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First Ever Epic Class Trip | Week 1| Marvel Contest of Champions

First Ever Epic Class Trip | Week 1| Marvel Contest of Champions

des jeux or welcome to Saturday's video this one is going to be focused on utilizing permission slips and going into class trips for the very first time searching so what I thought during this video is go into a class trip let you know what it's like I don't really know what it's like I know that you have to have a specific spider based champion order to you know properly access it and maybe I've not really not got the correct champions but hey like you know go most of the moon that Alliance quest Alliance wars but I'm sure that I can pick up I was wrong about like something that's gonna be able to like help me out a little bit because I don't really know we've got a margin for error so I was thinking myself are build a synergy team around ghosts but I don't know what I'm facing off against especially going in these paths so I guess well just take it as that as a as I can and see what really happens I don't really want to go to lower but maybe the synergies could have got me through I just don't know I don't want to take that risk also at this point at the point of coming in I've kind of made a mistake in that I've chosen both champions but really I needed the one now I have seen that if you're kind of clicking here to the X out you do get the slip back but I don't know if that's correct I kind of feel that if I go down that route is that gonna mean that I'm gonna be completely losing it and after then rebuild a further thousand I'll be pretty annoyed that's the case but I kind of felt that is an initial mistake they're bringing in those two when I could have well had one or the other for this also it does say here if you end the quest before completion your progress will be lost but any items spent to open gates will be refunded so that basically means that you will get back your your slip if I if I read that right so you can you can kind of give it a go up to a certain point and then get it refunded that's the thing I might continue on and just try and like get through this and just go look around okay what's happened at the end of it am I able to kind of like get out and go back in again to give it a second try that could be thing also just to point out maybe those over like well can you go with that yeah there's one route that you can do to do the completion side of things so just give it like that you know just do whatever you can if you've got spider-man than you have you don't you don't I think people are trying to get them in the homesick crystals hopefully you were able to get one yeah these these enemies seem pretty standard I think with the first the first event the first chapter the first mission whatever is it's not going to be too overly difficult but as the months not a month as the week's go on it's going to be probably a little bit difficult each time a sport in my sabertooth and try and build up those persistent charges probably what I should have done from the beginning but you know everyone everyone loves the ghost bit knowing that couldn't convert but you know I want to absorb or get rid of that that l one opportunity for crossbones and can I pop this into a convert yes I can can he do his thing go into your l1 because I don't want to I don't want to hit that l2 or be hit by the l2 no I just bit stubborn today bit laggy as well that's nothing new in game and they were hitting off that can I swipe back and hopefully do a there we go lead in quite nicely there I was hoping I'd be able to convert another Fury into a passive but they're just not pinging uphill right they're just ping up there couldn't time that well I thought that I wouldn't have much of a window opportunity before getting smacked but still ones converted one will go over to the next battles it's still utilizing Sabretooth the same thing is I probably want to build up until Rhino but maybe not when we go up against the tech and I think we've got dark Hawk coming up in a moment oh oh now that was a little bit missed I'm by myself I've got lucky that carnage didn't come straight at me straight out of the gates of those that they're l1 flop because hey I got the conversion that's fantastic and another conversion they're building up the enemy to the out to plenty a distance but yeah I kind of left myself exposed hopefully I can get last convert yeah we do lovely job as for converted there and we continue on pick up a little objective along the way win Quest fights against spite of those champions perfect this is something that I did say in yesterday's video the objectives where if you go class trip so I'm glad this is confirmed if you a class trip you'll see a lot more spider-verse based champions so we've got two there we've got one as the end boss we faced off will face begins three was it two on this lane and then down the middle lane only one it seems so assume that's not a venom the duck but suppose mmm kind of everything going a little bit class advantage here with my saber-tooth hopefully gonna put in some good amount of damage got to watch out obviously this is an awakened version so if you try and knock out on a SP 1 or SB 2 that the enemy is it's gonna stay alive but we get the bleed effect so that's perfect and it