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Geena The Giraffe’s Tremendous Tooth Adventure

Geena The Giraffe’s Tremendous Tooth Adventure

Super: The following video, Geena’s Tremendous
Tooth Adventure, is provided FREE as an educational service from Crest Oral-B. Kid’s Crest Sparkle
Toothpaste presents…Geena’s Tremendous Tooth Adventure This is the story about Geena, who lived in
a very nice house, in a very nice town. With her father, who was a giraffe, and her mother,
who was a giraffe. But that was okay because Geena was a giraffe too. And Geena was very
happy, because she had just gotten her first big tooth. But one night, Geena’s mother
found her crying. Mom: “Geena, what’s wrong?” Geena: “I’m afraid.” Mom: “Aw of what, honey?” Geena: “I’m afraid my big tooth is going
to fall out just like my baby teeth.” Mom: “Aww, G, that’s a scary thought.
But you know what Geena, if you take care of your permanent teeth, you’ll have them
for a long time. Geena: I will? I’m going to brush right
now! Mom: Hee hee, great! Sparkles: Your new teeth are coming,
so make ‘em feel at home. Your new teeth are here to stay, not to go
and roam. So brush right and eat smart every day and
you’ll have a sparkle smile that’ll never go away! New teeth, coming to stay!
New Teeth, never go away! New Teeth, coming to stay!
Your new teeth are coming, and they’re coming to stay! Geena: Wow! You sparkles are great! Sparkles: Thanks, Geena! Yea-we think it’s
great how you’re taking care of your teeth! Geena: Well- see you in the morning! Sparkles: Whatever, right! *dream sequence Geena: Huh? Frog: He’s coming! King Cavity is coming! King Cavity: Hoooo rahhhhhhh. Frog: Oh no! He sees me! Ooh, I don’t want
my teeth to be like his! King Cavity (singing): Hoorah. I’m big bad
King Cavity, I’m as mean as can be! Every one of my teeth has a cavity!
They’re rotten, ugly, yellow and green, And that’s exactly how I want your teeth
to be seen. Yellow and green! Hippo: Ding, da, ding, ding. Hello. Geena: What are you doing? Hippo: I’m brushing my teeth. Geena: Aren’t you afraid of King Cavity? Hippo: Ha ha ha. Not a bit. I’m brushing
my teeth like I do every day. Always in the proper way. See, I have chosen a fluoride
toothpaste, and a well designed toothbrush. I brush the fronts of my teeth, the inside,
and all across the tops. That way I avoid any chance meeting with Ol’ King Cavity.
And you can do the same thing, too. Here. Geena: Thanks! Hippo: Oh and don’t forget to ask your mom
and dad to help you floss! Geena: Gee, I ‘m getting tired and hungry.
I think I’ll have a snack. King Cavity: Can I help you? Mwahhh ha ha. Geena: Wooooah! Rhino: Hungry?
Geena: Yea! Rhino: Here. You won’t find these in any
candy store. Geena: Thanks! Rhino: Well you’re never going to take care
of your teeth eating candy. You need to eat balanced meals and limit snacks. And if you
need a snack, have some of my fresh fruits and vegetables. That way you’ll always have
a beautiful smile. Like mine! Geena: Thanks! Geena: You know, I’m getting pretty tired
of running from this King Cavity dude. In fact, I think I’ve had just about had- King Cavity: Uhhhhhhhh Geena: -enough. Sparkles:
Now you know how to take care of your teeth, You gotta brush ‘em right, and watch what
you eat. Use a fluoride toothpaste, and plenty of floss,
Eat healthy foods and your teeth will get lost.
But there’s one more thing that you gotta do
You gotta get check up! Ooohh oh! Get a check up! Oooh ooh!
Get a check up! Oooh hoo! Get a check up!
Ha ha alright! VO: And now, it’s time for everyone to go
to the dentist! Geena: You too, Mr. All holes and yucky teeth. Dentist: Next please! Come on, don’t be
a big baby! It’s never too late to take care of your teeth. Assistant: Geena Giraffe? Geena, this is Doc
Croc. Geena: Hi!
Doc Croc: Geena, ever wonder how someone gets a cavity? An invisible blanket of plaque is
always forming, covering the teeth. If you don’t brush and floss your teeth every day,
it combines with sugar from your food, and can cause cavities. And that’s another reason
it’s important to have regular check ups. Assistant: First, we’ll clean your teeth
with this special brush. Geena: Ha ha, it tickles! Assistant: Now we’ll put fluoride on them
to make them strong. Doc Crco: And, just to make sure there are
no problems, we’ll take some pictures with an X-Ray.
Everything looks great. I wonder how your
friend King Cavity made out. *cheering Geena: Now that’s what I call a dream! Sparkles:
Your new teeth are coming, so make ‘em feel at home.
Your new teeth are here to stay, not to go and roam.
So brush right and eat smart every day and you’ll have a sparkle smile that’ll never
go away! New teeth, coming to stay!
New Teeth, never go away! New Teeth, coming to stay!
Your new teeth are coming, and they’re coming to stay! Super: This video, Geena’s Tremendous Tooth
Adventure, has been provided FREE as an educational service from Crest Oral-B *end credits

