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How to Stop a Bad Acid Trip

How to Stop a Bad Acid Trip

what is up ladies and gentlemen boys and girls it's your boy Goblin and today I'm coming in with a classic video talking about how to help stop a bad trip hope you guys enjoy drop a like if you do and without further ado let's get right into it so how to stop a bad trip now I'm gonna break this video up into two parts hold on I have to cough excuse me Jesus Christ but anyways I'm gonna break this up into two parts I'm gonna do a bit of it where I'm talking about if you have a trip sitter with you or just a friend with you in general who's you know either a sober or be not having a bad trip or be if you're tripping alone and having a bad trip because there are two very different things and I want to make it clear that this video is just my experience this isn't like scientifically proven facts but it's it's stuff you could try that maybe could help you out at some point if you're tweaking out and having a bad trip one day so either way let's dive into it so the first part is I'm gonna do with the trip sitter and you know the the way to kind of stop a bad trip if you have a trip sitter really falls more upon the trip sitter than you but there are some things that the person having the bad trip can kinda do you know one of one of the things that I've found really helps is I remember I was with a friend and it was her first time tripping and she was freaking out you know she was talking about how she was seeing like some you know just some crazy shit some scary stuff and all she really wanted to do was talk you know talking took her mind off of it and here's the thing when you're tripping your mind is very how do I put it very like you you almost have tunnel vision when you're tripping you know like you will focus in very very hard on one thing like a select certain group of things or thing that is happening and you'll really really Zone in on that and then your thoughts will just spiral based off of that you know but you'll really focus on you know one thing more than you normally would like multitasking thinking about multiple things at once doesn't really happen very much when you're tripping you know you really really zoned in on one thing and with her she was really really zoned in on what she was seeing she was seeing how like scary stuff you know she was seeing like some some like she called it like a demon or some shit I don't know dude it was fucked up but either way the way that you know me and my friends kind of dealt with that when we were there cuz we were all tripping – except for one of us you know he was just kind of chillin and smoking he didn't want a trip was we just talked to her you know conversate with whoever's having a bad trip and just continue the conversation it doesn't have to be a good conversation but you have to remember that they're tripping so they're not gonna not gonna think like oh this conversations boring I don't want to talk anymore you know like you can ask very basic questions and say really basic things and still like get a very you know a very very effective and like interesting conversation for that person because you know when when they're tripping if they're conversating with you if they're talking or answering a question they're gonna be really focused on you and really focused on answering the question for the most part instead of you know whatever is you know maybe the bad thing about their trip you know if you can get them to pay attention to you and you know ask them a lot of questions be like how's your day going how is school going how is work going how is a whatever going what have you been up to what are your plans today already plans tomorrow shit like that just like general bullshit small talk or whatever you want to talk about try to prolong the conversation as much as you can because if they're talking to a friend if they're talking to someone they like you know how your brain kind of works on acid when you're with people you like you know you're you're much more comfortable you know you're you're really I almost want to say like vulnerable in your mind on acid you know you're almost like you're almost very like nervous like you you're you're very anxious and like nervous around people who you're not comfortable with so if you have a trip sitter or a friend there who you know you've been friends with you know them well you know just conversating with them will help you feel a lot better because you just feel comfortable you know you just feel better about it and you know the the I always like to say like your mind on acid is so like innocent so like very very basic things can help you like feel better or make you feel worse like it's a very very like thin ice you're on very thin line so you know I'll always conversate with them I've heard I mean I don't know if there's a common thing but I've heard like someone told me one time that if you're having a bad trip you should smoke don't do that that's bad advice because for those of you guys who have done acid before or maybe you have and haven't smoked on it maybe you don't know weed enhances your trip a lot you know weed enhances your trip a lot it really does you know it really does it it gets you out there it gets you going you know it's it's not good for when you're having a bad trip it's just gonna intensify it you know if you're having a good trip go for it if you're having a bad trip fuck no don't do that shit the the next thing that you can do is when someone's having a bad trip try to take them out of the like environment that they're in you know if they're like for example if let's say they're at a friend's house and they're having a really bad trip there and you know maybe it's something about the environment or like they're seeing something around them take them to somewhere else you know take them to a different place if they're comfortable with it of course if they're like tweaking out about it then no don't do this but try to take them to a different a different spot in the house or like just a different place entirely you know like if you're at one friend's house maybe take them back to your house you know or take them to a friend's house you know because what I found is when I'm tripping and when I'm like having a bad trip whenever I kind of like relocate it's almost like starting fresh you know and I whenever like I you know go for my friend's house back home to my house it's almost like I don't even remember what I was thinking about when I was tripping at my friend's house you know I'm like I'm