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Chinese Tourist Prank: Shocking Chinese People With Fluent Chinese

Chinese Tourist Prank: Shocking Chinese People With Fluent Chinese

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  1. I don't think they scared just surprised how the Chinese government was right when they promised the American would speak Chinese instead of backwards!!! Go China!!! Well done!!! 🇨🇳⛩️👲👪 And even with one son policy implement many years!!

  2. I've watched a few of your videos but this was the first one I had watched. To be honest, I was a little scared for you…lol. I was like, "Oh my gosh, they're pulling her all over the place."

  3. When I was a teenager, my gal pal was dating a young man who was deaf. So she learned American Sign Language and taught me, too. One day, we went swimming at a local lake, and decided not to speak but just to sign to each other and let people think we could not hear. Two guys started flirting with us, and we flirted back, but without speaking. After a while, when they just took it for granted we couldn't hear what they were saying, they started talking about us behind our backs, so to speak. It was quite amusing to hear what they really were thinking! We let them go on like this for some time, and then we shocked them and spoke out at something they said. The look on their faces, caught, was hilarious. Maybe it taught them a lesson, but I doubt it. It must be fun to hear people speaking Chinese when they assume you don't understand what they are saying. Do you have any stories to tell about those times? Wish I could speak Chinese.

  4. This happened to me one time. I was on a train in China. I’m a Chinese trilingual and I speak French. So when a group of French tourists found out, they all came toward me and asked me a bunch of questions. It was like an interview and everyone was trying to speak so I tried hard to turn around and answer everyone’s question. This lasted for half an hour! One of them even took a photo with me. It was fun when you are the only one speaking other people’s native language! You become the attraction haha

  5. Awesome video, you are wonderfully talented and a great example of the US. That was a surprise you are also from Michigan, I live by Metro Airport. I’m definitely a subscriber, got to support a fellow Michigander 😊

  6. She's a woman just like them, she speaks the same language and she lives in the same area as them, but since she's white: "I WANT TO TAKE A PICTURE WITH HER!!!" Otherwise she'd be just another person to them… weird =p

  7. When foreigner saying Chinese, we amazed that he/she can say it. When we saying English alos hope give us praise return back.
    But most time they think saying English its normal.
    So please praise me. haha.

  8. Love this.. I was just sharing with a friend that back when I was a kid, and we used to talk about “what would be the super power you’d want if you could choose?”…. Being that I was sort of a Star Trek kid….My super power would be to have the ability to speak all languages… It was tough competition in the ‘hood
    between flying & being invisible!

  9. It is amazing how by just being able to communicate in their language made this bond instantaneous. Awesome video and a great lesson on how finding a common thread can help create and maintain friendships/relationships.

  10. Reminds me when I was at Tiananmen in Beijing about 10 years ago. There was a bus with kids from the countryside to see Tiananmen for the first time… and hey saw me with a white skin. Gosh they jumped off the bus and I would be still be standing there if I was to please everyone with a selfie! Very nice people beautiful enthusiasm!

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