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  1. Holy crap, I remember seeing this in kindergarten. Given the multitude of artificial molars I now possess, I have to question its long-term effectiveness.

  2. The last time I watched this was when I was in pre-K. Now I'm 23-year-old Corrections Officer, and that song just randomly popped into my head.

  3. I remember seeing this video sometime around 2nd grade.
    Finally, more than fifteen years later, I have found it again!

  4. OMG 😲 I barely remember this from preschool I haven't seen this in at least 14 years I remembered the giraffe crying about here teeth and the part about the singing drops of tooth paste but the rest of this feels brand new to me. Wow this gave me a lot of nostalgia

  5. OMG it’s been years since I watched this the last time I saw this I was in pre k I think I’m going to cry 😢

  6. I see most people in the comments said that they wacthed this in elementary grade, I wacthed this is in 4th grade

  7. These are the subtle ways that children are brainwashed into buying unnecessary and arguably harmful products like fluoride toothpaste. There is no conclusive science behind the use of fluoride for oral health, and unnatural chemical ingredients used in Crest toothpastes break down our natural oral microbiomes which act as the first line of defense against cavities and demineralization. Children who were influenced by this propaganda are more likely to stay hooked on Crest products for their pleasant temporary band-aid effects and keep the dentists nice and busy profiting off of the oral health disaster. The only sensible part of the cartoon is telling children to eat vegetables.

  8. Geoffrey's little sister runs away and survives from Jeff Bezos' pet monkey
    and that monkey was Amazon

  9. Geena the Giraffe is more similar to the Toys R Us Mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe.

  10. That geena is such a crybaby in the beginning and yes I know this is for little ones but come on I don’t know anyone that is that young that cries over losing a tooth

  11. i just wanted to check this again. to see if their was any fetish fuel here that created todays weirdos. nothing really here so good on u oral b

  12. My goodness, I hadn't seen this short since I was in Kindergarten during Health Class in the early 2000's. I remember once a year, our Health teacher showed our class this short on a small TV (Which came on a VHS).

  13. 💗💓❤💝💚💟💜💛💞💖💕💙👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  14. Oh he he he's Coming King Cavity is Coming ah ho ho hogh roa ha ha haor Oh No He's Seam me ugh I don't want to teeth be like His

  15. Oh Oh he he he he's Coming oh oh King Cavity is Coming da oh oh oh a Hoora Ah Ah Ah Ahhh Oh No He's Seams me I don't want like to Teeth to be like his

  16. I watched this 11 years ago and was totally afraid of the monster with bad teeth. Didn't know he was an ape until now.

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