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HALONG BAY TOUR | Day Trip Cruise from Hanoi 2019

HALONG BAY TOUR | Day Trip Cruise from Hanoi 2019

This is our tour guide, he’s been the best. Thank you. My name is Tommy from Villa Doing this video. We booked the one day tour to Ha Long Bay from Hanoi with Dragon King tours Supposedly this traveling sea had a lot of good reviews supposed to be pretty solid and cheap one of the top choices in Night, so yeah really excited and we should have a really fun packed day in the rest of this blog. Good morning We woke up extra early today. We have a very special day plan and you booked the one-day tour halong bay we’re now waiting for the bus to pick us up and Give us a nice day At the four-hour bus ride finally got the boat and our first activity is of course to eat It’s pretty nice boat Taking off from the dock Super excited So each group is split up into these tables and they have to serve us with the traditional venom e style feast Mostly fresh seafood of course because we’re on a boat So just finished our delicious traditional Vietnamese style Meal and we had a lunch with a view. Look at this. It’s amazing See all these rocks. Ah Shit you can’t see it but that’s what we’re looking at on the whole meal, and it was really nice So now we’re just kind of lounge kick back relax Appreciate the view before heading to the cave. I just stepped out for the first time. I know Let me put into words licenses right now seven wonders of the world How long day I’m in all literally I’ll just show you I Haven’t had a beer this whole Hanoi trip, I think This occasion calls for one well, yeah still can’t get over this view flow foggy and cool today, but I think that’s how it usually is. It’s really nice. So cheers how long How long beer? Seems appropriate to for this occasion Tastes like a lighter Heineken exiting for our first activity The cave of death Namjoo consists cave but I don’t know the name start here But update I found the name of this cave is called handsome basalt which means surprise cave So seems that we have entered the Amazon We are in some unknown land feel like I’m in Jurassic Park again Climbing up these stairs. Oh My god the stairs so steep feeling like rocky out here we’re now in creepy cave number one When they’re in quarters in huh, very tight spaces, it’s very creepy It’s after a couple of small crevices the cave has opened up and it’s huge now guys Look at this I’m tomb raider type It’s the dragon cave in here My dragons used to live here apparently This is supposed to be his bigger nesting on the ceiling right here So it’s like fucking down So we’re leaving these case hang back on to our boat for more adventures we’re back in the boat We are in the middle of halong bay kayak through a cave and now we’re about to go back Nikki right there So we just finished kayaking it was super fun and really glad that we did it Got a little bit wet and rained a little bit, but we’re fine and now we’re on to our next Island, which is t-top Island Island significant because Ho Chi Minh had a meeting here with the Russian diplomatic some like that and empty tops and Yeah, there’s also there’s a beach here and there’s also a trek that we’re about to go on. So I’ll see you at the top But this is our tour guide. He’s been the best. Thank you. My name is Tommy Oh My gosh stairs so steep No one told me we were training to fight Rocky It’s crazy If I guess worth it because this view is beautiful And we’re not going to top yet. We’ve made it to the top the t-top Definitely worth the trek We finish all our adventures And now we’re setting up for the sunset party Have the deck to ourselves and tow Now we’re gonna relax enjoy the sunsets Almost to the harbor Edging to the finish line taking our last-minute views So the bus just dropped us back to the hotel and then all I’m very pleased with that experience It was the Dragon King tours with only $35 for The five in our group and they took care of everything and we had a really amazing day at halong bay I’ll see you guys in the next video

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  1. You are the man in these travel streets 😂😂. You find the best places. Love your videos. Keep up the good work.

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