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Expectations: Team Liquid Doublelift | LCS Summer Split Preview

Expectations: Team Liquid Doublelift | LCS Summer Split Preview

For some players they’re just happy they’re in LCS. For some players they’d be happy to make Playoffs for the first time. For some players, they’d be happy to you know, like, make it to the Finals or win LCS, that’s like their ultimate… fantasy. But for us, and me especially I don’t need to dream about it, I don’t need to like… motivate myself with it, I know exactly how it feels. And it feels great. But I don’t know how it feels to win a big tournament with the best teams in the world. And so I think about that more than anything else. Maybe some people think like, “Oh, Team Liquid made it to the Finals and
they beat IG, what an insane run at MSI.” Team Liquid, channeling the hopes and dreams
of every North American fan! And to me, I’m like, what a failure. We made it all the way to the Finals
and we didn’t win. So… I don’t think I’ll look back with pride ever on that. Like, I will always be really ashamed
that we didn’t win the Finals. It couldn’t be more devastating to lose, a game, honestly like, to be that close. Our coach actually told us after we came back from MSI that the expectation is that we’ll win in a dominating fashion. If you win three times in a row basically, everyone expects you to win again and this time, even better,
because you have the experience of MSI. So you better be better than the last time. I don’t know, I don’t even know when the expectations end. I feel like no matter what team I’m on my team is expected to win. But I think mine… are always constant. It’s always to be the best.

Reader Comments

  1. Those videos are meant to be dramatic! I got alot of respect for doublelift. But because of his trashtalk I was glad he got rekt in the finals!

  2. Doublelift is the anime protagonist of league. Unfortunately in classic anime fashion, he will get close to winning multiple times but not win. Heโ€™ll be angry and confused. Then one day he will learn the power of friendship and love to their full potential and win worlds 2021.

  3. I'll never understand how they won against IG by taking away champs like Sylas/Neeko then lose to G2 because they wanted to prioritze bot when this is clearly a mid/top meta. They pick low damage scaling champs that allow G2 to win jungle, which wins mid, which spills over to bot lane ANYWAY!

  4. I hope TL does improve and come in strong for worlds, but for that to happen they need to diversify their playstyle though. Give Impact some ressources sometimes and don't always play for teamfights only. It might win you another split in NA, but you need more for international success…

  5. Saying "Ez clap" after 3/1ing IG brought me so much pride to be a NA fan. Having a west final was historic. Can't wait to see worlds.

  6. Who would win? A guy whos been a adc main for 7 years been constantly the best in his region, paired up with the best support in his region and former world champion vs midlaner that roleswapped 5months ago and a crippled support with 3months of no soloq and only 2 days of scrims.

  7. I mean mby muricans will win some international championship once but it be lucky and will never happen again. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  8. NA fans and to those who never doubted our boys. Lets remember this MSI and be proud and be hungry for another shot at another international event at Worlds! We will remember MSI and we will once again shout at worlds that we have never doubted them from the beginning!
    To the EU fans congrats and its your win we acknowledge it and we sucked hard on the last stage but pls be respectful of the fans and the teams let there be no bad blood in ever region fan.
    Thank you

  9. Look at all these salty NA fans who are ignorant to the fact that made it this far, but all they care for is the result and to win the international tournament. Try signing up with a team and go all the way.

  10. These Expectations videos are just stellar. The aesthetic of the video fits the actual person. Great creativity, thank you for creating these videos and spending time to put all of this together. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. is it me or NA gets bias fame for nothing while other regions pro player like chines eu etc pretty much once in a year like thing

  12. The NA community would rather watch movies about diligence, hard work and sacrifice than actually embody those characteristics. This is why KR and CN will always be better as regions (and even EU solo queue). As a League fan, FeelsBad NA culture won't change.

  13. How can you not love Doublelift? Every NA fan who doesn't like Doublelift should be given an IQ test and if not mentally challenged, deported.

  14. Why is Doublelift advertised so much? Why I also see his face in the client? Why the real winners of MSI aren t advertised? I think they deserve some credit especially after they destroyed NA at MSI. What NA did so special to deserve this? I can bet if NA won their faces would be everywhere, instead in the client the real winners didn t get any advertisement they deserved, because they re from EU? Pathetic RITO.

  15. You guys exceeded expectations. You came together and made it to the finals! You didn't meet the goal to win, but that means it was a loss; not a failure.

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