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Footage of how Tom Cruise broke his ankle on set | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

Footage of how Tom Cruise broke his ankle on set | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

Are you nearly finished we I don’t know Last year last March or April Yes, yes, so you must be nearly finished It’s cuz I broke my ankle we had to shut down But once weeks away the ankle this is that it’s are you fully recovered Are you well it’s still broken, but I’m doing well. No you’re kidding. It’s still broken. Yeah I mean, it’s not fully healed But we’re shooting, but that’s nuts because we’ve seen though we’ve seen bitching you’re running and doing stuff again Yeah, no, but it we have a release date. So we got to keep going yeah, otherwise. You’ll end up going lies yes I You probably I’m sure you all saw the the footage in in it was in the papers and things Online of the accident yes, and I think we all kind of thought well How did you break an ankle didn’t look like you should have broken your jaw or something I know everyone said that was the stunt I mean I’m gonna run across and Hit the side of the wall and then pull myself over that wasn’t the mistake So you’re always meant to not yes land on the roof. Okay, so at what you done, you brought us some footage I think this is so cool to see this from the different angles what I I can’t watch this Most of it’s fine, there’s one clip, but I will warn you it’s not for the squeak two wires they’re basically just safety wires because I’m I go at a full tilt and I’m sprinting as hard as I can and I hit the side the wall, and that’s the stunt I hit the side of the wall, and then I’m chasing after Henry actually and All his fault I blame him I hit the side the wall, and then I climb up on the wall And I’m supposed to run Pascal okay So we’ve got this is the shot from behind You so this is you see the the speed and the momentum of the run and it’s in London there We go so it’s keeping me, okay, so here. He goes But you get my point you think how did you break a leg? So let’s look at her to the side. Just list it from the side So this is from the side here we go we shot it with three cameras okay here. He goes and boom Now now we’ve got a camera which focuses on the foot now if you are squeamish Don’t watch this Try to share it to me, and I’m like yeah I mean if bone doesn’t pop out or anything But it is an odd angle for anyone’s foot to be spun should ever have to do this. Yeah, we go here We go oh my gosh, so he jumps that speed that momentum here we go And watch that whatsit Here here is why here is why Tom Cruise gets paid the big bucks Okay Because this is it from the front angle, okay, so you’ve just seen what’s happened to his foot now watch this I knew I broke it instantly to town now anyone else to go well. That’s over No I Didn’t want to do it again. I do I do instantly was broken and I Run past camera we got the shot. It’s in the movie that profiles shot both their shots are in the movie Everybody said when when you go to run out of shot? Oh, that’s so him Like with your foot hanging off I Just want to sit sorry guys it’s broken. You know take me to the hospital. It’s broken every That’s a wrap everyone everyone crew got on the phone and made their vacation arrangement. I made a baby

Reader Comments

  1. when he first come into the sense. i thought he is just another guy with a cute face. but after all these years he really have my respect

  2. Brie Larson: i did my own stunts
    Chris Hemsworth: are you gonna be the next Tom Cruise?
    Brie Larson: No, i'm gonna be the next me

  3. I see alot of hate here! But won't reply to any because how ever his personality is he is a gr8 actor and good looking too

  4. And Justin wants to challenge him. OK justin idk what you're thinking but i like where this is going..

  5. Just gotta say the angle of his foot not that bad i just did that same angle from the body pretty simple it was the impact most likely

  6. My god at 3:10 when he gets up and starts running, my admiration for this man skyrocketed. In those conditions he thought: “I should finish this take anyway, maybe the director wants to use it”. From now on I will 100% sure when watching one of his movies that he is giving his 110% for my entertainment. Mad respect.

  7. The crazy part is that in the movie, you can't even tell he was injured. Like, in movie context, I just completely forgot the backstory of the shot.

  8. Gosh, no matter how Tom Cruise gets old but I always luv him! He is the first man I love the most ❤❤😘 hey i need a man in my life like you! 😅

  9. I have a lot of admiration for Tom cruise.
    I don't care about all the Scientology stuff, he's been in some amazing films and has a good energy about him.
    The guy is annoyingly good looking too, when you factor in he's what 57 in this interview, its quite clear Tom Cruise has something special to him which warrants his success.

  10. Respect he’s got balls to do the stunts but that’s a bit too much macho ego. Risk everyone’s pay and time so u can do the stunts

  11. "They keep trying to show it to me and I'm like 'Noooooo!'…. Nobody's foot should ever have to do this ever…."
    So you HAVE seen it?

  12. Don't you know Brie Larson does all her own stunts just like Tom Cruise cause she said so the 3 stunt women surrounding her just sit around doing nothing but drinking martinis.

  13. Jackie Chan will always be the gold standard because he's the only one who's a trained stuntman first & foremost, but the three Hollywood men of action who have done a large, large number of their own stunts are Tom Cruise, Keanu Reeves, and Harrison Ford.

