Adventure Travel Abroad

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  1. You are supper amazing.. You have inspired me to create my own series and it doing well on my YouTube channel.. Thanks

  2. Channels help extend the life of your content and give you a chance to prove your expertise on topics related to your business.”

  3. I feel so bad for creators who make videos about youtube. The amount of ingenuine and spam accounts they deal with is ridiculous. I really appreciate this channel and thank you for creating amazing content.

  4. 1. Stop feeling isolated
    2. Be specific with the title in the thumbnail
    3. Let the thumbnail tell the story of the title
    4. Hook of video should be connected to title and thumbnail (so ppl dont click off)
    5. Solve the problem with your title

  5. I feel like I want Lennon to be my therapist lol!! Good, solid info. Been working on this stuff lately and I’m seeing a big change in watch time.

  6. Thanks Lennon and Tim – lots of good information. It’s been difficult to get the views but working on it!

  7. See my analytics have been growing and I’ve been getting the clicks my subs are growing gradually. I just don’t understand how I can get thousands of views and it doesn’t match with my subscriber count but it’s gradually growing. I’ve tried all that I can to promote my viewers to subscribe

  8. Incredible advice! i definitely need to work on better hooks and trying to retain viewers among other things! Fantastic video!

  9. Very helpful video, I started my channel 7 months ago and I see the progress, because I started creating more interesting videos and making better thumbnails 😎

  10. I checkout out that channel – happiness adventure. there's an enormous amount of good looking videos there – the lack of traffic didn't make sense till I actually watched a few. NO ENERGY, BORING BORING BORING. great info, great story line… no 'happiness' what so ever and that's the name of the channel. I'm betting click rate is decent but the retention rate is horrible as everyone leaves right away and that's why Youtube's AI isn't putting them out. just my 2 cents as initially I liked the look of what I saw but the videos themselves once I started watching them turned me off.

  11. Wow great video it really could be very helpful for my channel because I think that I deserve more subs base on my content

  12. My video views keep going down and I don’t understand why that is and I’m losing subscribers as well

  13. I absolutely love you guys!!! You have inspired me to THRIVE on MY CHANNEL!
    I am currently growing my channel and Can't Wait To See Where My Content, creativity, and your tips take me.GOD BLESS YOU SO MUCH!!!

  14. Great breakdown of this channel. Hope they implement your suggestions & start to grow more!! You've given me more ideas for my own channel!

  15. Changing thumbnails really does help. I thought mine were good turns out they were not. So I changed them & views are going up. I'm not perfect but I'm learning to improve. Thank you for wonderful helpful tips.

  16. Ha ha – I still don't understand my journey man and you want me to understand my viewers journey – nice vid man!

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