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I lost my phone in Reykjavik (dumpster diving) 🇮🇸Travel Iceland

I lost my phone in Reykjavik (dumpster diving) 🇮🇸Travel Iceland

rayko me we found lots of food you look like homeless no thanks I love you Icelandic people hey guys what’s up this is Pavel venture so today we’ve got a trip to Reykjavik yeah also I’m check it out follow this vlog it’s gonna be lots of fun like always what do you want it’s true son she’s from Czech Republic [Music] but usually working on or you have like a colleague yes we are always together [Music] after this tunnel was built it costed seven euro to go through then it was paid off and passing proof is for free forever our home okay thank you so much stock fitted nicely thank you bye Oh Oh guys it was crazy big girl oh my god it was funny this guy was like electro you know working taking care for high voltage wires you know and if this car he can get any very nice land you know even there was high snow you know he saw it it was like a tank yeah so there was fun right nice one ha ha ha yeah get in get in come on girl ok guys so we had to get a bus to get to downtown and the funny thing is that you have to pay exactly the price ticket and the driver is not able to give you back you just have a box and you drop the money there thank you so we gave him a little bit more didn’t matter but a good thing was that we could use the same ticket for another bus you know and the ticket cost about four euros yeah this is it nice one here we are in downtown reykjavik also so far it feels like like any other town around the world it’s pretty babylon think you know but though it’s like about 50,000 people living here so it’s still quite small and quite cozy and cute you know so yeah let’s see it was around he’s not even here what are you doing girl oh oh my god we are in the public there are people here on the street no way no no don’t stop it it’s so embarrassing such a disgrace no I tell you you cannot take Google there’s no enough space boy okay and one more instance one more yeah girl that’s it let’s do it yeah it’s definitely a good exercise it’s like Arabic yoga Arabic thing yeah buddy with the hips high five don’t touch him alright guys going [Laughter] look at my boobs yes guys guess what happens when you go around with the woman yeah we have to do lots of shopping [Music] yeah oh good okay girls so show us what did you get oh let’s just do something else and chopping I will kill you let’s go it’s too much in languages we need toilets so we are just behind some building and we found this sports and we just go a little bit for the Philippines and we found lots of food yeah let’s check it out to eat really nice so what did you get tell me tell me oh my god I think this is the probably the best one pancake so this is pretty much my first dose diving and you kind of work your air we got lots of fruits for free that’s cheese yes one for free from the gut nice one from universe let’s get lost because before the police arrested us but you look like homeless now respects and you stink so bad oh my god girl think about yourself now starving works pretty well here in Iceland in Reykjavik air this is how we found a place and there’s much more sports around Reykjavik so if you want to have fun or if you just want to save some money on the food yeah just do it and it was pretty pretty nice one you know we were waiting for the bus inside comfort and once our bus got going we run out to catch it [Music] [Applause] no I don’t think I know these guys are crazy like me let’s go oh what are you from I’m from Czech Republic yeah Liman Instagram now okay sure yes my friend yeah let’s do it here two thousand dollars yes okay and how many people is watching this paper I don’t know they check these guys and they don’t want to tell us where they’re going so we are going anywhere let’s just go anywhere right somebody or at Calais they have a crazy boys but that was insane oh my god they were drifting in the roundabout I couldn’t film it but that was insane these guys love [Applause] little bit yes okay okay hey guys check it out if you’re in the middle of nowhere but it’s awesome we’ve got like 21 you let me just left to porygon is yeah let’s do it okay guys so there was this guy coming could do is the owner of this farm I’m asked him if he can help us and he called his wife and his wife is coming to pick us up and she’s gonna drive us to Bucharest so we are kind of lucky oh my god hey guys this is incredible they really drove us back here oh my god again I have to say this I love you Icelandic people you are awesome I love you so much okay and there was one more thing I have to tell you today I just lost my phone I don’t know where it was big drama today I’m kind of over to it but it was really insane thank you so much for watching me guys and I will see you soon thank you bye bye okay this guy is super peachy did good he said it’s totally up guess what my phone has been found and what happened is that it was the guy that I talked to in a little bar the guy from Ghana black guy from Africa and he actually called him and then then then and I got my phone and I can come and collect it too heavy and I will have it back enough what is loss yes so this is the one well let me just grab me my phone okay tickets okay thank you so much all right there’s my girl okay yeah good luck thank you dr. P just you know which is skinny waist long ski Salam alikoum okay if you don’t know I love you guys [Music]

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  1. Hned jak sem si přečetl titulek ,,Ztratil jsem telefon Reykjavíku´´ tak sem si říkal, že ho určitě někdo najde a vrátí, čož nevím jestli by se v česku stalo.
    Super video!

  2. the kid who picked you up in the bmw is three times champion in motorcross in iceland no kidding he and his friend were drifting

  3. I´m from Iceland and all we ask from tourists is that they respect our country and the fragile nature. Nice video btw 🙂

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