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Colton Underwood & Cassie Randolph Taking First Vacation Together | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

Colton Underwood & Cassie Randolph Taking First Vacation Together | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

no no we literally didn't sleep we had a red-eye from that night and we were too excited to sleep or like I think there's a picture of us on the plane like we tried to share each other's like little lay down bed on the airplane because we were just that excited I like be able to be in public together I was so cool way to get definitely didn't get any sleep and I remember she was like doing her makeup in the back of the car headed to GMA who's like in the dark we got ready in the airport bathroom before that day exhausting yeah yeah super glamorous oh it's super fun yeah honestly I feel like it's different than what we've done a long time like we got to hang out and just kind of chill and like see this place is beautiful honestly I just feel like it's gonna be like a whole entire experience with like the gaming the drinks the music and that's sort of what we we are we wouldn't consider ourself huge club people but we're all for it when it's like an experience for like a game night or in a night out Isle a to the grocery store I mean for real we just like those are the moments that you like look at get all cute you like do you want to go to a grocery store yes let's go to my favorite thing I don't know why well tomorrow we're actually headed to Bermuda so this our first vacation since the show's wrapped so we're finally gonna go sit in the sand and worry about nothing for a week so it's gonna be nice I think she's doing great honestly I can't imagine what she's going through having to deal with struggle all these men and like different situations and it's like such an unnatural experience that like you've been through it being the lead but even hearing about what you've gone through it's so much more than any of us could even imagine like just all the pressures and stress that comes with it so I think she's doing a great job being herself and I think she just wants to make herself happy and I think she's gonna do that so I'm excited for her we've actually we bring into her a few times now at some of the events and she seems very happy you could tell that at times it probably was a little tough on her it was hard and I couldn't see why I sympathized with her I mean I think we were even before the right before this season even for me or her like we just want to go and like give her a big hug and just say you got this I keep your head up because there's so many different challenging moments on the show that people don't realize it's like filming it as one beast in itself and then watching it back as a whole other thing and then having the post life of the show is a completely other so there's three different challenges so I think she's doing great she's gonna she's an awesome bastard

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