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FLYING KIWI – The Best Adventure Bus Tour in New Zealand | Going Awesome Places

FLYING KIWI – The Best Adventure Bus Tour in New Zealand | Going Awesome Places

– [Woman] Okay, kia ora everyone. – [Group] Kia ora. – New Zealand is blessed with
ridiculous natural beauty stunning landscapes,
high octane adventures and the friendliest people known as kiwis. Flying Kiwi is a bus adventure of a lifetime in New Zealand
and National Geographic has actually named them as one of the top adventure travel companies on earth. We didn’t believe it at first,
but then we got to do it. Have your choice between amazing sunrises or spectacular sunsets. Cook delicious meals with your new mates or have drinks with new friends. – [Group] Cheers. – See a real kiwi, or eat a real kiwi. Learn a thing or two from
our Flying Kiwi guides, or flying out of a plane, weehoo. Be able to see the pancake
rocks and Punakaiki, or go kayaking in the Abel Tasman. (pop music) Descend into the black
labyrinth by first suiting up, grab your tube, hiking into the cave and jumping into the water, then look up and see the glow worms all around you. Or glow from drinking too much wine. Explore the unbelievably beautiful and green outdoors of New Zealand. Or head into a green
stones store in Hokitika to see how they’re carved and made. In the north island head
down to what used to be Greenpeace’s flag ship Rainbow Warrior New Zealand’s incredible wreck dive. Or try not to get wrecked
sand boarding, let’s do this. Yeah oh, wooo. But seriously it’s hard not
to make your friends jealous with views like this, this, this or this. You’re getting to see New Zealand the way it was supposed to be seen. Do it your way, for accommodations you can camp, or you can upgrade to a luxury private cabin like this one. You can travel solo or as a couple. In New Zealand the outdoors is your oyster and you can choose from so many different hikes that are available. And if you enjoy cycling, grab a bike off the bus and chose one of the many curated bike trails along your journey. And then top it all up with whatever adrenalin gets your heart pumping. But through it all, what
makes Flying kiwi special are the small moments
that you have on the bus, at camp and ultimately it’s the friends that you make with the incredible people that you travel with
from all over the world. It’s an adventure of a lifetime. So what are you waiting for,
come see for yourself and join – [Group] Flying Kiwi. (upbeat pop music)

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