starting fresh almost cuz you're having very like I don't know how to say it like very your your your experience when you're tripping good or bad is based very very heavily around your environment you know it really is it's it's all about who you're with and where you're at you know it truly is and that's a huge component of it so if you if you just switch it up you know if you're having a bad trip at a friend's house go to a different friend's house and you know go to your house you know go somewhere that you're gonna be comfortable now there are some cases where you know people are just tripping balls and they're having way too bad of a trip and just freaking the fuck out you know like for example because there's scene videos those people who think they're like dying and they're like laying on the ground just tweaking the fuck out and like literally like screaming at you I'm talking like really really bad trip in that instance there's only really a few things you can do and one of these things I never normally encourage but in this instance I'd give it a pass you know one thing is if you really have no options and you need to just get rid of a bad trip benzos will make you come down you know and I don't I don't encourage benzos I don't encourage I fucking hate Xan so those guys who may be new to the channel maybe you found me through this video I fucking hate xanax normally as a recreational drug it sucks dick and I don't encourage it but for this purpose xanax can be really really helpful you know personally when I'm tripping I used to always keep some with me just in case you know and I I got pretty experienced with psychedelics I tripped a lot I had a lot of great times I had some okay times I never had a truly like terrible entire trip I had stints of trips that were bad but never entirely bad trips and one thing I would always keep with me is Zan's because whenever someone's tripping they can really help they can help them calm down you know if the worst comes the worst and you just need to get them off it that can help really really significantly you know really can but you know also at that point another thing you can do is you you have to remember to you know be really patient and kind of kind of talk to them really calmly you know talk to them like you're like your dog almost like your puppy you know not not in that like shitty little voice but like you know how like whenever you're talking to like your dog you're just like you're nice you know you're like not talking as fashioned it is nice and slow and like patient and you know your voice is like softer and all I shit do that with someone having a bad trip you know talk to them really nicely ask them if they you know if they need anything you know if you could do anything for them you know help them out grab them a cup of water or some shit you know just kind of like just kind of be I don't know how to put it just kind of like be there be there form at that point I guess because the thing is like very very small gestures will make someone feel really really good on acid so for example you know when I'm tripping and like let's say I'm at a restaurant for example I've been at Buffalo Wild Wings been timing I was tripping and know though the waitress came over and she was like have a great night and I was like oh she's cool as fuck I was like ah bad dude that's that's nice at bat you know like it's that kind of thing is just very very small gestures go a very very long way when someone's tripping you know even when they're having a bad trip so if you're able to you know comfort them make them feel better then you know it could be okay and that's if they're comfortable with having a person near them you know sometimes they don't want to be near anyone they don't want to talk to anyone and at that point if they're really not willing to be near anyone like if you come near them and they just freak the fuck out then you know I mean of course if you've exhausted all your options because just because someone freaks out and you come near them doesn't mean that you can't still help them then benzos would be my recommendation at that point but anyways on to the second portion of this video tripping alone now when you're tripping alone and having a bad trip it is a lot different and a lot more challenging to stop you know or to at least deal with so it's not as bad or it even turns into a good trip you know and the one thing with this is I mean I don't recommend even tripping alone until you are seriously experienced with psychedelics because the thing is you know you you can take a tab once or twice and think like oh yeah I know what's up but acid is a weird drug you know with most drugs like cocaine and you know benzos opiates weed whatever you want to call it the experience is generally the same the high is generally the same you know your tolerance may go up you may have to take more but you're ingesting the same drug the experience is going to be the same so I could Alex don't work like that psychedelics are not the same every time you could take a tab one day and then take a tab four days later and it would feel like an entirely different drug psychedelics are the only like category of drugs that are like this you know and I this is from my experience this isn't you know some shit that like all I heard from a friend this is from my experience doing it every trip I had felt really different mentally even though when you look at it I was doing the same thing you know I was doing the same stuff on the same places and same people every trip was incredibly different and I look back on them all is like super super unique and you know different from one another and that's the thing you know you you have to really be experienced a trip alone so I wanted to get that you know make that very clear and get that out of the way but one thing that I personally think is really really good when you're having a bad trip on your own is listen to calm ass music I'm talking like really calm music like listen to you know some slow like even some like Orchestra type shit or like violins and shit just just soft music you know like relaxed laid-back no no crazy hype EDM dubstep shit none of that just listen to calm music you know maybe if you if you have a computer if you're on your computer watch some like normal people videos like watch like watch like cat videos or like baby fails videos just like very very stupid like you know things that like a middle-aged mom would watch if she was at home you know and her her son was at school and she had to pick him up in an hour but you know she had like 