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How I Make Money Traveling – Automated Income

How I Make Money Traveling – Automated Income

[Applause] hey what's up you guys it's Nathan with freedom influencer and I'm actually coming to you you probably see the background right now from Maui Hawaii my wife right now and I are over here on vacation and for the first couple of days we're actually staying at the Sheraton so we're doing some some traveling we're gonna be meeting up with some friends later on today who are flying in and we got a VRBO in another place but for the time being my wife and I are hanging out here but in this video I wanted to share with you guys how to not just travel but basically put up your business on autopilot so that way while you're traveling you're still able to make sales so you know I've been making money online now for a few years and now what's cool is I've been able to get my business to the place where I can set it basically on automation and do things to prep myself for going on vacations like this and still be able to make money and generate sales and that's what I want to share with you guys in this video okay so when it comes down to making money online when you're not present making passive income there's really only two different ways that this is going to happen okay the first way is through paid traffic okay so you are paying for your traffic and then the second way is through organic traffic which basically means you've built up a platform in in my case right here on YouTube to to build traffic to then for people to see my offer and make money so no matter how you break this down or what product or service or it doesn't matter you must be generating traffic in order to create an income actively or passively and that's what I want to talk about is how do you set this up so that way you can passively make money okay and then I'll share with you guys what I've done right now so that way my business continues to run without me being present okay so once you understand this then you know that you're either going to be paying money into advert Huysmans and get better at that I understand that most people don't even have a budget that's not even on their radar to be investing into their business with paid ads so that would then fall under organic traffic now for me personally at this time I'm not running ads okay for my business so that's something I'm gonna be getting into I have run paid ads before I plan on doing it again but what you it doesn't matter what you need to understand is it's gonna be either paid or organic so let's just focus right now on the organic traffic method okay for me I've used YouTube and then I also have now an email list okay so if you're not building an email list it's very important to do that so that way you can continue to grow your brand and continue to drive traffic to your products services and offers so that way if you are out on the beach if you are hanging out on vacation you can simply shoot off an email to your list either promoting a new piece of content or drive them to a sale okay and it's very easy to do that and take five minutes on vacation sit down write an email and send it to your list which could possibly yield you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on the back end of selling products now I know that we're talking about passive income and making money while you travel so I want to share with you guys how I set my business up so that way my wife and I were out on vacation and my business continues to run okay so when it comes to organic traffic we're talking about a blog you know or YouTube where things can get found through a search engine right so my one of the biggest things that I've done is grown this YouTube channel that you're on right now unless you're watching this on my blog so what I've done right now I'm recording this video for you guys but you're not going to see this video by the time you see this and it's published on YouTube I will have already been back from this vacation all right we're on a week-long vacation here in Maui I will be back in Washington State by the time you see this so right now you're probably watching this I'm already back home and the reason is because I've created the content ahead of time okay so back home I've created videos ahead of time for an entire week okay and those videos are going to be published while I'm here they are already going out we've been gone for two or three days already and every single day a video is going out now I've even automated this another step farther not only are they being scheduled but for those of you who I believe you should you don't need to be making a lot of money to do this but you should hire a virtual assistant okay so I've hired a virtual assistant I shot the videos I've put them into a folder a shared folder where only my virtual assistant has access to that folder and my virtual assistant edits the videos I give them instruction on how how to do all the description creating thumbnails and they are actually uploading it to YouTube for every single day for the the time that I'm gone okay and this is keep keeps momentum with my audience and it also keeps momentum with YouTube because YouTube likes to see creators who are consistent in contribute to the platform more so than others so that is why I did this that's why I went through you know the headache it's not really a headache but that's why I went through the hoops of ensuring that I have content going out on my YouTube channel every single day while I'm gone because I understand the power of YouTube and why it's so important to do that because YouTube wants to see consistency they want to see you showing up and uploading to their platform every day okay now I obviously know that you know people can for some people that's not a reality you're not able to post every single day but if I were to answer that question how often should I upload a video my suggestion and recommendation would be get your YouTube channel eventually to the point where you're doing daily uploads okay and again that's just because of what I've seen in my own growth on my channel and what I've seen and know about YouTube being a business okay so back to back to the content creation even if you're not doing YouTube and if you are doing a blog and you want to keep it going and let's just say that you don't have money to out to hire to outsource your creation or outsource creating a virtual assistant to do it for you then what you can do and what I would have done if I didn't outsource it is I would have created the all the content myself and I would have scheduled it okay and if you don't have a scheduling function which I believe everyone does if you have a blog so if that's your main source of content creation is your blog then you do have the ability to schedule out blog posts even while you're traveling or on vacation ok but for those of you maybe you have a YouTube channel and you don't have that functionality to schedule then if I were in your shoes and that was me I would have uploaded a week's worth of videos so they would already be on YouTube I would have made them all unlisted and then while I'm on my vacation or while I'm traveling or away as long as I have access to Wi-Fi or can connect to the internet I would log into my my dashboard my creator studio on YouTube and then I would publish them and make them go public every day so it would literally take you a couple of minutes to log in and change each video because you did it the work ahead of time and you uploaded them right it would just take a couple minutes to switch it from unlisted where nobody can see it to publish that video and then everyone can see it now with the blogs that was another thing that I did since I've been gone my wife and I were in the airport on the way here and again I had out sourced an article that was written for me based on a YouTube video that I created okay so you know outsourcing has been very helpful in my business recently because I'm able now to to hire people and have them help me as a team if you're not there don't please don't stress about that okay but I would encourage you guys to consider outsourcing some things in your business and the reason is because you can do it very affordable ok there's there's countries all around the world where they're more affordable because the you know your dollar goes a lot farther in other countries where it's good pay for them and they're hard workers and they can still get the job done and everything is good so I would question you guys on that I would ask yourself do I have any funds to outsource if so start getting help doing that because then you can focus on what you need to focus on which is creating the content whether that be organic what we've been talking about this whole time or creating new ads right which would be paid traffic so that is how I have created basically a passive income machine to make money while I travel is to set things up ahead of time do the work ahead of time so I don't lose momentum you want to have content created and ready to be published on whatever platform that you have and then if you have an email list which if you're not you guys need to start email marketing and as you publish that content you can choose to send people back to it to give it a boost through your emails or you can also promote offers so that way you can still be making money while you're gone traveling and on vacation so I hope you guys got something out of this video if you did hit that thumbs up I truly appreciate that and drop a comment down below and of course if you guys want more videos like this in creating a business online that can truly give you freedom that's what we talk about here on freedom influencer so I encourage you guys to subscribe for more videos this is Nathan with freedom influencer of course I'll see you guys on the next video bye for now

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  2. You can actually schedule videos on YouTube, you don't need to upload them as unlisted and then post every day.

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