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Cruise staterooms – TOP 10 tips for Inside cabins

Cruise staterooms – TOP 10 tips for Inside cabins

Ahoy there cruisers! In this episode
we’re going to tell you our top ten reasons why booking an inside cabin
is a good idea. We’ve done our research and we’ve looked at inside cabins across
various cruise lines and we’re going to tell you how you can save a small
fortune by booking an inside cabin so stick with us. So number one on our list
is saving a ton of money by booking an inside cabin you can sometimes get a
cabin and half the price of a balcony or an outside cabin. Which means that you
can cruise twice as often. Exactly! For some people is a choice of cruising in a inside cabin or not cruising at all. So, which one would you choose I know what I would
choose Also if you’re not sure about a cruise line do a quick taster cruise with
a cruise liner and book an inside cabin so that you’re not wasting loads of
money just in case you don’t like that cruise line So, number two following on
from number one is think about all that extra money that you’re gonna have
by booking an inside cabin and what you could be using that money for in some
cases it’s such a big discount that that could be your entire spending money Yes, think about all the cash you can spend on shore or pay for excursions you could pay for speciality dining For the extra entertainment options if there’s an excursion of a lifetime say that you’ve always wanted to do this is the time to it because just think about the savings Exactly! You can save a
massive amount of money so you’re gonna have so much more money when you on land
for excursions, for shows, for trips It will be amazing number three…whats that lot less than some other cruisers so you can walk around with that smile on your face thinking you’ve got wind or but you
paid double the price Exactly, I love that feeling when you get such a great
deal, and you just like… “How much did you pay for your
cruise” I know, some of the best deals can be found on inside cabins So you can have that smug feeling on you in an ocean view cabin
and what you see an ocean view cabin you want to be outside enjoying the facilities in an ocean view cabin
and what you see a black glass plate of get or the facilities you get in your
cabin balcony cabin or something and then in
the afternoon we get in and we just close the curtains and lay on the bed love having our balcony cabin but
sometimes you want to watch a film sometimes it’s a bit pointless isn’t it
really outside enjoying the facilities or on
port so compared to a balcony cabin that extra money which in some cases can
be a big big chunk of money Number 5, we love how dark… oh that was like… Yeah, we love how dark the cabins get on
a night Exactly, if you’re the type of person
who is really sensitive to light number six… We’ve just said, inside cabins are super
cozy but this can be a problem if you time you’re actually going to spend
looking out the window and is it worth that extra money which in some cases can
be a big big chunk of money definitely number bag we love how dark oh that was
like we love dad or how dark the cabins yeah we love how dark the cabins get on
a night it is the perfect sleeping environment you can sleep so well not
knowing what time it is outside can’t you exactly if you’re the type of person
who is really sensitive to light it is great for you because there is no light
there’s no windows this can cause a couple of issues though on a night
particularly if you’re looking for the bathroom but just take a nightlight or a
little torch to you and you are good to number six… we’ve just said, inside cabins are super
cozy but this can be a problem if you are a little bit claustrophobic however, some inside cabins are huge Sometimes you’re paying less for more
space, just without a window there are different categories of inside cabins so you can get spacious inside cabins if you’ve got a disability you can get
disabled friendly cabins which have big walk-in bathrooms and
wet rooms so there is an inside cabin for anybody really Number seven, booking an inside cabin
make sure that you spend as much time enjoying the ship’s facilities as you
