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Dartmoor Zoo Review | Devon Tourist Attractions

this short video provides all you need
to know about location and facilities at Dartmoor Zoo ending with our top tips for
families heading to this unique Devon attraction. The zoo is located on the
south edge of Dartmoor near Plymouth set amongst beautiful peaceful countryside
with wonderful views on all sides of the 33 acre grounds. The zoo was made famous
after the experience of its founders were documented in the film and book ‘We
Bought a Zoo’. The team have carefully developed the zoo to ensure an
accessible and enjoyable experience for children of all ages and it really works. The zoo is now a charity aimed at animal and wildlife conservation education and
research. There is a real feeling of wide-open spaces for both the animals
and your own wild ones. It’s all about the animals and a huge
variety of closeup experiences available just guaranteed to last a lifetime for
many. From lions, jaguars and cheetahs to chameleons, owls and zebra,
there is something for everyone. One of the real highlights for us was the
opportunity to meet a variety of animals up close and personal on an experience
day. Getting close to the big cats was an experience that will live with us
forever whilst feeding and interacting with the characterful raccoons, coatis
and tapirs was a totally unique experience. There’s a fantastic open area
where you can wander with the wallabies, goats and super friendly deer. And
throughout the zoo there are regular talks that are both informative and fun. When you need to take a break there are heaps of picnic and play areas for your
little monkeys to run wild. There’s indoor play for younger ones and
the funbox has ball pools and more. The on-site restaurant is well stocked with
a good range of freshly prepared meals and the gift shop is an ideal place for
souvenirs. Here’s our top tips to make the most of your visit to Dartmoor Zoo. There is a lot to see so using the website ensures you don’t miss out on
anything and can book animal experiences in advance. Heading to the enclosures at feeding time guarantees the chance to see your
favorites up close. Whilst the on-site restaurant has excellent food the
wonderful outdoor areas make the perfect picnic spot. If you are likely to make it at three
times or more then an annual membership is a great investment. Dartmoor Zoo was a
superb experience for all our family and definitely get the five star highly
recommended from us. It’s a day out for all the family. It’s fun, educational and
transformed our perceptions about zoos to appreciate their dedication in
promoting the conservation rights and welfare of animals everywhere.

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