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He Almost Lost His Hand! Amazing Adventure in the North of Iraq (Must Watch)

He Almost Lost His Hand! Amazing Adventure in the North of Iraq (Must Watch)

hello my friends and good morning from Douhok we are heading to a place called Dera Luke it is a beautiful place i saw it in the pictures, and i decided to visit the place and film this beautiful place with my friends it is going to be an amazing day, we will film a lot i hope you enjoy watching Ahmed will explain things about this location why you are so Tall!! Okay! this valley called Sewara Toka valley A very Big and long valley in Iraq It extended from Dohuk all the way to Zakho this chain called Gara Mountains, and thats Qutaiba My friend eating snacks he is eating snacks? hello Aland How Are you? Abood, How you? watch out you might fall dont worry what do you think about this place it is a very nice location and the biggest valley in iraq so Ahmed was correct ? Absolutely ! the Journalist he busy filming ! now we have arrived to Dera Luke We drove approximately 4 hours and half see this blue water we have one more hour of hiking until we reach the final point Riverhead that comes from the top of the mountain Oh this is Metallica !! the most beautiful thing about this place is the color of the water it has an aqua color, it is so clean, and i have never found such a thing like this here! you would find such a color like this will be around the Atlantic Ocean, Like Bora Bora Let me show you! i am so excited such a nice spot, i’m so excited Let’s Go and see what else we have here, stay tuned you Are going to be the guide right? inshallah what, do you want a picture No, im just looking! Honestly i don’t know where we are going One mistake , and we are gone i’ve been to couple places before but never thought i would take a risk like this before Because im not sure where we are going, but they keep say the place is amazing where are we going? Hell! im coming ! we have one last difficulty it looks like we are playing video games he said it is so difficult Ahmed where are you taking us Qutaiba how difficult is this point it is so difficult ( dancing ) the water is so fresh and cold Amazing , absolutely amazing it looks like I’m going to fall i was almost going to fall be careful !! i swear Watch out here now we have passed the dangers step now we are at a waterfall I’m taking you to the best and most beautiful place in iraq (swears ) if you live in iraq and you don’t come here, you are going to regret it i hate you, hour and half? i had a wish to go in a adventure but after this i hated my self where are you going Aland is playing huge role a medical support, fire fighter, everything he is helping us all how do you feel?, Relaxed i have to pass this rock so scared not sure how im going to pass it you know how i feel? like I’m in the middle of serving Sires People who lost in the woods, Because we all are helping each other he just hurt his finger badly i will help you out put your feet here Aland says no no, put it here Come on !! he is in pain how dangerous is this place? i dont know Considering it a hike, is it dangerous ? yes it is but you need to not feeling afraid of it Excellent he got so scared he hurt his hand Exactly ! Get up Climb Hiking is real fun we are so thirsty we have been walking for an hour i would spend all my money for this bottle Help me is it ready ? now we have to pass this stream just watch the color of the water i just hit a rock underneath Mission accomplished Mission accomplished there is nothing left (referring to fear) What up? i can’t anymore let me see your hand what happened to it it was stuck between two rocks and i slipped this is not good Another dangerous spot do you want me to film you no i want a picture no more pictures, im using a vlogging lens he is taking bad about ahmed ( the Guide) half in the cold water and the other is not who wants to go downward ? all of us Alright how Adam is going to climb up again ? Climbing is easy look! just hold to the trees ! (Ironically ) it is easy for you not for me you have walked for one hour i CAN’T ! thats it over there let me show you we were swimming for awhile up top it was a nice spot now im so sleepy we ate our meals very delicious food I’m not sure what is inside this kebab ( ironically saying ) yeah i swear I’m not sure too i have doubts about the meat ahmed what is the name of that place Avasheen God Bless You Aland? i can’t talk why? I’m tired and sleepy and? Aland singing in kurdish we decided to take a car back to the first place Because we are so tired we found a pick up truck the best trip ever thank you mustafa thank you mustafa, thank you guys! thank you Qutaiba , thank you Iraq the trip was so fun, but we got tired Because of the hike now i feel so tired i hope you liked this vlog i hope you liked the adventure Don’t forget to subscribe and like this video stay tuned for more content i will see you on the next one, now im going to sleep because that is it and im done

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