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Does Germany Have the World’s Greatest Roads? (Nurburgring Trip Pt.2)

Does Germany Have the World’s Greatest Roads? (Nurburgring Trip Pt.2)

(car engine roaring) – [Man] What is that focus? – [Cameraman] I just want to say that there’s a 24-hour race
going on to your right. (laughter) To your left — – We’re over here trying
to make art films. – [Cameraman] We’re trying to — (laughter) Is it art? What is it? It’s Jimmy in a field. – We’re filming Jimmy Darko. It’s Jimmy Darko, part three. – [Cameraman] It’s
Jimmy in a (beep) field. Whoa! No! Jimmy no! Jimmy no! – I threw it underhand so it
was easier for you to catch. I’ve seen how unathletic you look. I don’t want to be like
making you run and dive — – Is this a challenge? – All right, give me the
camera. I’ll throw it to him. (electronic music) – Scotto, Ron, and myself
decided we’d go to Europe with no adult supervision. – This is a terrible idea. (heavy bass music) (car engine roaring) – And because we’re such big fans, we figured that we’d support Hyundai by letting Brian give them tips on how to get their car running well. – [Man] Is that what we’re doing? – [Brian] Are you guys laughing at me? – Here’s the start of
the race keep it going 24 hours of it. – Living my best life. (car engine roaring) (heavy bass music) – [Man] What the hell? Who put that rock there? (intense music) (car engine roaring) – [Cameraman] What do you
guys think of this shit? – Nice. – [Cameraman] I mean — (laughter) for first time at the Ring. – It’s simplistic. No, this thing’s amazing. Right now, this is cool because
it’s really calm over here, but everywhere else around the Ring seems to be like one giant party in like the coolest way ever. – This is a nice little
sanctuary right now. – [Cameraman] It is, it is. – Just enjoy the sun coming up, the moon coming down. – [Man] Sun’s coming up. – Oh, the birds chirping. – [Cameraman] This is like
the self-care side of NRing. (laughter) – [Man] This is the recovery side. – [Cameraman] Yeah, it totally is. – All right, so it’s not
even 5 a.m. and the sun is already coming back up. – [Ron] Right there. This is the best nature walk. – [Cameraman] Yeah, if this
was what hiking was about, I would do it a lot more often. (jazzy music) (car engine roaring) – [Cameraman] And here we are. Shreeve, what are you filming, buddy? – Nature. (laughter)
– [Man] Hold on, no, no. Get back in there.
– I’ve been walking so much I blasted both my toes out
the front of my shoes, dude. Look at this. – [Cameraman] Hit me
with the shoe breakdown. Your boy popped, your boy popped toes, man. – Comment below if you think Vin needs new shoes. One thing you gotta
realize about the Ring is the scale is unlike any
other racetrack in the world. That’s like multiple towns, fields, farms. There’s like a whole-ass
castle right there. It’s kind of mind-boggling
how big this is. Vin, you took a flight through here — (car engine roaring) – Quiet on set! – Thank you, lord. – [Cameraman] You flew on a helicopter. – Yeah, Shreeve and I took a
chopper around this morning, and seeing this place from above is — What’s up dudes? (men yelling) Yo! Schnapps! (men calling from across the track) Come over here! – [Cameraman] That’s a.m. – Whatever, man. – [Cameraman] How ya feeling? – Just laying some hay. Starting to get a little tired. – What’s up? Takin’ a little grass nap. – [Cameraman] A little siesta? Dude, this spot down here is insane. Shreeve got some crazy shots. (upbeat electronic music) – [Man] This dude out here
working. (car engine roaring) – That’s such commitment
to your driving machine because, look, that’s a wall that you’re going towards at, what, 100, it’s gotta be 150. – [Man] And it’s blind
because you can’t see as you’re coming up the hill. (can engine roaring) – No lift! – This is also the spot
from a couple years ago where the LMP car — – [Man] Yeah. – Because you actually
are going so fast that if you get air under your aero, it could take a whole car. (car engine roaring) (upbeat music) – Obviously, one of the
things that makes this event absolutely amazing is race car shit. All the cool cars and the variety of what’s actually here. So, you’ve got full-blown GT3 cars. You’ve got touring cars. And then you’ve got a mix
of a bunch of other stuff, new and old, and that’s just kind of what makes this so much different than a
Le Mans or something else. So, seeing cars from the ’80s race with brand new GT3s. Kind of a totally
different experience to see them on the same track, granted, completely in a
different realm from each other, but having to kind of
share that track space. Things like that. (electronic music) – This is one of my favorite cars. It’s a Manta B, which is super rad, and the oldest car on the grid, but I guess they had a bit of problems. – [Cameraman] Do you
know what year this is? – Apparently, it would be like a mid-80s. I don’t know the exact year. So there was the Manta A, this would be the Manta B. We never got this in the US. So kind of a cool car, Opel. But this is the oldest car that’s currently on the grid, and apparently, it kinda came back because the fans wanted it back. Like as the series gets bigger and bigger, there’s less of the older cars running. When I was here back in 2007, half the field was older
’70s and ’80s and ’90s cars. You’re just not seeing
as much of them any more just because they’ve become a bit more expensive to run. So it’s cool to still see
some vintage metal out here. I love this thing. It’s super rad. (electronic music) – So, being a fan of driving sports like Rally, RallyCross,
Drifting, all that, I mean, I’ll be real, a lot of endurance racing
is kind of boring to me, but Nürburgring completely
flips that around. I think a lot of that is because the road itself is almost
like a rally stage. It’s super narrow. There’s a ton of elevation change. It’s really fast in sections. There’s kind of little jump areas, even one down-jump braking zone. – It’s 14 miles long. Actually, this race is 15 miles long. Just throwing that out there. You know, thinking about it. You race like a regular circuit, it’s like a mile or two. Even Le Mans, which is longer, like the Mulsanne straight
