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Get ready for Songkran XD Splashing Water Festival! [Battle Trip/2018.06.10]

Get ready for Songkran XD Splashing Water Festival!  [Battle Trip/2018.06.10]

This place is the best. Now we’re in Songkran. There are so many people. Dancing while soaked in water. How exciting. They pour water on you when you’re filling up. They pour water on you when you’re filling up. (Splashed and splashed again) Can you please stop the car for a sec. Wow. N is angry. How courteous. That makes you angry. I think we were mostly up against kids. (2 weeks before they leave, preliminary meeting) This week’s special is an international festival special. Festival. I’ll give you a list of places… That you can go to. Thank you. Pi Mai Festival. Thingyan Festival. Songkran sounds nice. It looks like they’re spraying water on each other. It celebrates the traditional New Year’s Day. Thailand considers April the start of a year. That’s why they greet the new year starting from April. It’s some background information. It’s all written here. (Self complimenting) I thought you were reading from this but you weren’t. It’s held everywhere in Thailand. It’s held in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Ko Samui. I think it’s held everywhere. And the original festival was based on Chiang Mai. We should go to Chiang Mai then. You need to go to Myanmar. (Chiang Mai, the center of Northern Thailand culture) (The old capital of ancient Lanna Kingdom) (Preserved just as it was) It was really hot. It looks very peaceful here. You’re right. – It wasn’t peaceful at all. / – Wasn’t it? The place where I went wasn’t like that. Before the festival, it’s peaceful. It changes completely. (Held every April to celebrate New Year’s Day) (Blessing each other by splashing water on them) They splash water cheerfully. You’re right. It’s not like they’re fighting. I want to dance while being sprayed with water. They did that to my bag. It doesn’t matter if you have a camera. Right, it doesn’t matter. (Let’s go to Chiang Mai, the origin of Songkran) People think you’re strange if you get angry from getting wet. That’s right. You looked very strange. Someone got angry, right? (Tuhi Trip, day 2 in Chiang Mai) (Going to Chiang Mai) (Pai) (Chiang Mai) (3 hours by minivan) (Chiang Mai bus terminal) Let’s go. – This is it. / – It’s so hot. This is the bus terminal people arrive in Chiang Mai. They have what’s called a songthaew. It’s a red bus. We’ll take that bus and go to downtown. There’s a lot of buses. In Thailand, it’s the common way to travel. So it’s like a taxi. It’s like a taxi and bus. – How… / – Is he in? Sawadikap. – Hello. / – Hello. They were all waiting there. 300? If it’s 300… – That’s about $10. / – He’s good at communicating. – We can bargain. / – We can bargain the price down? Yes, we can. – You can bargain with public transport? / – Yeah. It’s different to Korean taxis. The driver sets the price. The driver said 300 so you should bargain to 200. You need to go lower. That’s basically a failed bargain. We felt bad since it was our first time. 280? Okay. See? I told you it works. The price isn’t set here. It’s whatever they call. Thank you. He readily accepted it. He probably thought of 250. Since it was 280, he was grateful. Right. He even smiled when he agreed. If you look around… This place has a different vibe from Pai. Every store closed today. – The festival already started? / – Yes. It was during the festival. I think the stores are closed for the whole day. There was no starting point to the festival. It’s just everywhere. Hey, hey, hey, hey. – Hey, hey, hey, hey. / – No, no, no, no. No, no, no. (Oh, no) – Hey, hey, hey, hey. / – No, no, no, no. Just like that. He’s so happy. You didn’t block any of it. (He only laughs in vain) This is what the festival is like. He just came and splashed it. However, we must smile. Thank you, kids. That’s not fair. We weren’t even ready. – I think you should get ready. / – The festival’s started. But they’re doing it to wish you good fortune, so you can’t get mad. That’s so funny. They’re merciless. Look at N. He’s starting to get mad. – This is so funny. / – That’s so not fair. They do it from inside the car? I’ll open the car door and splash a bucket. Wait, I shouldn’t say that. Don’t be like that. I shouldn’t say that. – I’m not in the Songkran mood yet. / – Calm down. Don’t get mad. Not yet. I’m not into it yet. You can’t get mad here. Seriously. Let’s calm our anger. This is Songkran. Yes, it’s Songkran. Can they splash the water to the back of the taxi? Even the driver wasn’t bothered by it. – Even the drivers? / – Right. That’s amazing. Are you heading downtown now? The people on the trucks are the scariest. – They’re hardcore. / – Yeah. – No joke. / – They melt ice on the trucks. To blast you with cold water. When we go to the street over there, that’s the main street for the Songkran Festival. Everyone is shooting water over there. That’s right. So we should go over there and check it out first. Is it okay to enter there? Just get ready there. They just shoot water at the camera. They don’t care. Check out that hose. You can’t beat that hose. You have to run. – That’s going too far. / – Isn’t that a bathhouse hose? (The parade signals the start of the Songkran Festival) (Various parades of traditional clothes and statues) (Pours the water on their shoulders wholeheartedly) This is the tradition. Pouring