35 minutes to blow until she had to leave the house but she didn't quite have enough time to so something new so like she watched a baby video like that's what you should do just watch like go go on YouTube or go on any video site and just watch very very calming videos very very relaxed like very straight edge videos you know just very very generic stuff you know the YouTube trending plays page excuse me it can be like a super good place to find these kind of videos you know or you could just look up like cat video or something like that just watch something that is really really like soothing you know some shit that you'd see on like America's Funniest Videos you know like just something that is you know very like family-oriented because when you see those kind of things you know like I mentioned before as it's gonna make you you know very very susceptible to what you're seeing and very very focused on the one thing that you're doing so if you're just sitting there doing nothing staring at the wall while you're having a bad trip it's only gonna get worse if you're watching a video with like a cute little cat it could help fix your trip or like you know a little baby in there some shit it could help your trip you know it could another thing that you can do and the one is a little I don't know I don't know how to put it you know it can be good or it can be bad is playing a video game you know playing a game it it can be good and bad because when you're playing a game when you're tripping it completely engulfs you you know it completely sucks you in like you are really really focused on that game because it's almost like you don't even realize that things are going on around you you know at least and this is from my experience but when I'm playing a game when I'm tripping I'm really really focused on it because not only do I have that kind of like acid tunnel vision but there's so much going on I have to focus on it and it's keeping me interested even if I'm sucking dick at the game even if the game sucks asked I begin with like if I was sober I'd probably hate the game but when I'm tripping I'm really really into it and really focused on it and it takes my mind off of other things you know all I can think about is the game and like you know I'm having fun and what am i doing like for example I remember one time I was tripping and I played h1z1 with a friend and that might not be the best game recommendation you might just want to play like a platformer or some like calm game but you know anyways I was playing h-1 with a friend and I was like parachuting and I was looking around that all the stuff around me like all the you know all the scenery and I just like landed in a god-awful spot and died and it was amazing I was like I was laughing I was having fun just cuz I was looking around the environment I was like what happened like oh fucking dead like I don't even think I don't even think I hit an enemy with a weapon that night but I played for like two and a half hours of the buddy of mine and we were just dicking around it was it was fun as fuck you know and well when you've got you know a good game to play just to kick it chill out you know it it can it can help take your mind off it now one thing that I wouldn't necessarily recommend is shows like Netflix and you know any any TV shows for the most part because from my experience I don't I don't know what it is like I can't really give a specific reason but shows don't really help my trip and nor can I really stay focused on them like they're the one thing where like I just can't stay focus on them because here's the thing when you're playing games you know you're you're sitting probably closer to the screen you're probably focused in on it you know you're really looking you're really into it you know it's got you involved you have to do something to do that you know that's the thing that's the key to taking your mind off of a bad trip you have to be doing something but when you're watching a show you're not doing anything you're just sitting there and staring and listening so you could sit and stare and listen at anything going on around you there's a lot of bang outside of your house you're gonna go stare at that and not the TV when you're playing a game if there's like a loud bang outside of your house chances are you're not gonna care because you're tripping balls and this game's got you fucking interested you're you're playing the shit out of this game you know so you know play some games chill out watch some like baby videos cat videos those kind of things those can really help maybe even like FaceTime a friend you know FaceTime a friend call somebody talk to somebody you know talking to people can be can be very good you know and also don't play games that are competitive like and by that I mean don't play the competitive mode of games for example if any of you guys have played League of Legends don't play ranked when you're tripping cuz you're gonna tilt you're gonna be mad and it's gonna upset you or you're just not gonna tilt and feed all game and then be mad the next day you know either way don't play games that are super competitive or have like a ranked system you know play play like the casual modes you know play the the laid-back stuff where you you don't care you know your teammates won't care and you don't care cuz if your teammates are baking you for being bad in the competitive mode cuz you're trippin balls it could upset you you know it could make you feel like shit so just chill out play some games you know watch some YouTube videos for those of you guys who don't play video games honestly I would say just watch them call them YouTube videos you know take some deep breaths just chill out you know try to enjoy yourself you know another thing is I always found that you know just vaping is really really soothing when you're tripping I mean even zero nicotine can just be really really soothing because you're sitting there watching the smoke you know slowly slowly come out you could blow it out real slow do some cool tricks oh they blowing oh and just blow your fucking mind like you just see that and be like why is that in the shape of an O like holy shit you know like he just just very very like basic calming things are what you can do and of course if it really gets out of hand you can always have your benzos on deck but that's the only time I'd ever recommend benzos so either way that's just a few tips from me on how to help stop a bad trip hope you guys enjoyed this video drop a like if you did thank you all for watching I'll see you guys next time peace