is fresh and everything, but I don’t know. It’s like how many turns? 20? Think how many times is this? 100 plus? – [Cameraman] All of them. – All the turns. – [Cameraman] Vin, what’s your thoughts on endurance racing? – Is this a good look for me on camera? – [Cameraman] This is actually a really great look and angle. – Cool, just wanted to make sure. – Should we do this next year? – Comment below if you think we should do some endurance racing? And no, we don’t want to do lemons. We want to do some real stuff. – This is endurance racing. We should do the Ring. This is the track I would want to do. (electronic music) – All right, well that’s it. Race is over. – 24 hours of brutal spectating. – Brutal spectating. Absolutely exhausted. – That was awesome. – It was, it was the best event ever. Nürburgring, (beep) awesome. So we’re here at the famous ED quick stop. This is the gas station
that you fill up at when you come and do Tourist
Days here at the Ring. – We’re in Europe.
We’ve got a day to kill. We have two Hyundais, so we’re gonna head north to Berlin. It’s about six and a half hours away. We’re gonna see what we can get into. – First, let’s go check out the gift shop. (upbeat music) – [Cameraman] We got Crunch chips on lock, spare rib flavor. We got — – [Man] Some nacho cheese Bugles. They discontinued Bugles
like 20 years ago in America. – [Cameraman] Not in Germany they didn’t. – [Man] Let’s see if we can
figure out the nav in German. Point of interest. – [Cameraman] Wait, this is in English. – [Man] Seven hours, 15
minutes, 662 clicks, fast route. – Seven hours? We left an hour ago, and we started there. (laughter) (electronic music) – [Cameraman] See that just change? That means unrestricted on the Autobahn. That means we can go as fast as we want, I think. (electronic music) – [Cameraman] All right,
so, initial thoughts? – On the car? – [Cameraman] Yeah. (electronic music) – It’s really surprising. It’s actually really tight handling. I could use a little bit more torque, but other than that, this car has surprised the hell out of me. – The thing that impressed me the most when we got to drive this on the airfield, and you can cut to some
of that footage right now. I just realized that they
want us to stop there, and I just treated it like a chicane and just went as fast
as I could through it. It actually doesn’t have like the really unfortunate tendency to under steer no matter what you do, which is, I think, what
most cars today feel like. This things like somewhat, like the rear will actually step out. It has like the N mode thing, which I think is that
button right there, right? – [Driver] Race flag for race shit. – Like you put in there and traction control
will actually allow it to step out a little bit. So like we were doing slalom and stuff, and the first time it stepped out, I was totally surprised. I wasn’t expecting it to do it. But then I just stayed in it, and it was just like one, two, three, each one, the car just had
a little bit of slide to it. And I’ll be honest, I’ve not really enjoyed
front-wheel drive cars since the, maybe, not even the Mk3 GTI. I even thought that was kind of too numb. Like Mk1s, super small,
super light weight, sub-2000 lb cars. That’s when front-wheel
drive can be a lot of fun because you can really throw them around – Which is one thing I will give the GTI. On an Autobahn trip like this, I’d pick the GTI because it’s bigger. It’s heavier. It feels more solid on the highway. But man, anything canyon,
anything spirited driving, I really, like I want to
take this thing on a track. I’d be super interested
to see how it handles. – We’ve still got the rest of
the day to figure that out. (laughter) (electronic music) – [Cameraman] Yo, what’s good, Ron? – Dude, we just rolled up to
the craziest looking hotel. Look inside here. There’s like a spiral, concrete staircase. Some kind of club-type
atmosphere going on. It’s called the Ni Hao. Nuh how? Now? I’ve not slept in a long time. – Yo. – [Cameraman] That’s the
look of four hours sleep. – Oh yeah. – [Cameraman] All right, let’s do this. (intense electronic music) – A quick history lesson for
those of you who don’t know. After World War II, Germany
was separated into two sides. US took one part, Soviet
Union took the other, and the Soviet Union built
a wall called the Rampart. – This is pretty much
all that’s left of it. So on this side, all graffiti. On the other side of it, all murals. I like this side more because the graffiti is a lot more rad. All right, so we left
Nürburgring yesterday, and we came to Berlin. The original plan was leave Nürburgring, drive to Audi in Ingolstadt, and we decided to go to Berlin instead. So let’s bring up a map and show you what that looks like. So like, this is Nürburgring. This is Ingolstadt. This is Berlin. – [Man] So this is Nürburgring, right? This is Frankfurt, where
we have to fly out of. So we went here, to here, and we’re going to go here, back here. – [Cameraman] Yeah, pretty much. – So we’re triangulating. – [Cameraman] Yeah, pretty much. – It’s the strongest way
to build a good trip, is triangulation. – We’re now doing a test called 5th gear limiter for as long as the car will hold together. And we’re getting pretty close. We got one more yellow bar to go through. One more yellow bar. Hopefully no one pulls out in front of us. – [Man] It’s getting there. – [Driver] Oh god, there’s a
(beep) turn (beep) coming up. Jesus Christ. – [Man] There we are. We’re here, we’re here! – [Driver] 240! Yeah! – Boom! Production number one
of the Sport Quattro. Oh man, yes. – Just turn around, just turn around. – [Cameraman] Ahhh! He has the keys to this. This is seriously one
of the happiest days. – [Cameraman] You’re being a
little conservative right now. It’s like you’re at mom’s house. (laughter) (tires squealing) – [Cameraman] Wow. – I was explaining, is that the Autobahn for this stretch? Because you have to realize it’s like not — – [Cameraman] Wait, wait, wait. Over/under on this kid hitting a curb. Oh, so close. – Don’t street drift, kids.

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