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Gay Inclusive Amazon Kindle Commercial

Gay Inclusive Amazon Kindle Commercial

That’s a Kindle, right? Yeah, it’s the new Kindle Paperweight. I love to read at the beach, but… This is perfect at the beach and with the built-in light, I can read anywhere, anytime. Done!
With your book? Nope, I just bought a Kindle Paperweight. We should celebrate. My husband’s bringing me a drink right now. So is mine.

Reader Comments

  1. Oh btw…it doesn't matter in the universal scheme of things that your self centered ass is in college, or that you'll EVER make a difference, at all.

  2. whatever. And stop being a coward, stop deleting your comments. I am done with you, I don't like talking to cowards. You just keep removing your comment, well there's no point in arguing with you. You believe what you want to believe and I believe what I want to believe. And FIY things can change and maybe I will make a difference unlike you who sits on his lazy ass and hate people. You are just wasting my time I have better things to do, anyways adiós

  3. The REAL fight is against libtards of ALL stripes. That's WHY I "waste" my time on crap like this. Idiocy…the ending of it…if I make a difference against progs, frogs and tards…then I WIN.

  4. comparing acoholics and murderers to homosexuals, really? you must be an idiot. and four year olds saying the want to fuck someone? what? idiot.

  5. I don't remember hearing any four-year-old ever saying they wanted to fuck anything, being that they're four. And are you angry about homosexuality or heterosexuality, since your comment contradicts itself quite a bit…

  6. Who cares what you think? People like you have a screw loose. Most people comment on whatever is featured. Then there are idiots like you who comment on the comments.

  7. I have a screw loose because I replied to something on the most recent page of comments? Cool.

    At least I don't attempt to stereotype an entire group of people based on the singular environment you were in that exposed you to… maybe a handful of gay men? And of course that makes you an expert on homosexuality in all its facets.

  8. My original email clearly recognizes that there are homo that could pass for hetero. They are not in the majority, although if you count the men that are on the down low, the number increases.

  9. Is this the stock comment you submit to anyone who disagrees with you? Why don't you go ahead and comment on the video that is featured instead of commenting on the comments. People have a right to their opinion. Who are you to shut down peoples' opinions just because they are the opposite of yours? You are pretty intolerant, especially intolerant of diversity.

  10. Stop trying to shut down diversity just because you don't agree with it. People have a right to their opinion without you being an a-hole telling people how they are supposed to think. Who made you the authority on what people can say?

  11. This wins over other pro-gay commercials because you had no idea he was gay and then you can’t tell which one is his husband. They are showing them as people, not as gays and straights.

  12. What ever gay content I come across i'm youtube I'm flagging and if you are against the gay agenda I suggest you do the same. TV shows, Commercials Movies with explicit gay content I'm 100% against and if you are too.. Lets do something about it..

  13. I love reading the ignorant comments people make. They think "straight" is the only way when it isn't. Grow up. People are people whether they are gay or straight.

  14. Opinions are not opinions when you try to pass them off as fact. You are talking out of your ass and are showing everyone are fucking stupid you are. That's not an opinion, that is a fact.

  15. Was that a request for me, or for Samofawesomeness? It would be impossible to see how many people are born homophobic, but there is an estimate of around 5%. (Cited: National Science Foundation)

    Also, there are 500+ mammals types that have show homosexual behavior… so it wouldn't be to abnormal for a humans to show the same characteristics.

  16. There are also hundreds of non-mammals, especially seahorses. More than 30% of sexual activity occurring in any seahorse population is between two males or two females.

  17. Actually, when I was five, I told my mother that I wanted to marry a girl someday. I am also a girl. I didn't want to f*ck anther girl, since I was A FIVE YEAR OLD FOR GOD'S SAKE, but I did know that I wanted to be married to not a boy, but another girl. Just chill out, man.

  18. So if a man married a woman with two kids and killed the kids to show his dominance should we should turn a blind eye to that also? Granted that animals do this exact behavior-obviously without marriage.

  19. R u a caveman? Genetic studies have PROVEN people are born with alcoholism & mental illnesses. Many of these mental illnesses & some murderers are sick & need medication. example: Charles Manson. If you read the 10 commandments it doesn't say thou shalt not be gay. But it does say thou shalt not KILL, nor commit adultery! If 2 men r married by law they aren't committing adultery. Marriage is marriage. If it's on paper it's not adultery. Studies also show gay marriages last longer & less divorce.

  20. How is it a sin if they are MARRIED? They are not committing adultery. Ten commandments do not SPECIFICALLY state thou shalt not be gay but they specifically state to not murder, lie, steal, etc. They are absolute specific NO question. Also Adam & Eve's children had to have sex with each-other to procreate, but that's considered a sin now. How can U pick & chose what you "think" God wants? Contradicting and hypocritical. Pure homophobia. Not gay but think Christians need to be less judgmental.

  21. Here's the thing: Everyone believes in fantasies (Religions), everyone loses because everyone is ignorant.
    The thing about science is that it's true whether you believe it or not and doesn't discriminate for illogical purposes, knowledge for everyone, everyone wins.
    Science > Religion.

  22. Congratulations, you took a completely legitimate argument and made it about your own close minded and fairly irrelevant bullshit.

  23. Not really, he was talking about how Christianity or at least the bible is intolerant of gays, so I informed him that it's all just a bunch of fairy tales. And I don't see how not worshiping fairy tales makes me closed minded… If anything I'm very open minded because I look past what society thinks is correct and think logically for myself, unlike you religious morons.

