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Hwijae’s favorite Thai Restaurant in GUAM! [Battle Trip/2018.04.29]

Hwijae’s favorite Thai Restaurant in GUAM! [Battle Trip/2018.04.29]

(Good restaurant certified by Hwijae) We’ll be in trouble if we go here. We’ll gain 3kg here. – Thai? / – That looks so good. I’ve been to this restaurant twice. – Because it was so good? / – I love it so much. – Really? / – It’s so delicious. (It’s time to go to dinner where they will fall in love) – Is it Thai food? / – Yes, it’s Thai. Do you want something refreshing? I want something refreshing. – Do you want it? / – Yes. – It’s salty and sweet. / – Give me alcohol. – Why is he acting like this? / – His nose is burnt. I thought he was a Guam drunkard. How could my nose burn like this? This place is really recognized for its Thai food in Guam. Over there. You know the review… 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017. They won awards each year. – Let’s go in. / – Let’s go. I’m looking forward to it. I love places like this. (Many people chose this as their favorite restaurant) Pick one each. What is this? They all look good. – Here… / – How can we only choose one? (That’s impossible) (If we had to choose one) I want this interesting looking one. What? Northern Thailand sausage. Will it be okay for you? Northern Thailand sausage… And spring rolls. I’ll choose the curry. – Which curry? / – Just the standard red curry. – Red curry. / – Okay. Let’s order this first and order more later. No. We have to order this. What is it? Vietnamese fried catfish. Hwijae. – Shouldn’t we order this? / – Don’t eat catfish. – Let’s eat that later. / – Please order it for me. – Let’s eat that later. / – Please order it for me. – Shouldn’t we have some fried rice? / – Okay then. – Let’s eat this first. / – Let’s order fried rice. The curry comes with rice. – Let’s order the fried rice later. / – Okay. – We’re ready to order. / – Sure. Spring roll and Thai sausage… Is this our first order? This is for the first round. And the second round is coming. (Unbelievable) (Countless food to stimulate the appetite) (It’s $69.90 in total) (The first dish is here) (Fried spring rolls, $7.50) (Crispy) She looks the same when she’s scared and hungry. – The face from the Slingshot. / – It’s the same. Same as when she’s angry… (It really is the same) It’s the same. It’s the same when she’s scared and when it’s delicious. It’s so good. I’ll try one too. Want to join me, Sikyung? (Will it suit their taste?) (They both admire it at once) It’s fried well. I can taste a lot of vegetables. – What’s important is… / – It tastes clean. The skin is so thin and crispy. (Satisfied) What is this sauce? It’s Tom yum. Tom yum Goong. Tom yum Goong. (Battle Trip hosts’ favorite, Tom yum Goong) I want to boil up a load of Tom yum Goong and bathe in it. (It’s so refreshing) I want to order a lot of Tom yum Goong and massage my face with it. (Don’t eat it, give it to your skin) (It’s time to eat Tom yum Goong, the best of Thai food) (Shrimp Tom yum Goong, $14.50) It’s good. This restaurant makes really good Tom yum Goong. It’s very sour. (They reenacted the delicious taste of Thailand) For people who enjoy Thai food, they should season it stronger. Seoeon and Seojun will like this. I’ll show you how I eat it. I don’t add the ingredients. I just grab one shrimp. (Cilantro) I eat it like this. (How will it taste with this much cilantro?) (This is it) Are you satisfied? I love it. (Sikyung also tries a bite) (Completely approved) This is my taste. It isn’t bad. The red curry chicken. (Another dish, the red curry) (Chicken red curry, $11) Goodness. It looks more delicious than it looks. It doesn’t look spicy. How is it? Tom yum Goong. (Sook, this is it) We would’ve regretted it if we didn’t order this. Completely different from the curry we usually eat. And it’s different from Indian curry. – It’s not spicy. / – Are you sure? Try it with some rice. It might be difficult for you. – It’s so good. / – So good. It’s the level of spiciness that Koreans love. Try it with rice. I’m dying here. It’s so good. This is a really good kind of spicy. Why are they so fast? The last dish is the white pepper fish. – Okay. / – Wow. (It’s Sikyung’s recommended dish, deep-fried catfish) (Deep-fried catfish with white pepper, $12.50) It smells great already. (How will this unfamiliar dish taste?) Come on. Come on. (Just try it with no doubt) When the meat starts to crumble… This is the best fish I’ve ever tried. Is this catfish? – It’s so tender. / – Look at the meat. (Plump) This is the best fish I’ve ever tried. I’m sure this is one of the top 3 dishes of this restaurant. This isn’t catfish. It’s chicken. – It’s here. / – It’s the Thai sausage. (Here comes a new challenge, Thai sausage) (What does it taste like?) I’ll try this interesting dish, the Thai sausage. – Will it be okay? / – How is it? It’s Northern Thai sausage. Deep-fried squid is just common. And skewers are just average. This isn’t my thing. Gosh, Sikyung. (What’s wrong with her?) I told you to trust me. Just trust me. It’s delicious. It’s great. (This is it) The aftertaste is a very spicy cold blood sausage. It’s more like spicy beef soup. It tastes much like Philippine sausage. This is amazing. This is harmonious. – It’s not too spicy. It’s just good. / – Yeah. Imagine if we didn’t order the Northern Thai sausage. – It’d be too dull. / – It was a must. It’s really good, right? I’m happy. Let me focus on eating now. What? What did you say? (It’s time for them to eat properly) Do we score it now? – I already did at the start. / – How much? – The second I stepped in. / – 5 points? – What about you, Sikyung? / – I think this place is Guam. (There’s no need to explain further) This is Guam. This place is Guam to me. Let’s calculate the expenses for today. The breakfast we had was $64. Slingshot was $25 per person. And the dolphin cruise was $54 per person. ($27 per person for the Thai dinner) (The total is $480 per person including accommodation) I want to try other dishes. (What? Aren’t they done yet?) It’s that good. Order green papaya salad. Order green papaya salad. (And that’s how they began round 2) Hwijae, go and enjoy the shooting range. We’ll start round 2. Come on. (Hwijae actually went to the shooting range) I’m so happy. Fathers exhausted from babysitting. Challenge! (Meanwhile, Sook and Sikyung finished the 2nd round)

