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How to Exercise Your Horse : How to Do a Side Pass on a Horse By Pushing the Hip

How to Exercise Your Horse : How to Do a Side Pass on a Horse By Pushing the Hip

I’m Kelli on behalf of Expert Village. I’m
going to show you some tips and techniques that I use when exercising my horse using
Calisthenics. Another form of side passing you can do that requires a little bit higher
degree of difficulty so don’t expect your horse to do this on the first try. It is to
actually have your horse head bent the way that you are side passing which is a little
bit more difficult. So you are actually pushing your horse hip in and it is moving in the
direction of its head. So again kind of bump her head in, we are going to bump her hip
in and we are going to have her cross over this way. So this is a little higher degree
of difficulty involved with this cause horses have the tendency to fall one way or another.
when you are pushing your horse that way it is a little bit easier for them. When you
are actually moving their hip around and cocking their head this way and having them side pass
to that, it is a little bit higher degree of difficulty. So be patient and take your
time when you are working with your horse on this particular type of move because it
is not going to be easy for them but when you get it and incorporate it into your training
regimen, it would enable your horse to be a whole lot softer, a whole lifter, and a
whole lot cadent for individual gates. So that is a another side passes that you can
use in your training regimens.

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  1. oh okay, yer so i work at one of the biggest eventing places in scotland – and i know nothing, okay wateva

  2. look, i know that spurs are not humane, the horse dosent like them, all i sed was spurs were horrible contraptions – i am entitled to my own opinions

  3. Expert?????????!!!!!!!!! Lends a whole new meaning to the old adage 'an 'ex' is a 'hasbeen' and a 'spurt' (sic) is a drip under pressure!!

    This is an abomination as are all the clips from this 'Expert village' That poor horse's back, with her not inconsiderable weight dragging across it, and her hands causing the horse to try to escape the pressure of the sharp curb, by ducking behind it and going terribly overbent.

    Terrible. 🙁

  4. well I think the lady needs to lose weight..she's way to big for that horse. And she also looks like she's leaning to far over on both sides when going one side to the other. Umm If I was that horse, sorry to say..I'd like to buck your fat azz off.

  5. wow rough audience, I think she does pretty good, I just taught my horse to side pass. I use a eggbutt snaffle though and don't need reins

  6. Why are you not wearing a helmet?

    That and you're balance when side stepping was horrible. It looked like you were about to fall off the horse.

  7. Looks at comments.
    Sees idiots.
    Thinks of intelligent, elaborated remark at ropefast and gotaloveQH.
    Writes college paper for educated professor instead…

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