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if you’ve given any thought at all to
the afterlife and your journey to the other side and wondered if you’re going
to be able to have a smooth successful journey or if you would be actually
stuck here as an earthbound then please watch this video because I’m going to
share some insights with you as a spiritual medium with what I have seen
that actually helps you to transition smoothly into heaven I think oftentimes our culture is
designed around victimhood and finding people to blame for our situation for
our health condition for our financial situation and all kinds of things but
whenever we’re pointing the finger outside of ourselves we are taking the
power away from ourselves we’re taking away the ability to actually heal the
situation and shift the situation within us so much of our created reality
actually begins and ends with our own emotions and the way that we feel about
what is occurring it is entirely possible for you to have something bad
happen to you and for it to really feel like or appear like it’s coming from the
outside and that’s life good things bad things and depending on whether or not
we think they’re good or bad this is just the mix and the duality that we
chose to come in and experience but the way we feel about it is what makes all
the difference in the world the way we either give power to it and
blame it and victimize ourselves from it and feel weak from it that’s our choice
we could also make a different choice at any point in time and this is why I
really really like to work with people on their spiritual healing because many
people don’t realize how many old energies like that they’re holding on to how
many times they’ve given their power away
how many resentments they’re actually carrying within their body and
oftentimes you can tell because these energies make you sick they make you
physically ill they make you spiritually weak and this is the energy that will
follow you into the afterlife if it’s not healed first I want to discuss the
reasons why spirits choose not to go into the light at the time of their
death there’s several reasons sometimes they’re literally drunk and high in a
state of confusion they die too quickly they don’t know they’re dead sometimes
they’re so filled with grief and remorse for the way that they lived that their
guilt and shame literally prevents them from wanting to step into the light and
the big reason there is fear of punishment so many of our religions have
taught that we have to pay a price and that our debt will
come due and all the bad deeds that we do we will receive in the afterlife so
if we’re good people will go to heaven and if we’re bad we’ll go to hell I’d
actually like to break this down and make this nondenominational as we speak
about spiritual truths because there’s a threat of truth in every single religion
but the fact of the matter is you are the one that decides if you go into
heaven but it’s not literally like you can just decide because you want to if
you have lived a troubled life and you have wronged people on purpose you have
intentionally hurt people you’ve lied you’ve stolen and you don’t feel remorse
and you do nothing to repair that energy then most likely you are not going to
transition into the light when you pass someone’s gonna have to come along and
eventually help you and spending time as an Earthbound is not a pleasant way to
spend the afterlife you’re literally still filled with the same unforgiveness
and the same shame and blame and guilt that you had while living so you don’t
get to improve your circumstances until you step into this beautiful light and
that’s why I think it’s important to talk to people about what you can do to
ensure that you go easily into the light when it’s finally your time to pass we
will all experience this at some point in our life and it’s really important to
know that it’s not a decision that is coming from an outside force
God does not prevent you from coming into the light your own emotional state
your own sense of spiritual well-being is what can prevent you from entering
the light I’m sure you’ve all heard this from the elderly or from your
grandparents or from previous generations they used to say to get your
spiritual house in order or to cleanse your soul and prepare for the other side
and this doesn’t mean that you need to become a religious person and start to
pray every day but what it does mean is that you need to make peace with your
life you need to make peace with the people in your life and this does not
mean that you need to go befriend somebody who has abused you
does not mean that you have to put yourself in harm’s way…NO! what this
does mean is that deep within you to find a level of forgiveness and to clear your
resentments and grudges that you’re caring against these people that have
harmed you clearing your own vessel taking responsibility for the feelings
in here is actually what helps you to transition into the light with ease the
most powerful thing that you can do for yourself at any given point in your life
is to forgive and I know that sometimes that’s easier said than done but it is
really important to release the people that have harmed you and to heal the
emotional scars that you carry deep within you as long as you’re still
blaming them for the harm that you’ve lived through you’re not sound
spiritually and you’re not strong spiritually and this is an issue that
really should be healed now the other side of that is sometimes you may want
to seek forgiveness from people that you have harmed and it doesn’t mean that
they’re obligated to forgive you but oftentimes you wanting them to forgive
you and you trying to make amends or having some type of retribution that you
offer them to help them out in a way to balance the score because we’re all
human and we do make mistakes and we’re still all learning we’re finding our way
through this but when you consciously know that you have hurt somebody harmed
their lives that their life off course it is really really important for you to
seek amends for that sometimes this amends could be anonymous sometimes you
can show up and do something really kind for this person without them even
knowing that it was you they don’t need to know that this is for your own soul
and not for them sometimes when you’ve harmed somebody they don’t want to
forgive you and that’s their own choice they’ll have to deal with that at their
own time when it comes time to cross over but what you can do is first ask if
you can be forgiven and see if there’s something that you
can do to make up for the harm that you’ve caused if this person is not an
agreement and not in a place to forgive you honor that that’s absolutely their
decision what you can do in the meantime is to balance that energy and
whatever physical emotional or spiritual harm that you’ve caused to them seek to
make amends for that seek to fix it repair it and heal it on every level
I’ve known people in these types of situations that have been able to help a
family financially at their time of need this is an acceptable way of shifting
that energy within yourself this is truly a way to make it right within
yourself and within your own soul when you’re going to the light after death
it’s not like there’s big bodyguards that are going to kick you out and not
let you enter the person that will not let you enter is actually yourself and
it is really based on your inner feelings and knowings there is no secret
that you can conceal and nothing that you can bury deep enough that will not
come out when you’re entering the golden gates so really look at yourself this is
a time of self-reflection and if you continue to live a good clean spiritual
life that means that you’re honest your Integris you keep your word when you
make a mistake and when you harm somebody you make it right and that
you’re always living from the higher emotional vibrations of love kindness
generosity those are very fluid and very high vibrational spiritual energies to
live your life with so if you would like to plan for your sacred journey and you
want that to be an easy smooth transition please do your spiritual
healing work along the way keep yourself clear forgive others and seek
forgiveness when you’ve done wrong if you’re not sure where to start take a
good look inward and listen to yourself and listen to the words you say to
others and feel your way around any victimhood scenarios because that’s a
really good place to begin your forgiveness work and
to begin clearing your resentments to your belief system that others have
harmed you when you can alleviate those energies you can really start to improve
the spiritual vibration in your body not only will this help you prepare to get
into the light much easier this will also allow you to live a healthier life
physically emotionally and spiritually you don’t have to wait till the end you
don’t have to wait until your deathbed to get clear with yourself and to get
clear spiritually it’s really the best practice to live daily in your highest
self and for your highest good if you would like some spiritual support to
work through these emotional and spiritual issues and old wounds I do
provide private sessions to people all around the world so you can contact me
on my website to set up a private session or you can opt in for my
nine-week grief healing package that really goes through your whole body to
clear and eliminate so many resentments that you may have lived your entire
grown-up life with at the end of that nine weeks people feel amazing and clear
and rejuvenated and full of zest for life again if you feel like that’s
something you would benefit from check out my website at if you
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spiritual assessment is on where you are in your own personal life do you feel
like you would go…zip! right into the light or do you feel like there may be
some things that you still need to heal and forgive before that time comes if
you’re interested in learning more about the spirit world and the afterlife make
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watching everyone and I’ll plan to see you all again on the other side

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