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Ghat (Libya) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Ghat (Libya) Vacation Travel Video Guide

guts is the only large oasis in the southwest of Libya it was once an important Caravan stop at the junction of several Caravan routes even today it's an important center for twat egg of this region today the historic old town is uninhabited but its stone walls and air dried mud tiles still remain the old desert town is an accumulation of walls and alleys roofs and terraces toned in organic color the slow decay of the mud tiles is inevitable ceilings collapse and expose the palm matting of which the ceilings are made the striking white minaret of a mosque dominates the town nearby a wide staircase leads up to a platform this was once the official residence of the Ottoman governor of gas and also served as a refuge in which the town's inhabitants sought shelter when there was danger of attack the old town is overlooked by a fortress located on a natural rock beyond the town the Cougar man fortress is more recent from here there is a view across the small old town as well as the buildings of the inhabited new tab the entire region was already settled in primeval times as highlighted by the discovery of various rock paintings in and around the old tar famous scientists came here Heinrich bars Frenchman do very a and finally Irvin von body a desert oasis town surrounded by huge sand dunes not the most friendly of places but it is the home of the twat egg the desert wha reg tribe has a long history of isolation freedom and independence the first written documents of this place date back to the middle of the 19th century when the Turks overthrew the town had appointed a governor the inland remained in the hands of the twat egg and the iratus avouris and e monroe satis tribes the tribe of the sahara remained independent gat has always been the center for the twat egg in this remote region and today they transport tourists across the desert on all-terrain vehicles the old town is somewhat small and it's alleys fascinating and everywhere there are splendid motifs to see most Europeans who come here for the first time are amazed by this exotic siharan Tom the old town was surrounded by a sturdy wall that was built with air dried mud tiles gates were the only entrances to the town each gate had its own watched our from where guards had a good vantage point those times were dangerous and the people had to protect themselves the fate of irving von bali is closely associated with gat in 1877 he returned here from an unsuccessful journey into the air mountains the Turkish governor invited him for dinner and fondari died the same evening it was thought to be bad coffee that killed him he was buried just outside the town the desert town has clearly been abandoned times have changed and the last inhabitants have finally moved to the new town the Keuka man fortress is stone built it was constructed in the early 20th century by the Italians who once occupied this region the natural contours of the mountain slope were used along with the plateau that was covered with the large complex fire slots in each of four directions at enough space for storage and living accommodation for personnel made the fortress a formidable form of defense the Italians were never really interested in GATS they replaced the Turks yet the touareg managed to retain their independence whilst outside the Saharan heat was scorching hot within the narrow alleys it was pleasantly cool and niches and benches were ideal for relaxation the rooms of empty buildings are grouped around small inner courtyards the walls that face the alleys contain doorways but no other openings daylight came only from the windows that face the inner courtyards the former high season of the town is long gone and now there are no caravans that stop here on their journey across the relentless deserts today many attempt to stem the natural decay of the buildings and to save this mud town from further ruin ghat is a precious legacy of our civilization and one that hopefully will continue to survive for many years to come you

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