  24. 1) Your reading comprehension is fairly poor. He was explaining how Christianity or at least the bible is not intolerant of homosexuality.

    2) What you do or don't worship doesn't make you closed or open minded, but that that you assumed I am religious (spoiler, I'm not) seems to point towards closed mindedness.

    3) For someone who professes to "think" a lot, fairly tales seems like a very academic term. Put in some more effort next time.

  25. Since a typical 3 year old boy doesn't want to kiss a girl either, I guess that means we're all naturally unkissable. Of course, none of that proves anything because, (a) kissing is not a sexual thing fro 3 year olds (otherwise, kissing Mommy is kinda icky, no?) and (b) at three, most children have absorbed cultural homophobia. (Little boy, regardless of orientation, growing up in a homophobic home, has to get beaten how many times before he decides it's not good to kiss other boys?)

  26. 1) You're*. And you get the idea, the subject is Christianity against homosexuality.
    2) Actually religion is pretty much the practice of ignorance, "No no, that's not the sun, that's god's love!" A poor example, but it's been said. And sorry for assuming you were religious, it only made sense seeing how you were defending religion, and you don't see many non-religious doing that.
    3) What are you talking about? I say fairy tales to mock the religious stories.

  27. 1) Are you trolling? I am referring to the reading comprehension you possess, not that you are reading comprehension. And no, the subject is very much not Christianity against homosexuality, that was the entire point of his comment.

    2) Yeah, you are right that it's pretty ignorant to believe human life is important or that you should love your neighbor. Spot on dude.

    3) Close minded bigots tend to mock things they don't understand.

  28. 1) One guy said all sins will be washed away if you believe in Jesus, the other was arguing that Christianity shouldn't treat homosexuality as a sin.
    2) The morals aren't the ignorant part (Not all of them), it's the stories that go with it all. You can be a perfectly good person without believing in god and hell.
    3) Well I've done my share of research and had the will to understand, but in the end, I'd rather not understand why I must believe in a higher power controlling my life or damning it.

  29. 1) I was talking about the exact comment you responded to, but either way the thread was a discussion on how Christianity and homosexuality should interact, not about how "Science > Religion". It's funny how you think they're opposing forces.

    2) Sure thing, try telling that to everyone you see reading. Just go ahead and let them know that whatever they're reading, be it On the Origin of Species or Twilight, let them know that they can be a perfectly good person without believing that book.

  30. There's nothing wrong with being gay, it's merely a preference, stop being a prick. There are tons of animals who have shown gay behavior, it's not sick, it's just as natural as being straight.
    Just not according to religion, whoops went there again.

  31. 1) I wasn't agreeing or arguing with the guy I responded to, I was just adding to the debate, and it was relevant as we were talking about religion and homosexuality. All I said was religion was a bunch of BS anyway.
    2) If someone reads like Twilight or something, any sane person is going to realize it is just a story, and won't actually believe it. You cannot say the same for religious people.

  32. 1) You weren't "adding to", you were "changing the content of".

    2) And any idiot will assume there's nothing to be learned from it.

  33. 1) No, I was most certainly adding to it. We were on the topic of homosexuality, some guy brought up religions, I shared my thoughts.
    2) There's plenty to be learned, I never said there wasn't. But there's other ways to learn without devoting your life to things that don't exist. And when it comes to gays, people use religion to treat them badly. They take their own faith in things they are not sure are real to make gays feel bad, and we know gays are real. It's pathetic, and ignorant.

  34. 1) And boy were those thoughts original and valuable and completely not trite or overheard.

    2) There are also ways to devote your life to things that cannot be proved by science to exist or not exist, and not treat people badly because it's part of your belief system.

  35. 1) And boy is your input irrelevant to the discussion, all you're doing is arguing for the sake of arguing.
    2) No, everything can be proven through science, we just haven't yet. Also, lack of a reasonable explanation is not evidence of an irrational one. So sorry, if we never do one day discover the origins of life, I still won't accept the idea of two people doing each other to start civilization sent by some asshole watcher dude in the sky.

  36. 1) I'm not part of the discussion, I came to call you out, and that's what I'm doing. It's plain and simple.

    2) That's a pretty strong belief you have right there. That science will prove everything. Sounds sort of similar to those who say God will fix everything.

  37. 1) Well you're not getting anywhere.
    2) Science can prove anything, it's the study of the natural process of everything. But that doesn't mean we know everything, or will any time soon. It could take us a billion years to find out what's beyond our galaxy, but that doesn't mean it is impossible to do. And it's nothing like believing god will fix everything, that would be believing in a lie.

  38. 1) That's a matter of opinion.

    2) I'm sure many scientists would say believing that we will actually understand everything is also believing in a lie.

  39. Leondardo Da Vinci
    Miguel Angel
    Andy Warhol
    Boy George
    George Michael
    Elton John
    Tracy Chapman
    Richard Chamberlain
    Hans Christian Andersen

    wonderful gay people, all better than you

  40. If you think gay marriage is going to affect you in a negative way, you need to go sit in a corner.

  41. "That girl with the e-reader has it so much better than my crappy tablet that can browse the web, game, watch videos, and has a color display. Because screen glare." Said no one ever.

  42. I hear people say "Stop trying to be PC by including gay people". Oh, Ok, so they should just ignore equality, cool.

  43. why did I just saw them right now. (and that girl obviously sells kindle, like who talks about their stuff like that?)

  44. It looks like the guy in the darker shirt is wearing a wedding band that matches the ring the woman is wearing, however it appears as if the man in the teal shirt is looking towards the woman. The later could simply be a result of looking at the unfamiliar person.

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