk and I'll try not to get in a car accident I was just going through construction like our of my driving that she's been construction bring my spirits started like here high stuff I'm pretty good out that you've been driving for that long for like three hours the Treblemakers not too bad you play game but it's kind of hard to play like I spy by yourself have you guys travel by yourselves before how'd it go was it scary and do naked belvedere oasis is coming up that's what I need okay buddy get on your fucking side of the road you're gonna kill me commentating my life choices see you I'm really new to the beat I want you to know that I just went to the wrong side of my car twice by guessing I was in such a hurry to gas that I pulled up to the wrong side of the gas pump twice and put my card in and did everything to then realize that I'm literally I can't people were looking at me like I'm sure whoever was inside was like who is this idiot exposed my passenger seat is full of food wrappers from Subway and empty water bottles and cups I don't even care we're officially in the traffic of Chicago I probably say I'm going on average like two miles an hour super hyped about it I only have to be on this road for another two miles so might be here for an hour who knows in two miles take exit 59 to I to 94 south in Tal way towards Indiana I feel like this video is just gonna be me in a car complaining oh here we go coming to a complete stop Jesus Christ I'm in the worst Lane possible I'm going look at me little small-town girl driving in big town traffic I got this definitely do not have cruise control on right now someone will let me in or I will literally kill them I'm nice I let people in Jesus I'm getting stressed out you know see you sorry you're not gonna let me over either you're also gonna be a you have to let people and you done are you kidding like I don't have a choice I need to get over here see Barbie like what do you expect me to do a move if this truck does not let me in to this mother I have to go over I don't have an actual choice I need to go in I'm so stressed out right now there was action to Mercedes who thought that she was all that and a bag of chips because her car's better than my flirt focus I got shit don't look at me like you're some top shit all those other lanes are moving so much faster than me then I worked my ass off to get into this Lane I am NOT I gate that you have places to be in people to see but sometimes you have to let people in not just how it works I'm just trying to get to Indiana please worry I use the right lane to take exit 59 – i – 94 south in tal way towards indiana going to be driving in rush hour traffic which is what i didn't want to be driving through this area but i did not plan it out properly and my fat stop to get a fat sandwich when I could have just starved for a little bit longer and not been going through rush-hour traffic my map says that I'll appear it's turning red which means we're gonna frickin stop me up here come the brakes I'm having heart palpitations now sylvania it's a llama I I'm fuckin losing my mind I swear to God I heard a cat do someone's break sound like a cat or you guys run over one because it's one of the above so I'm gonna stop and get gas as quickly as I possibly can deep left onto Tree State alright I'm on the road again and I just can't wait to get on the road again I keep doing updates but I don't know what else to do so it's a 536 I'm pretty sure the time zone is gonna change pretty quickly here but I'm not sure all I know is I have an hour and 37 minutes 88 miles and I'm pretty sure I somehow got put on the back roads really really pretty where I'm driving right now my GoPro died I could tell it's warmer here and everything kid like cultivate and throw blue fat earlier maybe because everything is much greener here than it is in Wisconsin things are still like just starting to turn green down syndrome here it's like did you hear that you continue on to a state road to be bright to merge onto US 28 towards mission Walker I don't even know I'll see you guys later look at this McDonald's I don't know if you can see it because I have to look forward and so I just put my earring earring is in my boob just went and put some deodorant on the back because I smell so bad it's the last couple hours I have just felt something like poking me in the butt I haven't liked if it stopped to check and see what it was and I've been sitting on my tweezers for hours I know quick little stop nothing extreme nothing major just needed time to the bladder and it was a success so we are 2.5 miles from my on top the journey took about eight eight hours a little more than that really over it yeah I mean it's our journey today is basically over unless I get killed the next two miles we have a reminder destination I didn't die the my in the party – yes cars in park seatbelts off backing up the seat aloo but oops turned on my windshield wipers I was an accident is that fucking necessary okay that's it for today chief we made it

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  1. So the editing in this may not be the best but I hope you still enjoyed it somehow. I am still struggling, a lot. But I’m trying to get better, and I can’t thank you enough for all the support you have given me through all of this. I love you so much.

  2. hahahahah “mishawhata” yep I was wondering what road you were on and then it st rd 2 and I knew! hello you drove through my town! 👀

  3. My dad didn’t see my sister-in-Laws car in the driveway one night (because it was pitch black and her car is black black) and proceeded to hit her car then continue to back out, denting and scraping over half of her driver side of her mustang… needless to say he was pissed and she was chill. Love her😂😂 Even old people make mistakes, don’t fret

  4. Im about to go live in Tennessee and i am from Michigan and imma be driving 8 hours alone in a uhaul truck sooooo.. i hope it goes good.

  5. I love watching your videos because i know they will always lighten up my day. Can we just be friends lol

  6. hey Samantha jo lol I would never take a 17 hour drive alone it's scary fr I would take a 10 hour drive only 👑👑👑

  7. I drove from Connecticut to Virginia Beach (13 hours) once because all my friends cancelled on me once. The ocean made it worth it for me 😀

  8. Bro please upload part 2 😂 this video came up in my recommended and I laughed my ass off! You gained a new sub, I love you!!

  9. I have never laughed so hard at a driving video in my life😂😂😂😂 please post the next one

  10. Driving in Chicago is just a whole other kind of experience. You basically have to drive like a maniac just like everyone else. I was so nervous for you lol.

  11. this is so off topic but I feel like every state has that prison with that one serial killer that everyone is/was afraid would escape ??

  12. Hey I’m sorry, sending love from Chicago…we all drive like assholes. It’s nothing personal but if you don’t drive crazy you’ll get in an accident 😂 I LOVED this video, sending so much love and sorry this stressed you out so much. I cried the first time I drove in the city. PS we walk across the street when and where we want so watch out for crazy pedestrians!!

  13. Its so weird to hear a wisconsin accent now that i live in Arizona. But then again its normal to me because im from Minnesota. So comforting but weird at the same time.

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