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How to Ride Your Horse at a Walk : How to Hold a Horse’s Reins for Walking

How to Ride Your Horse at a Walk : How to Hold a Horse’s Reins for Walking

Hi! I’m Kelli on behalf of Expert Village.
I am going to show you how to ride your horse with a walk. So there are a couple of different
ways that you can hold your reins when you are riding. If I was riding more English or
if I had a younger horse riding Western with a snapple bit in its mouth, I would want to
be riding it with two hands. So when you hold your reins, you want to hold your reins right
between the pinkie and your ring finger and you are going to have your thumb on top. So
it is kind of a fist like that. So when you ride, you want to have your thumbs pointing
upwards so that your hands is in a fist that way but you don’t want to hold the reins too
tightly or hold them too loosely. You just want to have a nice relaxed pressure on the
reins. So you never want to get like this which will cause your elbows to stick out.
You want your elbows right next to your side with your thumbs sticking out. So that is
how you would want to ride if you are riding more of an English horse or you are riding
a younger horse but in the Western style. If you did have an English horse, you would
have much different reins and these are Western reins so you it is too separate reins. An
English bridle will have reins that are connected so it is just one long rein. Now if you were
riding Western which I have heard in a shank bit, she is a little more advanced in the
Western style. She is a little bit older horse. You are going to be riding in a shank it with
one hand so what you want to do is you want to take your reins put them together like
this. First you want to make sure that your reins are the same length to begin with. This
will make it a lot easier for you. So you are going to pull it down to where it is a
comfortable length for your horse and whether you ride right or left handed, it is up to
what is comfortable for you. So you are going to hold your reins together and you are going
to hold them with one hand and your thumbs is going to be pointing in the direction where
you want to go. So when you steer your horse one handed, you do more of a neck rein so
you lay your rein, use a little bit of leg and your horse will go either way that you
tell it to. So you are just holding the rein in the palm of your hand like that curling
your fingers around it and your thumb is right in the center of two reins. So that way if
you pick up, it applies a little bit more pressure to your horse’s face. So that is
how you want to hold your reins, either two handed or one handed.

Reader Comments

  1. It's a good idea to put your index finger between the reins. You get more feel that way.
    Plus, it looks the same and you can cheat a little bit.
    Hey, it's not cheating unless you get caught — and you won't!

  2. she should have a helmet on even though shes at walk, as my instructor ses a crisp packet could jump out at any second and you need to be prepared! her horse could have spooked and she could have been serioulsy hurt :S

  3. She doesn't even know how to hold her reins. D: And she keeps on yanking on that poor horsey's mouth!

    Expert Village is such a joke!

  4. There is nothing wrong with how she is explaining how to hold the reins. She also is not yanking on her horses mouth.

  5. EVERYONE SHUT UP!. one this is for beginner riders and to help them. she takes her time and works hard on these vidios and 80% of these comments r HATE saying she needs to get a life….NO. u need to get a life get ur ass off of utube watching vidios and critisizing people and go do something and actually make ur self worthy!

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