can you do not want to be stuck in your room all day because you could be
anywhere in the world in a hotel you could be in your own bedroom for god sakes it’s what makes you want to get out and about on the ship to enjoy all
of the amazing facilities and when you’re in port makes you want to spend as much time port just think about the type of Cruiser you are if you’re the type of person where you get to your hotel room you dump your stuff and then
you’re out all day exploring and inside cabins perfect for you because you’re not going to be using the room anyway If you’re just getting changed, showered and sleeping Number eight, some cruise lines have virtual balconies or porthole
windows these are so cool Royal Caribbean International Lines… the full
name they offer virtual balcony so it’s a gigantic LED TV screen on your wall
with a live view of a balcony Disney Cruise Line as well with their
portals they offer live view portals with some little Disney extras on them You also have the TV as well which
almost always features a channel live from the bridge and multiple views
around the ship so you can just leave that on as well and pretend that you
have a window anyway it’s not that much different we always have that one anyway,
even if we’ve got a balcony we’ve still got the live feed from the bridge actually you could just look out from the
balcony and look at it Number nine, I can’t count…
guess what some inside cabins have windows. I know, i hear you say “how on earth is that, it’s an inside cabin” but for example Royal Caribbean have some
inside cabins with windows overlooking their indoor promenade area how cool is
that so it’s still an interior cabin so you pay that lower price but you get a lovely view of the promenade that’s great,
so maybe that’s worth a try We really want to try that don’t we How many times have we have been tempted as well to book and you get a
lovely little seating area by the window so you can just look over the
street it’s like staying in like Paris or New York overlooking the promenade You can people watch as well Most of the
time at sea, all you get to see is a
flat boring sea. so at least in here, you can people watch and look at the
promenade Number ten! Inside cabins have great locations so for example if you suffer
from seasickness you’re actually closer to the center of the ship that’s
right and most interior cabins are lowered down as well so you get closer
to the center of gravity which stops that seasickness we mentioned that in
our seasickness video which you can watch in the link right here also there’s sometimes closer to features on the ship so for example the atrium
and stuff like that you can get some really good locations with an inside cabin Our upcoming cruise on Princess Cruises the inside cabin is
actually just a few walks away from the piazza We’re just about to
go on a 10-day voyage for our longest ever time i an inside cabin so we’ll
let you know how we feel after that how much should we actually save on our latest cruise We booked the Sapphire Princess for 10 nights going
from Rome all the way up to Southampton the thing is, we wouldn’t have been able to afford that if we booked an ocean view cabin but because we’ve booked an inside
cabin we saved a fortune We paid just over £1,000 for 10 nights. That is amazing in itself and we think that the next category cabin up was
almost close to £3,000 it was like £2,700 That’s like 60, 70% saving Over 50%. At the end of the end of the day it was either cruise in a inside cabin Or dont cruise at all so we took the
choice of cruise on an inside cabin exactly we are so excited really looking
forward to it great ports We’re going to be out and about all day every day so an inside cabin sounds perfect for us on this next cruise so I guess that’s it for this time if you really stuck just print out a lovely big
a3 picture of the sea and stick it on your wall Yeah the wall are magnetic so can by sticky back magnets and the pop them on the walls That was a joke, i dont want people to stick pictures of outside on the wall I have one for every day so i can change it up So if you have any tips for staying in a inside cabin Or would like to let us know why you love to stay in a inside cabin Let us know in the comments below

