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Dark Tourist | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Dark Tourist | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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  1. Just like to Point out the Fukushima Meltdown was no way near as bad as the one in Chernobyl she reads a radiation level of 0.73 which is less than some X-rays yet says its worse than the Exclusion Zone in Chernobyl that is not true some parts of the Chernobyl exclusion Zone are over 20.00 so she is just a dumbass

  2. Could not belive the propaganda this snarky idiot Farrier pushed on his programme dealing with the situation in south africa,so typical of netflix,this untalented hack Farrier could not get a job photographing used cars but netflix will pay to push their agenda

  3. this is shmaefull thing to see….how ones misery in fun for others??????…..thier terrible time is good time ours??..what is wrong the people…

  4. My favourite part of the show is when that goverment lady tried to hide from the camera and it focuses on her i always laugh at that part😂

  5. I'm sorry, 0.72 microsieverts… "Higher than around Chernobyl?"…

    Excuse me, what the frick

    If it was at millisieverts, then it would be kind of understandable (from a "cleaned up Pripyat" sort of view). But even then, right after the steam explosion, readings were at the sieverts.

  6. I've finished the first episode and cut it off mid way second.

    David Farrier is frustrating and doesn't seem to give a shit about anything. Is everything a joke to you? If you journey into the dark corners at least take it serious you clown

  7. I literally met him yesterday on a street corner and felt lucky to shake his hand! PLEASE MAKE A SEASON 2.

  8. I was really annoyed after watching the episode about Europe and his visit to the recreation of the WW2.
    Even though he was constantly told to call them "Germans" instead of "Nazis" because they didn't want the participants to have this tag so they could stay away of any accusation (sort to say), he completely insisted to call them Nazis. It's like dude, we know this happened and nobody is trying to deny such fact but you were there to recreate what happened on the war zones, where armies were attacking each others; not to recreate what happened in concentration camps.
    Even the guy serving the food looked quite annoyed when he stupidly asked him "so, was this common… a german feeding an American during the war?"
    He didn't really know how to play sarcastic there and certainty he shouldn't have tried.

  9. Too bad he is lying so hard about South-Africa. The white people are not dillusional, it is reality and there are a lot of racial attacks on them. Too bad he need to lie about that.

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