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How-To Plan A Family Road Trip – Travel Channel

How-To Plan A Family Road Trip – Travel Channel

So we’re here in the
Good To Know test vehicle, researching some ways to help
you survive a family road trip. I like to think we’ve come
up with some great ideas for having a groovy experience. Which shouldn’t be
hard if your experience is starting off like this. First rule of a road
trip, manage the mess. Keep plastic bags
under your seat. Yeah, and, uh, water
only in the car. Avoid the sticky stuff. Preparation is key. You want to have one outfit
per bag, per kid, per day. If you’re traveling with
small children, first of all, I’m sorry. But second of all, here’s
a great way to keep them busy, with travel Bento boxes. Now, these are made out
of recycled shoe boxes, and they’re super easy for
kids to decorate themselves. You can fill them full of
cool things like crayons, and squishy action figures. And snacks. Turkey jerky,
frozen grapes, trail mix– this stuff is
super easy to make, and doesn’t need refrigeration. That’s gorp. It is trail mix, and I’ll thank
you not to confuse the two. Hm. Here’s some fun
ideas for the car if you want to take a
break from the electronics. These are literally just
cookie sheets and magnets. Good job. Bring some dry erase
markers in the car. Kids can draw on the
windows, wipe it off later. This is fun. Serenity achieved. Now we’re ready to roll.

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