Reader Comments

  1. I would love to have that option, but being claustrophobic a inside is out of the question. I actually leave my curtains open. I love my balcony and sit on it all the time. Being a travel agent makes it possible for me to have balconies. I have a lot of clients that prefer inside and it does save them money, especially my families.

  2. Thanks guys for another great video as I am going to be new to cruising later on this year I love to watch your videos.

  3. Agree with you.Once you bring a night light and an alarm clock you're grand.Only use the cabin to sleep in and to get ready.So much to do on the ship and love exploring the ports.Enjoy your cruise

  4. Totally off topic question, but we've been binge-watching your videos, and we're having a disagreement about where in the UK you're from. Can't find out anywhere, will you tell us?

  5. you know, i agree…we have sailed in an inside cabin and did more out and about on the ship than when we sailed in a balcony room….we tended to linger longer in the balcony rooms and probably missed out on alot of fun things to do around the ship. We definitely will be trying the inside cabins again…they are a great value for your money!

  6. No no inside is not for me. I love my balcony. I'll on vacation to enjoy my balcony at the end of the day. If i want to sleep i stay home.

  7. Another nice video! We almost always book inside just to cruise more unless we get some great deal on a balcony. We were in a promenade cabin on Freedom of the seas, it was great, one of my favorite all time. It is bigger and does have that extra couch if you are traveling with friends and want to entertain. We were worried about noise. This was not a problem at all. We went to sleep early one night when they had one of their parades down there and didn't hear a thing.

  8. Hi your videos. I just booked an inside "sideways" cabin on the Emerald Princess R507 for 2245 Cad. 15 days incl gratuities and 300 ob credit. Fantastic deal. Hawaii from L A. March 2019. I cant wait. First time for me with an inside cabin but l couldnt afford a balcony for both hubby and l for 15 days. It practically cuts the cost in half for us.

  9. Our inside cabin saved us $300 USD over an exterior port hole cabin. We spent the extra money to book our preferred shore excursion in Cuba. Definitely worth it.

  10. I had an inside cabin – Feb. this year going from Sydney to NZ and return – Oh my God!!!!!!!!!!! 1) we could no fit between the wall and the bed to get in bed… we had to jump in the bed to be able to go to sleep…. God!!!!!!!! 2) there is absolutely no air!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got up every single morning with a maxive heath ache!………. God!!!!! BUT apart from all that… it was ok…
    I think we were just extremely unlucky because we are two BIG people and they put us in an "extremely small inside cabin" please tell people to make sure that they give you one of the big inside cabins… for two people and no the small ones.. .

  11. Nice video! And very on point. However, aren’t balcony rooms more spacious?. Good for families traveling with kids (2 Adults and 1-2 kids)

  12. Thanks Guys,the inside cabin trick will stretch 3 to 7. Or save enough from one cruise to pay passage on the next. Thanks Again. We all know this,someone just had to say it. I'm sharing

  13. Unless I find a great deal for balcony or suite cabins, I am going to book inside. Its nice to have the extra cash to do other things and my first cruise had a port hole that maybe I looked out twice. It was nice but not really necessary.If you do not like closed in spaces then spend the extra money. Me personally, I want to have fun. I was TOO BUSY enjoying the ship. I was exhausted coming back to my cabin and only wanted to shower and sleep.

  14. I like the inside cabins purely to save money. On Norwegian, inside is the only choice I have for a studio cabin if I want to avoid a huge single supplement while traveling alone. On Carnival, I’ll pay a little more to have a porthole window, but it’s still in the interior category and cheaper than an ocean view. Some Carnival ships don’t have an extra charge for a porthole view depending on the room style.

  15. Thanks for this great video. My husband and I are going on a South Pacific cruise from Australia on 14/5/2018. We have an inside cabin. We have been on 1 other cruise in an inside cabin with a virtual porthole and it was fine. We are doing a 10 night cruise for less than $1000 Aus dollars each and $300 onboard credit. We don't intend to spend a lot of time in the cabin but out and about.

  16. Number 11
    Turn the TV on to the front view of the ship. Turn the volume all the way off leave the TV on all night long , it will be dark at night till the sun comes up to brighten your inside cabin

  17. My (Derick) very first cruise was an inside cabin. I don’t really remember it as it was 20 years ago but I’m afraid I’d get claustrophobic now. Greggory and I have really enjoyed balconies in our two cruises and have 3 booked in next year. Great video guys, very valid points.

  18. I haven't noticed the price between inside and porthole cabins to be that different. The upgrade to a balcony is nearly double the price.

  19. Inside cabins are my favorite just because I am sensitive to light in the mornings. I've gotten the best sleep ever in inside cabins

  20. Any suggestion for someone (me) wanting to cruise solo? Not interested in a singles type. Just take a trip alone.

  21. Good sleep for next day's activity. I think inside stateroom is good idea if people want to enjoy a lot of ship activities.

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