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Hospitality and Tourism Technology and Innovation | HKPolyUx on edX

Hospitality and Tourism Technology and Innovation | HKPolyUx on edX

for many people, travel has become an essential
part in their life. Travelers are seeking for convenient
and personalized experiences. Correspondingly, businesses
and the destinations are striving for staging the
optimal experience for tourists, in a personal and memorable way. In the past two decades,
with the involvement of technology and IT-based
business innovations, information technology facilitate
to pave personal and memorable ways for tourist, tourism, and hospitality
organizations, and the destinations. For example, for tourists
information technology has released them from
the packaged tours and enabled them to develop
itineraries that fit them most. For travel businesses,
information technology provides hardware, software, and
business intelligence for them to serve customers. Information technology is the enabler
of more than travel experience. This course will guide you
through a learning journey to understand how information
technology facilitates experience design for
tourists, and the value creation for business and destinations. In the coming six weeks, you will
learn from six different topics with me and seven famous professors who
have expertise in IT and tourism. Looking forward to your
participation in our course.

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