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  4. ขอบคุณที่มาเที่ยวเมืองไทยนะคะ 💕💕💕💕

  5. I wondered when I saw the title, if they were going to the place i would recommend and to my surprise they did. I have been there twice and each time I leave there very very satisfied that I did spend money on good food. I will recommend this place as well for anyone seeking to get some good Thai food.

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  10. ไส้อั่วนี้ทีเด็ดกินบ่อยๆพอกับผัดกระเพรา

  11. That place is really good it is one of the best Thai restaurants I've eaten at outside of being in Thailand. I went there when I was stationed there in the U.S. Navy. I so want to go back there the Thai restaurants here in the states pale in comparison to this place.

  12. สังเกตว่าไปไหนๆก็เจอคนเกาหลีในไทยเยอะขึ้นเรื่อยๆ ขอบคุณที่ชอบประเทศไทยค่ะ

  13. Actually there are two types of sausages in Thailand. Northern sausage and North Eastern sausages. Both of them really taste good.

  14. ไปกินอาหารไทยถึงต่างประเทศเลย ดีงาม
    แต่ก็ Thank you for loving Thai food 🙏

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  29. Thai foods is so damn good..It is so satisfying if you try their Som Tam and Tomyam..Double the spiciness,double the joy 😅

  30. ขอบคุณที่ชื่นชมอาหารไทย ลองมาชิมที่ไทยคับ ราคาจะถูกกว่า 4-5 เท่าในระดับร้านเกรดเดียวกันกับที่นี่

  31. I love how they played blackpink AIIYL when the last fish catfish came lol… Lisa is Thai after all lol

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