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  1. How 2 cure bad trip… play the song "Shpongle – invisible man in a fluorescent suit" if that dont work then a benzodiazepine always will.

  2. Cant smoke weed to this day since I had a bad trip. Tried it to calm me and made 5x worse not to mention was in bad company with one guy just staring at me and following me around. I would have given my left ball for a xanax then but didn't even know what that was then. Felt that crap for 2-3 days as well affected my mindset for months after that…this was from nearly an od of shrooms. That stuff was non diluted and almost like watered down syrup and drank a whole cup. Tread very carefully.

  3. So, my boyfriend wants me to trip sit him,, I have never sit before so I don’t have much experience. I’ve been doing some research and I have a few questions. I’m packing things that I think might help and so far my list is:
    • a few water bottles
    • a comfort item (stuffed animal)
    • a small piece of cake (maybe?)
    Any other suggestions of advice
    I’ve also heard that closing curtains, locking doors and try to assist him with tasks

  4. I agree that shows are hard to pay attention to but that's what makes them reay fun for me because i look over after like 5 minutes of not paying attention and just stary wondering wtf is happening it's gr8. The first 3 seasons of South park on acid are the greatest things to watch when you trip.

  5. Acid is a trip bro, Ive had bad trips and good trips, but my bad trip i had went to a dodger game and i was fine for the most part for the whole game and when we got into the car to go home, i started hitting my wax pen which made it worse because i started having a bad trip. It was hard to breathe and i was freaking out, i had to remind myself to breathe every 3 seconds ,my friends pulled over to the mc donalds parking lot and i just remember being out of it like i couldnt really speak and i remembered being really scared to die and for my dad to find out i was on acid, my friends were kinda making it worse i just had to be alone to try and come to grip with what happened . I was there for 3 hours and it felt like 10 hours. Idk what to say about acid anymore. Shit got me

  6. Yeah.. I recommend you change the thumbnail cos all I'm seeing now is screaming eyeballs the shape of pyramids.. Yeah.. Change the thumbnail would be a very good start 👍

  7. took 2 tabs a few weeks ago and started looping really bad so i smoked thinking it would help and i deadass layed in my bed and stared at the ceiling for 7 hours bc my phone was dead. bad trips suck ass

  8. This is my most amazing trip, and it was my first one. I took a 200 ug skull head tab for my first time and just laid down on my bed with my favourite rap songs (rap songs are a big no no if you ask me) after only 30 mins, I could feel as if the ceiling I was staring into was falling down on me very slowly and that I would end up being crushed by it(terrifying beyond words) So I decided to jump out of the bed (literally jumped) and not stare at anything for the rest of the night. I notice my PS4 was on and I jumped on the opportunity. I take my controller and start playing the new Spider-Man game. Let me tell you; this was fucking amazing. I felt every movement Spider-Man would do in the if I was him, felt the gravity and the incredible euphoria it gave me (borderline molly euphoria!!). Now for the morning after. I played Spider-Man for 12 hours only to realise I don’t actually own the game or own any type of console for that matter. This was the most mind fucking experience I’ve ever experienced but hey, I got to be Spider-Man for a night. (I’ve never had an experience quite like this in the many years that followed)

  9. Playing games on acid is not recommended for noobs! That will morph your trip in a negative way. I want to be outside and only outside while tripping! The TV becomes to bright and I feel the negative emotions coming from the screen.

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