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– [Woman] How do you
approach a challenge? – I like challenges. One of the reasons I love being
a Jets fan is that they lose. A lot and I’m much
more into the journey. I look at challenges as
the narratives of my career. Whether this is
egotistical or a nice thing, I’m not quite sure but I do think of things
in the body of my work. The book will be very
boring if everything’s easy. You know, you need the arc and so when I see challenges, I don’t think that you
get to have the luxuries that come along with being
a leader or CEO or a founder. If I want this,
if I want the attention, if I want the fruits of the
things that come along with it, I have to be respectful that
challenges come along with it so when they come to me I really kind of, I’ll paint you a picture. I genuinely love
the scene in the movie, the cliche scene where the person gets
punched in the mouth, turns, blood comes out,
spits out his tooth and then looks back at the
other person like, “Now, what?” That’s how I
think about challenges. I weirdly want, I almost, can I get
weird with you for a second? – [Woman] Yeah, you
can get weird with me. – I even think sometimes
I fabricate challenges because I enjoy that
more than the easy sailing. And so, I think any
true purebred entrepreneur has the stomach
for challenges and so for me it’s just
part of the equation. (light music)

Reader Comments

  1. Talking about challenges. Will you ever create a challenge video for YouTube. You know just out of entertainment like other YouTubers do? You can actually be creative with it. It's also a great to market

  2. #60secclub. I am thankful I was not born as a bus, Gary. you made me realize that. In all seriousness, thank you!

  3. I have this photo that I found on the internet and I'm gonna post it on IG. Entrepreneurs/Creatives are in the WOMB developing an EXIT Strategy….. πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹BMH❀❀❀

  4. Noticed a big jump in your YouTube subs and views recently Gary. Anything you're doing different that you would contribute that to? Just wondering.

  5. Gary I'm gonna say this in a random YouTube comment.. Thanks for making me appreciate my family more and being thankful for everything I've been given. It's like nobody really talks about this. Only because you kept saying it I now realize how lucky I am for my supportive family and that everyone is healthy. Keep spreading the message, there's way too many people who waste their family time with useless arguments and who'll come to their senses only when it's too late.

  6. Now I AM fucking with you on Youtube! hustle while working and hustle while in bed hahaha
    Have a merry XMas Gary
    Following you from Barcelona, Spain. Huuuuuge inspiration! πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

  7. I've been associating myself with you on all of social media mostly because no one ever believed me or tried putting me down for the goals i had. Yes they may be big but anything is possible. Just turned 20 recently and before that in my teen days i use to waste my money or time when i could've been making my life out of something. Now all I do is self educate myself and invest my time into something that will make my goals become reality and from your videos that would've never happened. I have time in the world to begin my future but i decided to begin it and live a happier life and go through the tough obstacles in my life to be where I am. I honestly love who you are and please keep it up. You are the man Gary. My L is own business. Who cares about what others think about our L. Always watched that video to have it stuck right into my head. I love it! My L is what i desire it to be! Thanks again. Enjoy the holidays boss man.

  8. I came here after Eli The Computer Guy mentioned you.
    I work in I.T as a network tech. The way I.T works it seems every day there is some new thing to deal with, etc.
    I started as a student tech had Cisco certification, tried to work on these new switches and couldn't figure out how ot address the interfaces, then I had to figure out changes from what I learned to what I was working on. Then I had a case where I went to stack switches and the stacking process corrupted a switch. I had to then find a temp fix then go and lookup how stacking works.

    I think my favorite case though was dealing with this odd networked power inverter. Worked on an HP switch, moved to Cisco and it just failed, I tried some settings, got my boss he tried the same things, and a couple other things nothing. I made up a temp fix. Google, vendor, etc were no help, got talking to the person that deals with this device they told me something like it reconnects every 10 seconds and it doesn't work like a computer. I then thought Okay and Cisco has a delay due to its protocols, I disabled that protocol function then it worked.

    To me it's the stuff that looks impossible or just don't add up in your head then you figure it out I find to be a cool feeling.
    Although I'm still not much of one for stress, and tend to worry about things I probably have no reason to.

    A few months back I ended up being employee of the month (Possibly first time they ever gave to a student) then got an official job. I got employee of the month when an event was having wireless issues, and I ended up having to improvise and run around installing WAPs because the requests for the event were not right. That was kind of a challenge and a pain, but I honestly think that may have really worked in my favor getting the job.

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