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Gunarolla Visits 13th Floor Haunted House – Travel Channel

Gunarolla Visits 13th Floor Haunted House – Travel Channel

GUNNAROLLA: Hey everybody
I’m Gunnarolla out in here in Chicago,
Illinois to take you through one of America’s
scariest attractions, 13th Floor. If I can make it out of
here without peeing my pants or dying, you get a sneak
peek behind the screens. And we’ll get to scare
some victims of our own. [opening theme] In the dark corners of the
Windy City, horrific creatures. Unspeakable abomination. Here they wait for
unsuspecting victims. What comes after that? Sorry [laughs] [cymbals] 13th Floor. [cymbals] Let’s do this. [screams] It’s OK. Love hanging out in a
graveyard on a Friday. [screams] Go. Stay there. No. [screams] No. OK. Let’s keep going. Let’s get out of here. Can’t turn back. [screams] OK. Just. OK. No. Oh my god, OK. [screams] [ominous laugh] [screams] [ominous laugh] [screams] COSTUMED MAN 1: Keep it down. GUNNAROLLA: What is this? [screams] Yeah, OK. Where am I supposed to go? [screams] [cymbals] Thank you! Thank you. OK. Aw [beep] [screams] OK. OK. We’re good. [screams] No! OK. This does not look
like a way o– [screams] OK. Sta– Stay there. [screams]
OK. OK. OK. [ominous music] [yelling] [screams] What the heck! [screams] [yelling] Whoo! OK. Is this moving? Are we moving right now? What the hell. [screams] OK. We are definitely moving. Stay back. I was not expecting that. Definitely not expecting that. [screams] OK. [heavy breathing]
[screams] No! OK.
Oh god! OK. No! Oh. You oughta relax right there. OK. Oh my god. [growling] OK. [screaming] I’m actually, like,
dripping sweat right now. I don’t think that’s safe. [growling] Alright we’re
gonna go into the– COSTUMED MAN 2: Fireplace! GUNNAROLLA: I’m going
into the f– fire– I’m going into the fireplace. [ominous noises] [inaudible] [screams] It’s hot. It’s getting very, very hot. All right. Made it. That was awful. Whew. All right I made it through,
had a chance to let my blood pressure return to normal. That was incredible. I’m here with Brian. He’s the general
manager of 13th Floor. The most impressive
sets I’ve seen so far. The characters looked like they
came straight out of a movie. So can you show me
how that all works? BRIAN: Absolutely. Follow me. GUNNAROLLA: I’m ready
for my monster makeover. So if I were to show up,
wanted to be in the show, what do I need to do? what’s– what’s my day look like? BRIAN: First thing
you’re going to do is you’re going
to come in, you’re going to check the actor
board and you’re going to see where you’re going to work. You’re going to come
in, you’re going to talk to the wardrobe manager. She’s going to get you
set up with your costume. GUNNAROLLA: OK. BRIAN: Once you get changed,
you’re gonna sit down, one of our makeup artists
are going to do your makeup, and then you’re going to meet
with the Performance Manager. So that you can warm up
vocally, physically, and get ready for your character. GUNNAROLLA: Alrighty,
I’m ready to do this. So we’re here in
wardrobe, we’re going to figure out which of these
costumes are going to fit me. I had a salad today, so
I’m feeling pretty trim. Which– what am I gonna wear? BRIAN: So our wardrobe manager
is going to find a costume that’s going to fit right here.
GUNNAROLLA: OK. Very chic. Very chic. It’s, uh, derelict. WARDROBE MANAGER:
You are a zombie, so we’re gonna put you
in some zombie attire. GUNNAROLLA: Alrighty, gonna put
these on, I’ll be right back. BRIAN: You look great,
I dig the socks. GUNNAROLLA: Like a
zombie– well that’s my own little personal
contribution there. BRIAN: You ready for makeup? GUNNAROLLA: I’m so ready. BRIAN: All right, let’s go. GUNNAROLLA: Hello, hello, hello. EVAN: Howdy, how’re you doing? GUNNAROLLA: I’m
good, how are you? EVAN: Ready to get in
some zombie makeup? GUNNAROLLA: I’m ready
to be zombified. EVAN: Awesome. We’re going to, uh, apply
this prosthetic to you today. GUNNAROLLA: OK. EVAN: So, gonna
accentuate your features. Make you look a
little zombified. It’s going to take
a little while, but I think you’re going
to look real creepy. GUNNAROLLA: Let’s do it. EVAN: All right [music playing] GUNNAROLLA: Thank you, Evan. EVAN: You’re welcome,
you look great. GUNNAROLLA: Thank you. More beautiful than
when I walked in. Let’s go scare some people. PERFORMANCE MANAGER:
Follow her movements as she goes through them. She’s going to lead you
through some stretching. [music playing] All right, everybody walk around
the space, totally neutral. [zombie sounds] Alright horde, let’s do this. [music playing] BRIAN: Alright, all the rest of
the actors are in their places. Are you ready for yours? GUNNAROLLA: Yes. Let’s do this.
BRIAN: OK. Right under here. GUNNAROLLA: OK BRIAN: You have an actor pop
out underneath the stairwell. GUNNAROLLA: Oh wow. OK. BRIAN: When the
customers come through, GUNNAROLLA: Mhm. BRIAN: You want to time it just
right to throw that door open. Give us your best
zombie roar, and jump on out of your actor popout. GUNNAROLLA: Got it.
BRIAN: Sound like a plan? GUNNAROLLA: Let’s do it. BRIAN: Let’s do it. [music playing] [screams] [cymbals] [zombie sounds] [screams] [laughs] GUNNAROLLA: Can’t get
enough behind the screens? For more creepy
content, stay tuned to go Ghosttober on Travel
Channel, all month long. [zombie sounds] [ominous music]

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  1. These videos are so good. I haven’t experienced much of this in Australia but seeing a real run through and then a behind the scenes is so great! Watching a few of these for the second time. Really interesting. 🎃

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