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How Adaptive Cruise Control Works – Step One For Autonomous Cars

How Adaptive Cruise Control Works – Step One For Autonomous Cars

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  1. Autonomous cars indeed. They'll become so expensive with all this technology we won't be able to afford or fix them, and they'll wind up driving themselves with no passengers.

  2. Would Honda's implementation of software and sensors be able to allow it to avoid collisions with smaller non non-metallic objects such as deer?

  3. would be really nice wen someone uses it in a restomod or donk build (gotta love technology) they simply sayin we dumb cant drive…….

  4. I wonder what would happen when two cars equipped with this system drive in the opposite directions on the same road. They're both sending the same radar waves and receiving each others'. Sounds like this could fool the systems into thinking there's going to be a crash and braking abruptly, potentially causing a real crash in the process.

  5. Man! Such an informative video! Ur such a professional!(I know u know that but I wanted to mention it XD).  Keep up ur great work man

  6. Do you have any EE videos coming up that go into the science of tires? Winter tire vs all seasons vs rubber difference etc..

  7. Since Honda Sensing using both camera and radar to detect the objects, what if both of them have very confident but opposite opinion about the road? (One thinks there is a traffic cone while the other one does not). Is radar always the one takes precedence over the camera?
    I got this question after seeing the sudden brake recall from Toyota/Lexus because of the sensor error.

  8. My girlfriend just bought a 2016 Honda Accord Touring with all the available options on it, if you want to test out all these systems we live in LA and we would be more than happy to let you test it out!  To keep things on topic I tried out the adaptive cruise control and it feels really weird to have a vehicle brake for you!  Also I never had the balls to check to see if the collision warning system works or not, it always got too close for comfort for me to wait to see if the brakes will kick in, but the audible warning did come up.

  9. I really liked when you were in the pictures. With the board only i can't see your hand gesture. Thanks for the vids , i always learn somethings and don't burn my head with boredom.

  10. While I think that ACC is a great technology, it started out in class 8 highway trucks. When I worked on semi-tractors, the ACC eye/radar was always problematic and in need of constant adjustment. The biggest complaints came from winter time when cars would cut off the rigs, and the ACC would slam the brakes on inducing a skid. Hopefully auto makers have realized this potential problem to reduce this danger.

  11. I've tried the adaptive cruise control on my dad's Subaru and it works really well. It also has the lane departure warning, park distance warnin and blind spot warning. I found the lane departure warning a bit overbearing but not too bad. Clearly just about every manufacturer has all of the main elements for self driving cars.

  12. While this is neat and probably will save lives, it's also the kind of thing that can only perpetuate irresponsible, unfocused driving.

  13. 👍🏻 nicely done! Thanks.

    ?: with active braking, is the brake pedal physically depressed as if the driver would have done instead of the driver aid? Or is the braking done local to the brake rotors, if you get what I mean…

  14. I know that the auto braking is a great safety feature, i still don't want it. it just feeling like there is control being taken away. Also, what if you want to ram the person in front of you.

  15. 2:24 i like how that car that cut in front looks like a bmw, they even made it white, not orange or green or anything.

  16. so what does this system do if you let off the gas to slowly come up behind someone, while there's ice/snow on the ground and it decides to brake harder than you want and you slide and hit someone?

  17. I'll ask it in a less confusing way, I'm thinking you were pointing out a system that helps prevent crashing. what if it makes you brake when you're just trying to slow down and then brake? or is it only active with cruise control?

  18. Adaptive cruise control is the most annoying feature I've ever experienced on a car so far. I wish I could remove it from our Ford Explorer. It promotes distracted driving because you don't have to pay attention like you used to.

  19. My question is what happens if the car behind you slams into the back of you because the computer in your car decided to slow down? I'm not faulting Honda, it's a great safety system I just think it's such a race between auto manufacturers to have the latest and greatest that sometimes important things get overlooked. Also with so many features being automated in cars I think it leads to drivers being more relaxed thinking "I don't have to pay attention the car is" maybe a bit extreme but you get my drift. With all of these systems what happens if they need repaired out of warranty? I think people should consider that if they plan on keeping the car for a long time, and most mechanics won't be able to work on these systems forcing the owner to pay a lot more to go to the dealer. Again I'm NOT saying this is bad, only providing an objective view..

  20. I think it is really cool how we have all this tech in cars now, but I'm still a little on edge about it because of the chance some people might get too dependent on the tech and if it malfunctions people won't be able to respond fast enough because they thought it would do it for them.

  21. I had ACC on my Accord Plug-in Hybrid and the collision avoidance was a nervous nellie. Even at very low speeds if someone was crossing ahead of me with plenty of room it would panic and sound the alarm. Never hit the brakes on me but it was certainly aware of the potential broadside (if the car ahead hadn't been moving). On the highway, the ACC cruise control sure makes highway driving easier – all you need to do is stay in your lane and the car will do the rest.

    I've just switched to a German car with camera based ACC and the performance so far seems the same. Highway driving is very easy and follow distance is maintained nicely…

  22. Can you please make a video explaining the way police use radar to catch speeders and how radar detectors work? Also, if these and other new features such as blind spot monitoring affect radar detectors?

  23. that's super boring xD but at least you got money for this video, so here is my click to make them think people watch it

  24. Hey there– whats the best adaptive cruise control in market for cars from 2013-2017 that are plug on electric or electric- basically CA hov eligible?

  25. I thought adaptive cruise control is where the car can detect slope angle of the car going up or down a hill and adjusts speed and braking by the angle of attack and uses automatic changes in braking/throttle. Freightliner Cascadia had something like that I think. The truck, with a load, was able to detect the slope of the truck either up hill or down hill and depending on the grade, it was able to either use the truck's momentum or brakes to keep the truck at the driver's inputted speed instead of using fuel when it's not necessary. Basically, it used fuel if it calculated there wasn't enough momentum to get the truck up the hill allowing the truck's fleet to save fuel instead of older cruise control with a constant programming, the newer ones were self-adjusting.

  26. What happens when a car goes around a curve?
    How the ACC works on pin bend paths, and will acc be useful when driving in slope areas?

  27. All my friends use *Cruise (Script) Control (linear)*. Noow… used to. . never a slightly change !!! Newsweeks Song bot not e ven a change,never!!!

  28. My 2016 Acura RDX Radar is obstructed, what do that mean? Knowing that this car has a front accident close to the radar and I suspect the radar itself is not facing what it should after repair knowing that the bracket, Milliwave Radar Pipe having deformed in one place.

  29. On most cars adaptive cruise control disconnects if you reach a full stop, so you have to touch the acceleration to start moving again. What is the reason behind this?

  30. I think there's a problem with ACC, if you have it on, you are on a curve and you overtaking someone or vice-versa, the radar might judge the distance with a car on other lane a reduce its speed. Could talk about how different brands are solving this issue?

  31. Never rely on this thing. I had the adapt cruise control on. i set it at 2 cars length. i was traveling at 70 mph in the middle length. Someone from the right lane cut in front of me. Normally, i dont need to brake because we both travel at the same speed. But because that car was close to me, the car probably thought i was about to hit something so it braked hard. luckily there was no car following me or i might get hit from the rear.

  32. I am more interested in how nissan's radar is ablento see 2 cars ahead. Is that even possible? Interesting tech from nissan!

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