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How To Travel Europe on $400 / Month

How To Travel Europe on $400 / Month

and I wanted to show you what it looks
like to travel on an au pair budget exactly and I’ll show you how by taking
you on my trip to Madrid where I visited my little sister and spent less than 200
euros for a four day vacation the first tip I can give you if you’re trying to
travel on an au pair budget make your priority people not place that’s kind of
my mantra in life in general people are more important than the place but in
terms of travelling on a budget it’s super important we have people that we
know who often travel I mean lots of young people travel that’s kind of
becoming more and more of a thing so take advantage of that if there are
other people that you know in Europe go visit them obviously with an invitation, don’t just you know show up at their doorstep that’s exactly why I ended up
taking a trip to Madrid obviously I want to see my little sister she’s the best
but she also had a couch that I could sleep on and I got to appreciate Madrid
for a whole four days tip number two definitely goes along with tip number
one and that is to travel to cheap places Europe is a big place and there
are lots of countries that are super tempting to go to like Denmark or Norway
or the north northern countries if you travel there you will learn like Hanna
and I did the hard way that it is really expensive and we’re talking like ten
American dollars for one cup of coffee so in order to avoid that go to
countries that are cheaper like Eastern Europe Spain is really cheap to travel
to also in Spain something that I love is if you order one alcoholic beverage
depending on the bar you get a whole load of tapas so that’s free food and
it’s cheap drink yes so just keep track of what countries are more affordable to
go to and you can kind of gauge that based on first of all by asking the APOP Community and going on our open forum but also by gauging and looking on
Airbnb and seeing what accommodations are like and seeing if there are hostels
available so yeah travel to cheap places tip number three travel in Europe is
cheap if you have low standards just because I love
traveling and I don’t have that much money I travel very very lately and I travel sometimes I wear the same thing every
day call me gross but it’s completely worth it I really have gotten used to
traveling with a tiny backpack no liquids I always find a way to figure
things out and to be honest at this point under packing and being able to
see the countries that I want is way better than over packing and being held
back by my luggage when I’m traveling I will be the first
to admit that I don’t eat the healthiest in the same breath you can also
sacrifice other things if you don’t want to sacrifice food you don’t have to do
all of the things you don’t have to pay to go to that museum you don’t have to
pay to go on that tour you can invent a walking tour on your own and do research
online and do a walking tour in that way instead of going on a crazy bike tour or
you can go on a free walking tour and not give a tip
oops there’s so many creative ways to see a city for free and to make
sacrifices what are your sacrifices? tell us down below because I probably am one
of the few people that sacrifice food it’s not like the best thing to
sacrifice but that’s what I do tip number five get to enjoy cafes and
bars but moreso cafes I know this sounds kind of like lock yourself up in
a cafe and don’t see the city that’s not what I’m saying at all traveling is
exhausting so it’s nice to have a map and this is
what I do before I visit a city I star out on Google Maps all of the cafes that
are in the city Starbucks, cool hipsters places just so I know that I
have a place where I can seek respite if I need it and in a cafe you only have to
pay you know two euros for an espresso even if it’s gross and you don’t want to
drink it at least you’ve bought time to sit in a place and to enjoy and relax
from your busy busy travel experience if you’re traveling on an au-pair budget
the one and only option to travel abroad is to find cheap flights cheap buses and
cheap BlaBlaCars and don’t think of it as a negative experience buses and
stuff are great because you get to travel all across Europe across the
country for like 15 bucks sometimes even less than that with Megabus and Flixbus and Ouibus in my opinion they’re kind of all similar but they’re great so
really take advantage of that especially because we’re young our standards are
not that high so if we have to take a night bus once in a while it’s all good the last tip that I have for you if
you’re trying to travel on an au pair budget is to pick your weekends
carefully and try to be flexible this is really hard on an au pair schedule but in
France if you’re an au pair in France for example every six weeks you have a
two week holiday break buy your tickets for that holiday break in advance well
in advance and try to be flexible about your dates prices surge up during that
time so if you can convince your host parents to give you a Friday off or a
Monday off to help give you a nice long weekend where you can take a trip
somewhere that’s great and also don’t underestimate the cities that are in
your country now I really appreciate going to Dijon and like small cities
they’re two hours away from Paris that are that make for a really enjoyable and
fast weekend trip away with my friends if you want more tips definitely check out the best thing that you can do in terms of travel is travel
with a partner and split all the costs find your travel buddy in the APOP Community by becoming a member on a and say
hello to everyone we love you guys we love this community thank you for asking
all of your questions and for traveling the world together that’s all for now
comment, like, and support down below to help it really helps our Channel we’ll see you in the next video Ciao! Bye! what would you give an advice for traveling on a budget? Don’t.

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  1. Hey You! Thanks for watching! How much money do you think an au pair should save before starting their year? <3

  2. I’m hoping to find a travel buddy whilst in Paris! I can’t wait to move to Paris- less than 6 weeks now! I’m currently trying to figure out where I want to go in October in my week off as I can’t decide between going somewhere in France, Germany or somewhere else in Europe or go to NYC to see my best friend (£260 round trip – I’m from the UK). Ugh I’m indecisive so I’m trying to look at options around Europe as I want to make the most of my time in Paris and the surrounding countries that aren’t England 😅

  3. I also sacrifice food because of the amount of time I’d be spending waiting for meals etc! When I’m in other countries I’m always grading a sandwich on the go buying single pieces of fruit. it’s so unhealthy but I guess it’s short term

  4. i am also the one to sacrifice food haha Though i like to eat a typical meal of the place at least once, because most of the time it's an important part of culture that i don't wanna miss out on. Awesome video! I am an au pair in US, just extended another 6 months. And if all goes to plan, after i'm done i'll be au pairing in Spain , my dream destination 😀 I love seeing this video, being here i am constantly thinking how more convinient IN EVERY way possible is to travel around Europe. And i am excited to do so, once i'm back 🙂 Already planning trips haha
    p.s this is random, but did your sister by any chance work in airbnb in Mexico this junejuly? I met a girl who reminded me of you a lot, and said her sister was an au pair in France

  5. When I travel I try my best to stay in a cheap hostel (there are a few chain ones that are AMAZING) because you can get a lot of freebies. I stayed in one in Munich for around $25 for two nights. You get a free ALCOHOLIC drink voucher and usually hostels organize FREE tours of the city you’re in.
    It’s a great way to start if you’re unsure ! 🙂

  6. Hi Edwina I have questions please 💜
    I tries fo make my profile in and it said that they cannot accept my profile? And they said i shouldnt use their website. Apparantly its because “”Either your profile does not meet our requirements or the content of your profile is not in line with our Terms of Service””. I dont think i understand. Is it because Im from the Philippines? Why doesnt i meet their requirements?
    Hopefully you can help me 💜

  7. My idea of Hell is carrying a heavy suitcase on a Subway! Don't over pack – you can survive on one small bag – just buy cheap jandals and milk/food at your next hostel.

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