    Tom Cruise has said he'll never win an Oscar for running, but people show up to his movies to see him do that run he does, so he's got to sell it every time. Ford and Reeves have both downplayed what they do since they both have actual stunt doubles for anything that requires specialized trianing, like falling off a horse or getting thrown through a window, but otherwise they just consider it "action acting." It makes total sense when you think of a Harrison Ford fistfight: it's an action scene with such personality and such character in it that you never lose the dramatic interest just because there's a fight scene going on. Maybe a trained martial artist could make for better fistfights, but it wouldn't look like Indiana Jones was throwing and taking punches, and that's the key to making people care about the movie, even if the fights could be better.

    Jackie Chan is lucky because his characters ARE as agile as he is, and he's as agile as his characters are. He's also "action acting" more than just staging an action stunt: his character (usually a comedic character) comes through in every scene he shoots.

    With other very very capable action stars, from Jason Statham to the magnificent Donnie Yen, we have actors who are also EXCELLENT at handling fight choreography. But even so, it feels like they have an acting scene, then a fighting scene, then an acting scene. And while they're good at both (Ok, Statham is no Oscar winner, but he has a type and he plays that type quite well), it never feels like they're doing both at the same time. Harrison Ford is a 75-year-old now, and not much of a fighter, but his so-so fight scenes are dramatically riveting because he never stops acting to fight. It's why a Harrison Ford fight will always outshine a Statham fight as a dramatic set piece for me even though the latter is always more impressive physically and technically.

    I think Tom Cruise has a lot of that going for him as an "action actor" too. Like a lot of these guys, his range is not huge, but it doesn't turn off when it's time to shoot the stunt. He carries the emotional direction of the scene even while he's hanging off stuff or jumping off stuff, or throwing his almost-60-year-old body through whatever for our amusement. I think that's why he's successful as an action star in ways other dramatic actors aren't, and I think that's also why it has to be him doing as many of the stunts as possible in order to sell them.

  14. I mean, the guy is crazy, but also crazy good at his job, total respect for actors like himself that just go all the way for a shot.

  15. I actually really like Tom cruise's movies, what upsets me about this ankle break is that… I have broken my ankle exactly the same as Mr cruise…the difference is he was up and doing the movie again in 6 or so weeks, no doubt due to some funds and the recording studios medical care… I live in Australia and I broke my ankle the similar about 7 years ago.
    I have been walking with a limp ever since, our medical system will not pay to try and fix it instead it's like a tooth it's cheaper to cut it off then it is to fix it as a tooth is to pull out instead of treating it…I'm going to lose my leg at the age of 37 due to not having enough funds or being important enough to fix my foot or at least have a go at fixing it…it's sad to think that about $20,000 is going to leave me without a leg for the next 50 years on top of already having a double organ transplant and being legally blind.. and this in no way is putting down Mr cruise he is a fantastic actor and without that kind of medical care we wouldn't have these excellent movies and stunts that he does on his own great effort to all you and the team keep up the great work you're an inspiration..James Australia..♥️

  16. This guy breaks his ankle badly and pulls himself up to finish the take. Most people would yell "cut" and scream for help. But not Tom Cruise, this guy is so dedicated and gives his all because he loves what it does.

  17. With the exception of The Mummy reboot, I'd say this guy is an amazing actor and it shows in everything he does.

  18. The whole time I was looking for Henry in front of tom, tom said he was chasing him. Nope, henry is fine just walking through a building a ways away.

  19. His injury reminds me of when Jackie Chan broke his ankle jumping onto a hovercraft whilst filming Rumble in the Bronx — like Cruise, he had a movie to finish, but shooting could not be held off for that film so Chan wore a sock painted to look like his other trainer so that he could finish the film.

    When Jackie lands on the hovercraft you can see very clearly that his right foot goes onto its side somewhat, and you can also see him clearly in pain as he rolls backwards in the same shot (the jump in the film was in slow-motion).

  20. I care not what Tom cruise believes. Whatever gets your up in the mornings. Hes a guy that's been ultra famous for the overwhelming majority of his life. That alone has ruined most celebrities and been the cause of their demise. But he is an amazing man living an amazing life nobody has ever lived before. And he's almost 60 and still going at it hard. It really makes you realize how little the rest of us have accomplished in life. Cheers to you Mr Cruise and aloha from Kauai. You're an inspiration to millions

  21. Mad respect to Tom Cruise. He has gone beyond the role of an actor. He is an amazing stuntman as well. Such a dedicated actor!

  22. tom cruise broke his ankle everybody went crazy and whole world cares
    Jackie chan Half Dead Nobody cares

    sad but true

  23. he had to complete the shot, he's pretty much the boss of mission impossible and he knew it would set back the whole schedule by doing it months later, a real professional guy, not many actors would have done that

  24. After Syria. Could free "ngentot" to audience bring "ATOM" belong to us, TAMARIND, Darussalam should be dead.*Hello Dog…No!! DOC OW YES…DOG..SIT!

  25. i always found this impressive but when i sprained my ankle a few weeks ago, i couldn’t walk at all for a good few hours. then again, i’m not tom cruise

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