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Chad Gable’s journey ends in a dark place: Raw Exclusive, Sept. 16, 2019

Chad Gable’s journey ends in a dark place: Raw Exclusive, Sept. 16, 2019

Chad after weeks of fighting your
way to tonight’s final match and the King of the Ring tournament. Unfortunately, you fell short, you’ve got to be having some emotions
running through it right now.>>This is tough nights like this. They become pretty dark
pretty very quick for me. This was a journey, I was very proud
of that I have been on for a while now. And it was not just for me it was to
prove it to everybody in the locker room all the fans and even my daughter
was in the front row tonight. And I tell her night in and night out that
regardless of what people say to you, regardless of what anyone projects
on to you their insecurities, if there is anything you
want to do in this life. You can do it like no matter what and
I know it sounds cheesy and cliche and it is, but it’s true. And I needed this win
tonight I needed that win so that when I tell her these things,
they’re true. This one hurts,
this is gonna hurt for a while.>>Well, in order to prove that to your
daughter, those things that you said how do you plan to get your hope back and get
your momentum back to keep moving forward.>>I’ve been here before
>>People know about my journey to the Olympics, and other things like that. And I didn’t just make
the Olympic team like that. I lost a lot of matches, and
I’m not ashamed to admit that. Because that’s what made me learn
how to deal with this stuff. It’s what made me learn how to
come out from these dark places. And trust me, it gets real dark sometimes. But it’s what allows my mindset to
keep going, look you can do this, it’s gonna take a while and the chances
sometimes are few and far between but you have to make the most
of every opportunity. I think I made the most that I
could out of this tournament. There was one step, one misstep tonight. And so tomorrow night at Smack Down,
and I’m gonna be there. And it’s not time to sulk,
it’s not time to cry. It’s time to go right back to work and
maybe Corbin is gonna be there. Maybe I’ll get a chance at
a little revenge maybe not. Whatever it is,
whatever is next to me you can guarantee. I promise you I’m gonna take full
advantage of it the same way I did with this.>>Thank you.
>>Thank you.

Reader Comments

  1. Congrats to Gable to making it to finals. I’m so proud for how he’s been booked. He’s a star. His raw talent CAN and SHOULD push it.

  2. KOTR of this era in my opinion is pretty irrelevent to me due to fact that all the superstars and divas are Kings and Queens of the ring due to their intense and unique offensive and defensive skill sets. Anyone else agree?

  3. poor Chad, I wanted you to win but you did the best you could. I hope to see you with the wwe championship, good luck 🤞😁☘ we love you ❤❤

  4. Chad Gable may lost, but he looked so incredible in his match in Corbin, I hope he is at least granted an Intercontinental Championship match out of it, Gable has so much talent that should not be wasted. PUSH GABLE!!

  5. Next up for Gable should be to reward him for his performances in the tournament by letting him compete for the IC/US title. He couldnt win KotR cuz he is too liked by the crowd and every one knows the crown goes to a heel. He obviously has the talent to put on a show and be the ultimate under dog

  6. I was impressed with Gable since day one. Of course I noticed he is a bit smaller than some of the other wrestlers but dude has bigger heart than most of them combined. Holds his own against anyone and has one of the best move sets in the wwe today. Really hope to see him back soon, we need a guy like him around

  7. Chad Gable u still got my respect you been had gotten my respect ever since you and Jason Jordan was draft to Smackdown back in 2016

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