was absolutely fine I'm for this firing you say but you try and stick venom to the l1 because I cannot do the l2 for I don't know why she's something that maybe it's the phone maybe it's just like crappy reactions from myself just to kind of get away I'm just better with the l1 I think it's a little bit more there's a little more of a tell that it's coming towards you rather than a flop of any kind okay any set is in the moment I'm gonna get it absolutely muttered by one but but will you just do it already do the old one I'll screw up just push you a little bit further no they okay and dispatched I'm finally with rhino I think I've screwed up my persistent charges on this but whatever I will still be using either I'll be flopping with maybe one champion are I'm kinda like the idea of using Hawkeye for this but I'll have a look in a moment we've got mystic conditioning I don't think anybody matters about mystic conditioning stun immunity I think it's gonna be the biggest pain in the butt especially the way like unstoppable and blockable works out probably gonna go into the block stance a little bit more and just wait for the enemy to kind of go at me rather than the dash attack maybe it's a case they try and do the head to break my blog swipe back hit on through maybe that will be the process there seems to be a good hit Pullman champion but I don't think there's something to really worry about he says but fingers crossed let's see how this this goes that sending Hawkeye and see if we can power control because I want to kind of avoid that but if you've got an experience of Alliance quest then you'll know that this guy is it's ok ish shouldn't be too much of an issue see that's the thing you've got to try and avoid and I'm just gonna again just do that void it but eat it into my block and then do that especially with Hawkeye because we can power it we can power control there's a good chance for the bleed as well and hopefully well he does special attacks a week and then after it's been launched go back in again I was gonna get here very a second time I've seen an unblockable come up most of the time it's very rare that it does pop up but you know you've got to still worry about it just in case it just breaks your block and then you'll they're like oh no please please no don't take all my hip points of my champion we've got hemorrhage ok that's really good and then I just see if I can wait him out to bleed no he's not good well he could bleed to death that was bad that was bad but I mean I did did get clipped but should be bled to death now so they're not not too bad actually I was expecting I was worrying a little bit it would be a bit more than what it was but there was actually a pretty standard fight but I'm sure they're gonna get a lot harder when they go to week 4 and that's we get for chapter completion not anything to you substantial there but it's gonna scale over time I probably would have done it as a stream but I've got a few family commitments as well as some sponsorship deals to do over the weekend so this contents been putting out on Saturday we've got the news weekend on Sunday morning and then we've got something that's a stealth Spidey review there's a lot of stuff going on on my life at the way I need to get sorted so that's probably reason for it by next week I'm going to stream a lot more of this because we've got a lot more shield markers to spend hopefully enjoyed this video if you did hit the bye and subscribe for more Marvel contest of Champions basic content also I try and update you with the stuff on whether or not you actually get back the permission slips because I've seen a few forum posts saying that they don't get them back at a point of just going oh I may have chosen wrong hopefully you've learned some stuff about this and will try and do this for week two week three week four but I do want to streams a bit more any case thanks for watching hit the like button I should catch the next one bye bye for now

Reader Comments

  1. Im mad because on the new event I didn't know you were supposed to bring a specific champ and they don't give a refund

  2. When you get some more practice with Sabretooth and learn how to properly convert his fury buffs youโ€™re gonna have a great time. Nice video ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  3. I got so lucky I got a 5* miles from 5k shard gift from kabam hen got 2 3* (from phi) and I duped my 4* venom this morning from a 4* crystal so I am rolling in the class trip shard things. I think I was one of the first people to 100% chap1.

  4. Kabam Miike was saying event is similar to Gwenpool Goes to the Movies, seems like the difficulty may not scale up per week. That being said the energy cost and entry cost is much higher than the Gwenpool event

  5. Thank you for this "educational" clip ๐Ÿ™‚ i just got a 5 star Sabertooth. I did not know he is that good ๐Ÿ™‚ i gotta learn how to fight with him. I was thinking using Nebula and her 10 or more electric charges, then do sp2 on enemy. Most aren't electric immune ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for reading this ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. You will need a new ticket every time you enter after completion. I guess we will need 12 tickets in all? 3 runs times 4 acts?

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