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Failure To Success: My Journey Of Becoming A CA | CA Neeraj Arora | Josh Talks

Failure To Success: My Journey Of Becoming A CA | CA Neeraj Arora | Josh Talks

and I dropped out of school that moment. I was 50% clear about what I don’t want to do But I still had to discover what I wanted to do There’ll be a day when even hell will become a past And these incidents had a big impact on my life He put his hand on my shoulder Even the younger kids would ask me, Brother, you’re the one who scored 1 marks, aren’t you? In my class 11th chemistry exam I got very less And at that time, I dropped out of school If I would have pursued Science, and not dropped out of it If I wouldn’t have dropped out of Science and taken Commerce then my future would have panned out differently The biggest disease in the world is: What will people say? That I would fail But without worrying, I gave my last paper with a good preparation There will be a day, when you’ll leave the hell behind you But if you stay stuck in that hell, just think over it, if you pause there Number 2, do not panic It sounds easy- do not panic I was 50% clear with what I don’t have to do, I had clearly understood But what I have to do, that was yet to be discovered Like I always say, keep learning because if you stop learning, you stop winning.

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  1. So you have decided that something is success. You have put yourself in a box. Everything you said was persuading not real note of what life is.

  2. As a commerce student, I came to know about Neeraj sir when I was at 11th class. And currently I am preparing for Foundation exams and I am still waiting for next video of Neeraj sir. Thank you sir for all your time management advices, techineque insights and career course guidance. Thank you again sir.

  3. I am shoked to know
    How could a teacher
    Mtlb wo teacher kya itna nahi soch pae ki is ek galt incident ki wajh se ye bacha suicide kr sakta hai
    Ek ma apna beta kho sakti hai
    If I were the principal of that school I definitely suspend that teacher to humiliate a student
    My god how he overcome from that incident in assembly

  4. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  5. Thanks for your such good words but I want quit the job do the and I want do the social work but how can I support to my family

  6. Such a inspirational speed from u master. A same thing happened to me in my class 11 ,I took science group bcoz of my surroundings and relatives … I took science group I was not a topper in 10th std but a 93% scorer in my 10th grade. In my 11th I get interested in zoology but I scored only 425/600 in final xam. Then in my 12th Its my final and worst year in my school life. I may not able to study maths well I get punished heavier because maths is my fearful subject and I get scared due to my zoology marks I have scored 19/100 . I failed in my exams. My principal called my parents. I really got broked. I thought my life goes to end all the teachers send me out of the class punished sivierly. My fav tamil teacher which I scored 90+ marks in 11th get decreased to 50. Then one day I cried lot and lot. Then I came to conclusion to study heavier not all the subjects but few biology, tamil, English, Physics which r my Favs… It worked I have scored 95marks in tamil 85in physics 89in biology surprisingly my zoology teacher who irritated me, who beats me, who scold me in front of all appreciatede me….

    Here by true fire in your goals never let u 👇 down ✌

  7. U r my favorite teacher sir….as a ca student every student knows u very well….bt ur way of teaching is awsm….nd ur daughter is sooo sooo sooo cute..

  8. I m also facing a similar situation like u brother. I have opted for science in 11th but I falied in physics . I wasn't humiliated in assembly but my class teacher kept on taunting me regarding me being a topper in 10th n failing in physics. I felt like everything is gone. I did not go to school for 10 days . My beginning of 11th was very enjoyable but now I can't do without neet but at the same time . I know my condition in physics 😩😩

  9. Bhai CA koi mahaan degree nh h…US aur UK m to BCom k barabar Mana jata h…CA log kitne chori aur manipulate krte h sabko pata h…kaha IIM aur IIT..kaha CA

  10. I got 0 /60 in chemistryy…because of which I'm helped my friend in exaaam..she just copied like same as that of my paper…so i got 0/60…. the teacher just dissappointed and scold me.. lol…..😁😁😁😁😁 take it easy…

  11. You gives a lot of knowledge…. relative to study and general knowledge ….in a simple way…. your study way is oasum👍

  12. 'sir thanks for this motivational video. 'After taking the first commerce, I started feeling that I did not make any mistake but after watching your video, I was very happy that I took the commerce.

  13. commerce is very easy subject aa because failing in science
    the people re choosing the CA. So I think commerce is very easy subject is it right

  14. Am also from commerce stream but working hard to go out of my way thanks Sir for giving such a thumbs-up words …..🤗🤗

  15. Abe chutiye hamne mangi video bar bar suggested videos m is bhadwe ki video aa jati h bhenchod k sala bhed chal m chalne wala gandu madarchod

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  17. Duniya ka sabse bada rog Kya kahenge 4 log .vo log yeahi kahenge ki aap chutiya the Jo unke baare me sochte rahe

  18. Dear, Praveen sir, Neeraj Arora sir, for me myself recently question was raised in my mind. what might be the Neeraj Arora sir marks of IPCC and Final scores will be. If you don't mind or don't think bad can I ask for Ur marksheet both inter and final, CPT?

    It's just student curiosity.

  19. Ranks in school from 1st standard to 12th standard don't make sure that a person will be a president of country, IAS officer, Doctor, Engineer, architect, lawyer, chartered accountant, magistrate. But one thing make sure that he should be a good student by average knowledge in all subject. Don't compare that a person who have no idea about English alphabets, basics of mathematics, science etc. For him it will very very very tough to become a good student after or before school. For a average student his success don't determine on school but after school or college studies if there is strict, punctual or discipline effort. Too achieve great heights first of all need discipline, pinctuality in our studies and life. For example if you decide 6,4 and 8 hours daily study. The studies should carry throughout at achieving the goal.

  20. CA is similar to a boxing game, defeat is not declared when you fall down but it is declared when you refuse to get up,,,,,

  21. I am also getting failure after after for last twenty years. Though I am a head teacher in a government school, I never got success in competitive examination. I have decided never to give up. Some day I will do get success.

  22. If such real stories don't inspire, what else will ?! Thank you for sharing and being so real sir. 👏
    Kudos to the team for introducing such achievers. 👍

  23. जो इस वक्त मुस्कुरा रहा है, कभी उसे दर्द ने पाला होगा।
    और जो इस वक्त चल रहा, उसके पैर में ज़रूर छाला होगा।
    बिना मेहनत के कोई भी चमक नही सकता,
    जो दिया जल रहा है उसी से ही तो उजाला होगा।

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