water on each other’s shoulders. Originally… – That’s so nice. / – That’s the normal way. They say that’s how it all started. That was the start and it developed to what it is now. Since it’s a Buddhist country, they splash water on statutes. – There’s this flower water. / – Initially… – That’s how it started, right? / – Yes. While praying to the statutes. (They get splashed with water from all over the place) Now, we should… Let’s go buy outfits. And join in. Okay. Let’s go, let’s go. Warorot Market is the representative traditional market of the Chiang Mai. This place is called Warorot Market. Is it a street market? Yes, indeed. There’s a market on the street. And the inside is all market as well. We should buy outfits here and get changed. Let’s enjoy the Songkran Festival to the fullest. This shop has a lot of outfits. They have goggles too. Yes, we need to buy these goggles. You need goggles. That would’ve been convenient. This is 50 baht. – This is the cheapest. / – You’re right. Can’t buy expensive ones. This is 100 baht. They’re a must. Let’s just buy the 50 baht ones. Because… There are a lot of people here and you’ll knock into them during the Songkran Festival. So they break easily. So we don’t need ones that cost 100 baht. Just buy the 50 baht ones. Let’s just enjoy the day with these cheap ones. We can be practical and wear them just for today. – We’ll only wear them for one day. / – Yeah. I’ll go with the cheaper ones. I’ll be practical. I’ll choose a different pair. – With a different frame? / – Yeah. Okay. Let’s get these. They’re on me. That’s a great idea. Goggles are the best. Here. Now that we have our goggles, we should buy outfits that… – Fit this country, region and festival. / – Okay! It won’t be as fun to just go and buy them. I’m having plenty of fun already. Let’s choose each other’s outfits. – Choose each other’s outfits? / – Yes. If you can’t trust me, you should come with me. No, no. We’ll shop separately. Let’s get ones that suit each other. I saw the outfits over there. Okay. Let’s see what happens. For Hongbin, I’ll get a very nice outfit. Wouldn’t he need something like this? This is great. Goodness. We’d carry that too pools back in the day. Since you need to put your phone somewhere. – A waterproof bag. / – How much is this? 120. – 120? / – Yes. Discount? No discount. I sell for 120. She sounds firm. Please. Please. Please. Please. – Please. / – No discount. Please. Please. – Please. / – That’s how you bought it. Yeah. Discount. 100 baht. – 100 baht? / – Yes. Okay, okay, okay. I got a 20 baht discount. He saved 20 baht. – Thank you. / – Thank you. 100 baht is $3.40. It’s very cheap. You haggle like crazy and you save like 30 cents. – That’s right. / – Yeah. What’s going on? Should we take it easy and get a mango? While I was busy picking his outfit. I see some shirts. There are a lot of people here. How much is it? 199 199? – Discount please. / – No discount. Last price. – No discount? / – Yes. Please. Please. You did it too. 190 is okay. – 190? / – 190. I saved 9 cents. She was so firm. No, no. – 100. / – No. One more. Please. – 100. / – No. 130 140 Please, please. 120. Let’s go. Let’s go. 120? Okay. Okay? I heard that business owners have fun bargaining instead of just selling the products. Don’t you think word got around about you? As the Please Boy. – Are you back, Hongbin? / – Yes. – We should present the outfits now. / – Okay. 1, 2, 3. – The entire outfit? / – Ta-da. What is that? Hey, seriously. This is a hidden item. First of all, we should each wear this. – They’ve become flower boys. / – Tops first. Tops first. Are you ready? Wait. Let me see which one it is. I’m ready now. You don’t know which one is the top? I got confused. Is it that kind of outfit? Okay, I’m ready. Okay, here goes. 1, 2, 3. Ta-da. They’re both flowers. You two have a similar taste. – Pant? Are you ready? / – Yes. – Here goes. / – Yes. 1, 2, 3. Ta-da. What is that? Why? Why? Ta-da. What is that? Why? Why? It’s blue again. Everyone’s dressed like this. I prepared something else too. A handbag for you to get attention. I heard you prepared something so… This is for you to walk easily through the water. (What is that?) What? – Oh, my. / – Amazing. It’s cute. It’s pretty. This is so… This is a nice item. – It’s so… / – That’s so cute. They look like real fish. You need these slippers to play with water. It was the biggest size, I had no choice. – Wait. / – It’s kind of scary. They have pink and purple… They don’t fit. Did you have to buy one that looks like a real fish? Who will think he’s an idol in these? His feet look like fish. This is perfect. This is for you to walk easily through the water. They’re so good. I want to buy a pair. Do you want to try these on? Why would I wear fish on my feet? Why would I wear fish on my feet? How much were the fish shoes? $5.40. I want to buy one. Who would wear fish here? This was such a great buy. – I’m angry. / – I’m relieved. Alright. This might come across as outdated. In order to save time? 5, 6, 7, 8. Hakyeon, Hongbin, Tuhi Trip! Ta-da. Look, his shoes stand out. Doesn’t something smell fishy? What are you saying? They look pretty. They’re so pretty. You should keep them on. Only three of your toes stick out. Anyway, we’re wearing the outfits but we don’t have… – The most important item. / – Right. We don’t have any weapons yet. – We’ll go to buy water guns. / – Let’s go.

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